We Need More Republicans to Control the Budget: Jim Renacci for Senate is part of a Trump solution

I am happy that Republicans took care of business and worked the best they could with congress to get a budget deal passed, but I am very disappointed that another trillion dollars was added to the debt. I expect under the Trump administration to see that debt clock running backwards down to zero, not to continue piling on more spending until there simply isn’t anything left. I was encouraged by the comments of Rand Paul and my local congressman Warren Davidson to see that they were willing to speak against spending more money, but ultimately Trump said it best when he stated that Republicans simply need more Republicans to have sustainable majorities coming out of the upcoming midterms. For Republicans to have a real majority there needs to be at least a 60-vote surplus in the Senate, preferably more, and the House needs to expand, not just hold its ground. And to that effect I am very happy to see Trump so far out planting the seeds to make that happen.

I am supporting Jim Renacci for his senate run against Sharrod Brown in Ohio. Another great thing that came out of this past week was that while President Trump came to Ohio to speak about tax cuts, Jim Renacci was with him on Air Force One so a large crowd of Renacci supporters was in attendance and while we waited I had a chance to talk to them about the very dynamic senatorial candidate and current congressman. I was of course already planning to support him but I was impressed that President Trump had already singled out Renacci for a targeted Senate seat held by one of the biggest liberals in Washington D.C. I had the opportunity to see how the machine was working and I liked it, these were competent people who had a plan that I could get behind and it was exciting to see. I had no doubt that with people like Jim Renacci in the Senate that the debt clock issue could be attacked, and the other things on the Trump agenda could get done. There is no reason we can’t do all the things we need to do, take care of the military, improve our infrastructure and pay down our debt to zero with the growth of the Trump economy, but it takes the right kind of leadership to make it happen, not the kind of garbage that we have seen coming from the Beltway for the last century.

Jim’s pilot was next to me in the greeting line and I had the opportunity to get to know Jim Renacci better through that very good guy. He was the guy in my video who asked the president for a fist bump and got one, and also stated that he had been to 20 rallies for Trump during the election which received an acknowledgment from the President confirming as much. As Jim came up to where we were standing the pilot stated, “guys, this is Jim.” I was impressed that there was a very good Renacci, Trump connection this early in 2018 and Rob Portman was there as the second senator of Ohio providing the glue to hold everything together. It was an impressive display by the Ohio GOP to build this early show of teamwork that excited me, because it showed a path forward where a productive Senate could work with the President to get a lot of good things done over the next seven years if given the opportunity, and at the core of that thought was Jim Renacci.

The media was literally five feet from my position and they told a completely different story of the event than I did. To them the crowd that was gathered at Lunken airport to greet Jim Renacci and President Trump was a small, but friendly one. They neglected to report that the greeting pen was filled with 200 carefully vetted, enthusiastic supporters who were willing to stand in 25-degree weather to meet these guys, and had to go through very tight security to even get the chance. From my perspective Trump has been a master strategist from the very beginning—he has shown a real ability to pick people from the crowd and to polish them into greatness. He built a top-rated television show off just that specific talent, and here he was doing the same thing in government, finding people like Jim Renacci to put in the right place to do the most good. I see what Trump does clearly because I have the same benefit to a large extent so it’s easy for me to see it in other people—I hire a lot of people each year, and I’m good at it–at finding the right people for the right positions. It’s a complicated thing to develop because you have to read people’s body language, the way they look at you, hold their shoulders, the way they speak, to really get a feel for who they could be if they were in a particular position of employment. As a twenty-five-year-old I worked on the Rob Portman campaign when he was just a few years older than me trying to win a special election, and here he was at the center of a major political emergence. And when I finally had a chance to see Jim Renacci up close with President Trump it was obvious that this was the right guy for the upcoming Senate seat. There was no question in my mind.

As Jim, President Trump and Melania walked by me down the line I was thinking of a particular quote from the hit piece book by Michael Wolff called Fire and Fury. The prosecutor of Butler County, Mike Gmoser and I had been talking about that book as we both went through security together. He told me in a very straightforward fashion that he didn’t have time for that garbage, and wasn’t happy with the reputation of the book. But I had read it a few times which was the root of our discussion and one quote jumped out at me which I think sums up the way that progressives like Sharrod Brown see the world in such a negative way, and what the rest of us are fighting. It goes as follows:

“For Trump, as for many showmen or press release entrepreneurs, the enemy of everything is complexity and red tape, and the solution for everything is cutting corners. Bypass or ignore the difficulties; just move in a straight line to the vision, which, if its bold enough, or grandiose enough, will sell itself. In this formula, there is always a series of middlemen who will promise to help you cut the corners, as well as partners who will be happy to piggyback on your grandiosity.” Page 224, Fire and Fury.

Basically, this was the essence of Wolff’s observations and writing in the book that the political left felt represents the Trump administration, that everything is about plowing through red tape that liberals have created to achieve showy results for the sake of self-aggrandizement. The reason we have such debt, and a crumbling infrastructure as well as a depleted military is that liberals built a government over many years that used red tape to hide their inefficient “small” thinking that has created our present tragedy of monumental debt leaving it to Republicans to fix in the short run. The Republicans are tasked with solving the problem and it will take lots of good people like Jim Renacci to fix it with House and Senate majorities in 2018.

The debt crises of our present age was created by liberal-minded people who think like Michael Wolff, people who don’t really understand how money and business works and why tax cuts lead to prosperity and economic growth as opposed to confiscating the wealth of people to give out to their political base so they can get votes to stay in power. Most of our twenty trillion dollars in debt is due all that red tape that liberals have created and their formation of corners that need to be cut in order to do anything productive in life. I didn’t just read Fire and Fury once, but several times—and its horribly written, a real chore because its sloppy and filled with so much hate for Trump, but it does capture in a bottle how liberals think, and really puts on display the rational that has created so much debt to deal with in the first place. Republicans had no choice but to come up with some budget deal and I’m not happy about it. But the real solution is to expand Republican influence in 2018, not to let it shrink. Good people like Jim Renacci are part of that solution, and its great to see that President Trump has a plan. It’s also good to see that Jim Renacci is part of that plan.

Rich Hoffman
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