So Now We Know: Clinton, the FBI, Obama, Comey, Clapper–they are and always have been–guilty as HELL

So now we know. Its one thing to speculate based on experience a hypothesis that the Clinton administration in conjunction with former president Barack Obama, the FBI, the CIA and of course the Justice Department colluded together to commit one of the biggest crimes of the millennium. It’s another thing to speculate that the media has been in bed with all of them all along, and that the case against Donald Trump from the very beginning was one meant to prop Hillary Clinton up for some mysterious reason at the expense of everyone else—including those from the Democratic Party themselves. Stating such things even a month ago sounded like the work of a fiction writer. But now we know that it’s all true, and likely much worse than even stated here. The only collusion that transpired during the 2016 election was between Hillary Clinton and the Russians with the help of the FBI directly and that is really an unfathomable letdown. Yet its true and we are witnessing the unraveling story presently, and its very ugly.

It is extremely insulting for anybody on the opposite of the political aisle from my conservative sentiments to point to the special prosecution of Mueller against the Trump administration and suggest anything of any merit. When people like Hillary Clinton, James Comey and that ridiculous loser Clapper, Brennan and McCabe suggest that Nunes, Trump, and Flynn abused their offices and had any part of an obstruction of justice action I’ll admit that it pisses me off to my very core. These people, Clinton, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, McCabe, Obama and many, many others have abused their power in office to such a treacherous point that just having them attempt to shift their blame onto the inexperienced Trump administration deserves more than just prosecution—it deserves a major ass kicking.

I was deeply appreciative to be invited to the Trump visit to Lunken airport on February 5th 2018. I really didn’t know what to expect, it was a gathering of people who had worked hard in southern Ohio to get Trump elected in 2016 and I really didn’t know how to feel about the event. On one hand I had seen President Trump many times and it was cold outside. He’s just a man after all, a politician and I’m not the kind of guy who seeks out celebrity to touch and brag to people that I was near greatness. I figure I’m already great and I don’t need people of celebrity to confirm it to myself or others. But I jumped at the chance and took some time out of my very busy day to go to the airport for a lunch time greeting of the President landing in Cincinnati.

It was one of the smartest crowds of people I had been around in quite some time. Everyone there was handpicked by the movers and shakers of the Trump campaign so being all of a like mind was part of it. But there was more—those people were all well read, educated about current events and shared similar family first values and all understood well enough that there was a massive avalanche occurring within our justice system from top to bottom that had been brewing for many years, and now the suds were pouring over the edge of the bottle. For a brief time, the portion of our population who was on the cutting edge of understanding the magnanimity of this FBI situation were all gathered in one place as opposed to being diffused among the general population that wasn’t yet very concerned about such matters. After all, in Cincinnati there are two top ranked college basketball teams about to head into March Madness—and a million other entertainment options to pay attention to—they certainly didn’t have room in their minds to contemplate a complete failure of our justice system and to apply that to the greater implications across world affairs. But the people greeting Trump at Lunken understood fully what was going on and being near the president at that moment was something of a mutual bond we had to implementing justice one last time before we were forced to use the Second Amendment ourselves to take our country away from these criminals by force. If there was ever a case in favor of the Second Amendment the way that it was proposed as a final check against an out-of-control government—this FBI collusion with Hillary Clinton and the Russians was it.

In that context watching Air Force One land at Lunken airport was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen in my life. It has taken me several days after to articulate the emotions of that moment, but watching that majestic plane land carrying President Trump, his wife, Rob Portman, Jim Renacci along with many others brought hope to me that was badly needed. It was literally a scene from an old western where the sheriff on a white horse landed in a town filled with evil and corruption, and brought justice to the innocent while castigating the wicked into oblivion. This was what we all fought so hard for to get Trump elected. We knew that there was a wickedness brewing in the upper echelons of our government. Many of us were part of the IRS case when Lois Lerner had abused her office at the IRS to create trouble for conservative groups. We suspected back then that it was the Obama White House which had directed the activity. We also suspected that the FBI was protecting President Obama, but we were called conspiracy theorists and ignored mostly—except for the very few smart people who listened to us.

We never gave up hope, instead we worked hard to find fighters who could get elected and help untangle this web of deceit without having to resort to violence to take back what was ours, our government. When Trump was elected most of my family was up until 5 AM that following morning, and we celebrated like we had won a major victory in a determining battle from the past. That’s literally how it felt. Trump proved to me during many times on the campaign trail that he had the right kind of fight in him that it was going to take to stand up to these villains who were on the tax payer payroll, but were simply serving the agents of evil which had embedded themselves into our government—without our consent. Even as they took their oaths of office to swear protection of our Constitution, they plotted an overthrow of America into a new democracy of a global order, and they were quite audacious about it. Trump was for many of us our last hope.

To see him landing as the world of politics burned on that cold day it was refreshing. Trump himself seemed to enjoy us as much as we did him. We didn’t know if he would come over to us to say hello, our part in all this was to simply greet him in Cincinnati hoping to boost his resolve as he traveled to our city to talk about the tax cuts which had just pumped up our national economy in extremely positive ways. As he and his wife headed over to where we were it was one of those moments where we fed each other at a critical time in the battle for justice. He knew what we had done for him and we knew what he was doing for us—and he wasn’t letting us down. There is no telling how many lives have been saved by the election of Donald Trump. Few people are willing to even contemplate such an occurrence, but it was certainly a possibility. After all, many of us knew that the Clintons, the Obamas and the Justice Department were dirty and corrupt to a level that we couldn’t share government resources any longer. The election of Donald Trump we knew would expose them if only the new President could hold on though the vicious attacks that would come his way. And he did, they threw everything including the kitchen sink at him and he really hasn’t shown any signs of wearing out and that has pretty much closed the case on Hillary and her band of government criminals.

Now we are witnessing the fissures that had been forming before anybody had an eye to see them, now they are obvious to all and it has brought us to this moment. What happens next is anybody’s guess. I don’t know, we’ve never seen something like this, where the highest departments of justice in the American government were found to be so corrupt. Who inflicts justice at this point? None of us know, but the first step in such endeavors is to identify the problem which we have and let the story emerge. At that point we’ll take action as needed. But at least now we at least know who the villains are and what they did to become that way—which is a whole lot more than we would have had if Donald Trump had not been elected President of the United States.

Rich Hoffman
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One thought on “So Now We Know: Clinton, the FBI, Obama, Comey, Clapper–they are and always have been–guilty as HELL

  1. And thanks to the NYT of all rags, it looks like the CIA was out in front. No surprise.
    This has Barry’s stank all over it. A real piece of SHIT! Just waiting for the hammer to drop. Mid March, maybe.
    They have to trickle the info out to the sheep. It has to come in time. People have to be able to grasp what happened. I’m not sure Americans today could care less, but those that matter do.
    Nice job on the essays. I’m catching up. Be here all day. Rush has it nailed but don’t forget about AJ.Their sources are closing in. Hannity knows stuff but dragging for ratings. That blows.


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