Why Members of the FBI Must Go To Jail: The legal system depends on it

From my perspective there is no choice, members of the FBI, the CIA, the former Obama White House and even the NSA are going to have to go to jail for the crimes they committed against the incoming President Trump administration. If they don’t then don’t expect me to ever respect anything they do going forward, I do not give them the right to barge into my home, or to confiscate my property without retaliation, because a nation without laws, isn’t a nation at all. If they aren’t restricted to the same laws that the rest of us undergo, then none of us are. In the scheme of things, the FBI works for all of us, we pay their bills and look to them to be the blind eye of justice to keep the wheels on our republic. But a failure to do such things essentially wipes out everything we stand for, so those who have abused their power must go to jail at a minimum. There isn’t any choice in the matter. If Martha Stewart had to go to jail for laying to the FBI, then so must the FBI when they lie to us.

I’ve said it many times in the past, but I’ll say it again for context, I’ve been to court more times than any collection of adults together would entertain even under the worst of circumstances. I’ve hired lawyers, I’ve fired lawyers and just done the work myself, I’ve even represented myself under personal lawsuits and come out favorable, so I know a thing or two about how the potatoes are turned into French fries when it comes to the legal system. I know more about the game of law than a lot of people who work in the business as a matter of fact. So with that qualification I can say that going forward, knowing what we do, the FBI must act correcting its behavior before they can initiate any further prosecutions in any court of law any time in the future. Because its only a matter of time before these actions are brought up in a court of law and the cases presented get thrown out based on the reputation of the FBI. Any smart lawyer is going to look to these events to defend their clients which is the greatest danger to our republic that we have witnessed in our modern age.

The FBI knows it too, they understand the ramifications that just the text messages uncovered by Peter Strzok and Lisa Page are enough to destroy the credibility of the FBI all by itself. But of course there is much more to the story that has to be dealt with. But as things stand now, if the FBI were to break down my door under some suspicion, why would I treat them under any condition but by that of a common law-breaker, because they have shown themselves all too willing to break the law and destroy evidence? If I’m looking for justice why would I trust that I could get it with the FBI, or by my own actions in defense of my personal sovereignty? I can say that without a lawyer to represent my case that I could defend actions against the FBI in a court of law and win because of the dirty nature of the organization itself. I would also say that any good lawyer could do the same, because the merits of the institutional foundation of the FBI itself is now under scrutiny and cannot hold up to the case-law that is being established currently.

So to those who say that none of these people are going to go to jail, or that the Obama people will skate—I have to tell you, that they really can’t. If our legal system is going to survive this uncovered crises—which I hope they do honestly–many people will have to go to jail otherwise our process of justice has lost its teeth unleashing upon our nation anarchy. Speaking from experience it isn’t difficult to make a case for reasonable doubt especially if you have a good reputation and the accusers do not. After all, most cases come down to that simple fact. A person’s reputation means everything which is why it’s important to always maintain a good one in the face of any fire, or circumstance that you might find yourself in. If you are a good person 24 hours a day, 7 days a week even in the confines of your home when you think nobody is looking, then you can stand against a villain with a bad reputation even if they have much more political and financial power than you do and destroy them in court. All the money in the world can’t buy goodness. Goodness on its own has a capital that has more value than money. A six-figure defense by a lawyer in court can’t beat a good reputation that is beyond dispute. A good reputation is worth millions if you have it, and will serve justice better under any circumstance.

Knowing that there are field agents like Peter Strzok and Lisa Page out there having affairs, breaking FBI protocol by sending text messages to each other that create paper trails of evidence very recklessly, because they felt they were above the law, destroys the credibility of every agent in the field. If the FBI fails to discipline obvious breaches in their basic ethics how can they send a field agent to kick down the door of some terrorist suspect, or some witness holding needed testimony and not expect to be retaliated against as a domestic threat? They can’t. Then if you compound that with the actions of James Comey, who lied obviously to Congress, leaked government documents to outside sources—and who know who else, then we have a seriously systemic problem legally. If the guy running the show is a character willing to show such disregard for the law then how can that person ever expect to have credibility in bringing forth any prosecution? Comey’s actions actually create doubt about any case he oversaw during his time as director of the FBI. Everything he did as the top law enforcement officer in the land now comes into scrutiny giving lawyers for clients found guilty an easy case to resurrect for their convicted clients. Then consider that James Clapper—the former Director of National Intelligence—also lied to Congress when he stated he didn’t know anything about a FISA warrant illegally obtained to spy on the incoming Trump administration. How can anything he did during his tenure as an intelligence director be trusted? You see dear reader, this is a real legal problem that most of the insiders in the legal world are afraid of the general public learning about.

I had a meeting with some very smart national and international lawyers just last week, it was a meeting over patent law and one of the people in the meeting was a career government type who works within the system that has bosses like these idiots James Comey, James Clapper, and even Bob Mueller. Where most people who don’t deal with such people very often might assume that these types of people are “super smart” and have something the rest of us don’t in regard to knowledge, guess again. While many of them are good people and are good at their specific career choices, they are just people. And the “just people” parts of them are very worried that the general public will start demanding justice because of what we have all learned about the terrible behavior of our intelligence agencies paid for with tax payer resources after we had a free election. Seeking, plotting, or otherwise tampering with that election is a serious offense, but to make matters worse, they sought to create a false case of Russian involvement creating possible international tensions when it was they who colluded with a political party to change the results of an election. That is very serious stuff and until they resolve that issue, they better not come to my house looking to violate any of my Constitutional rights. If my door gets burst open like Paul Manafort’s did in the small hours of the morning, a lot of those people won’t be going home to eat dinner that night—let me just say that. Before all this happened, I would obviously assess the situation and cooperate assuming they had bad information and that mistakes were made. But the FBI and law enforcement in general has lost that benefit of doubt and until they correct that situation with a purge of their corrupted officers and we see the villains going to jail, I have to assume that they are up to no good and are inflicting justice based on political affiliations. And that just isn’t permissible.

Rich Hoffman
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