The Power of God is Behind President Trump: How a second storm is saving Washington D.C.

It was August 24th 1814 when a tornado touched down in the middle of Constitution Avenue and picked up two English canons and hurled them at friend and foe alike. The English were attacking Washington D.C. and had been burning it to the ground virtually unopposed setting every building ablaze except for the Patent office when what appears to be a hurricane appeared and literally washed away the British forces. The White House and other government buildings were completely destroyed, but there had been nothing to remove the foreign invaders from the early city of American independence until the storm came and drove the troops back to their ships which were also badly damaged. There have been storms up to then and of course since, but the odds of a storm of that magnitude coming at just that moment are pretty incalculable in the randomness of chance leaving many to believe that it was the power of God himself who blew grace upon the streets of the fledgling little city in America to save it from the misdeeds of global institutionalism.

That same smug institutionalism had returned to Washington D.C. two centuries later, this time instead of coming as a Red Coat army it appeared as lawyers, lobbyists, and politicians taught by the descendents of those same English dissidents jealous of American independence to destroy through bureaucracy what the fires and cannons of 1814 couldn’t. And again, like the storm of 1814 which came from nowhere to send British troops fleeing the battlefield to save themselves a new storm came ideologically this time to save America’s capital from the enemies that wished to destroy it. However, instead of a literal storm this time, it was a metaphorical one, because that is where the threats were most hostile, in the ideology and legislation of the country itself, not the aggressive antics of a literal army. Due to the nature of the human race by the year 2018 military action was no longer endorsed by the rituals of valor leaving villains to rewrite history through red tape, apathy, and lawyerly destruction through law suits. Regardless of the form of villainy the next storm that came to save Washington D.C. was an election which put Donald J. Trump in the White House by the grace of universal law intent to preserve American resolve across the face of the earth for the furtherance of the ideas which necessitate human expansion into the unknown future.

Of course when the British attacked in 1814 they sat down at the White House dinner table that still had the food of a feast ready to feed the Madisons that evening. Dolly had been forced to flee moments before the English arrived with the original portrait of George Washington fresh under her arm for safe keeping knowing that everything else would be destroyed. She met her husband later on the road at a tavern where the president collected his thoughts on the lofty matter of resurrecting the ambitions of the young country. The British forces mocked James Madison within the captured White House and elsewhere around the city as they destroyed everything bit by bit. To the English the American experiment was a foolish enterprise against the institutionalism of Europe and they took offense which fueled their raid. Once captured they couldn’t help themselves in glorifying their obvious superiority over the Americans who had fled the battlefield leaving their capital open to the invading troops in the first place. That is, until the storm washed them away returning the city to its original occupants.

That same smugness was on excessive display in the Michael Wolff book Fire and Fury which was a left of center—even right of center response to the election of Donald Trump. The purpose of the entire book was to highlight the might of institutionalism against an American president molded in the typical way that most true Americans are built, not from collective group think, but from inner resolve driven by a fortitude forged by free souls. The same resolve that sent the small statured James Madison on horseback back into the city after the storm had done its work to rally people to reconstruction and to eventually defeat the English with an American steadfastness the world had never witnessed before. This would climax at the Battle of New Orleans where the greatest army of the world was soundly defeated by a far superior battlefield commander in Andrew Jackson.

Like most books, Fire and Fury did manage to capture some truth from the perspective of the enemy just as the English mocked American parliament as they attacked. Much of the book was written from the perspective of Steve Bannon whom Wolff had obviously hooked onto for the contents of his book, and Bannon had correctly identified the fuel of the Trump presidency. It was Trump against the institutions, a wild card of a man who couldn’t be controlled in any way by the usual practices. Of course to Wolff who represented the very terror of the institutionalists who had been destroying Washington D.C. procedurally for many years, the Trump presidency was something to be mocked and ridiculed. For the destroyers of Washington D.C. Trump was a nightmare, but to the rest of us who elected him, he was a savior who was set to wash away the sins which had been corrupting it. To many Trump was sent to Washington D.C. like that storm so many years before to clean up the streets and give the city back to the people who it was supposed to represent. The buildings could be rebuilt, but the rest had to go. Trump was the very power of God sent to retake the city for the benefit of mankind.

The last great hope that the villains of the Beltway had to defend themselves from the Trump presidency was that the FBI which had fallen under control of the scoundrels controlling the city would stop the president from achieving his victory. The Wolff book chronicles that hope through the first eight months of the first year Trump was in the White House, from the perspective of the villains, their hopes and dreams to remain occupants of the Washington D.C. culture. Their hope just as the English invaders before them had been that the institutions of human invention would triumph ultimately over the individual ambitions of a free people. In the case of Trump, their hope was that true or not, the Russian investigation would destroy the presidency by keeping occupants of the White House so mired in scandal and concern that they would be always on their heels mired into inaction. And that through that inaction, Trump would be forced to show nothing after four years in office and would be removed either by the next election, or impeachment in case the pressure from the special investigation could turn up something to justify such action.

But the miscalculation that was made was that the nature of Trump was not a normal one—like the storm of 1814 Trump was a force of nature that defied controls and was free of the types of fear that mire most people into inaction, and that is what is destroying the villains in Washington D.C. presently. Because of what the FBI had done to set up a case against Trump, they have set an impossible standard against themselves which is now crushing them with a scrutiny for which they will never escape. The Democrats in their alliance with the FBI, CIA and the NSA have left themselves vulnerable to the storm that is Donald J. Trump and they will not survive. It’s only been a year of the Trump presidency and already it is obvious what is happening. Only this time there are no ships to retreat too, there is no country to flee too, there is no surrender under a white flag of truce. The institutionalists have gone too far and destroyed their own links into the old world, and destruction is the only fate available to them. This leaves us all to ponder the nature of American protection, is it truly the hand of God that is moving these events into furtherance, or something else? Regardless of the answer to that question, it is clear that preservation is always on the horizon for any American motive and that is a lesson that all villains should take heed. No matter how much they scheme, no matter what their plots indicate, whatever is needed to foil their plans will come to pass if threats become more than the minds of normal man can undertake. President Trump is just the latest storm to clean Washington of its villains, and in the aftermath, we will find a city that needs us to carry it forward once again marching as soldiers of Christianity toward a battlefield constructed by the forces of evil determined to forever chain us to the limits of institutionalism and chaos created by villainy.

Rich Hoffman
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