The Modern Criminal Case of Jason Lehman: Passing judgment and saving lives in the face of changing social conditions

Recently I wrote an article about Jason Lehman who attacked a day care facility in West Chester, Ohio for no apparent reason, and I suggested that in the future that we shoot people like this on site to alleviate the risks to others of such irrational behavior. That isn’t the typical mode of approaching such a problem, but I suggested that due to the immoralities of our age that we should alter our approach to a more aggressive one to counter the decline of our social fabric which confronts us currently. Obviously, I thought it might inspire thoughts of concern and one person who did not agree with me wrote what I thought was a nice comment laying open the critical elements of the entire argument. Read the original article here. Now let’s examine what she said:

I often read things and mull over them. Keeping my thoughts to myself. This time I feel the need to share my thoughts and feelings with you. I know Jason Lehman and I have for many years. While I do not understand why he did what he did, nor do I condone this behavior in any way shape or form. I whole heartedly disagree with your opinions 100%. 1. His tattoos do not define him. period. – His behavior does, judge him on that. 2. Shoot him dead?!? This is someone’s child. Obviously, he needs help, not a death sentence. 3. You obviously have zero compassion. you do not know him. You are not required to care about this tattooed freak, as you see him. Again, he has family and friends who may not agree with his actions, but also do NOT like to see, hear or read that others think he is a waste of space who should be dead. I am upset with his behavior, I would like answers, but I would also like whatever caused him to behave like that addressed.

At this point, I do not know what caused him to behave like that, but calling for death? Let’s not be so cruel, as you never know, someone you may know and care about may just act like an asshole and make bad choices, upsetting others and I’m sure you would not like to see/hear the exact things that have come out of your mouth said about them

This freaks only father that he has ever known has died while he sits in jail because of his dumbass behavior ( see, we all agree on that).

Think before you speak (write). Words hurt and no I’m not a snowflake. Just a compassionate person who happens to have been rubbed the wrong way and hoping that you’ll take a few moments to see things from another perspective.

Obviously, this person is functioning from an emotional position of having some personal knowledge about the criminal, Jason Lehman. And in spite of the temperament of our times, where women can do no wrong and must be listened to without any critical analysis, she is obviously suffering from “mom” syndrome, which is a paralysis of thought inspired by the immense self-sacrifice that women pour into their babies and is a rather specific emotion attached to the females of our species. I withheld the name of this person out of respect for them, but can say that she is a woman. For a woman who can relate to the process of giving birth it is understandably undesirable that anybody might erase away all their hard work with a simple gun shot, so this is typically why women are sympathetic to more firearms restrictions in our society—which is logical from a personal psychosis standpoint. To her, Jason Lehman has value just because he’s somebody’s little boy at some point in his life.

But then we get to the real issue of this criminal coming from a broken home, a person who didn’t know much about his biological father and had a step father of some kind who served as a mentor—if not a limited one– likely contributed to the conditions in the life of the criminal that inspired such violence to begin with. And it is here why I suggested more violence to deal with these types of people than less, which might have been appropriate in the past. We live in a time when more people than not do not have biological fathers in their life and if they have fathers at all, society has washed out the image of the all-knowing father away and left society with these husks of worthless human flesh that belch, fart and complain like a bunch of sissy’s. That has had a major impact on the condition of our youth—especially our young males. It certainly isn’t the fault of the fatherless kids who grew up without that advantage of a real father. Jason Lehman certainly didn’t have a choice in the matter—yet the parts of him that were underdeveloped due to a bad home life are now the problem of society at large. Lehman’s inability to grapple with the complexities of living life become all of our problem when he attacked a day care center in the middle of the day with a rage that nobody could explain.

I think we are dealing with a world that has a lot of Jason Lehmans in it. They may be pretty cool guys sitting around a sports bar watching an NFL game, or talking about how to change the tire on a Ford Mustang or a Chevy Camaro and how the jack stands in the trunk are better than the other design. But when they lay their heads down on their pillows at night and the demons come into their minds, demons created from the fears and anxieties given to them from not having fathers in their lives to control those beasts of terror, then they are prone to become the next great menace to civilization. It is one thing to have compassion for such people and to live and let live. It is quite another to let them ruin the world for the rest of us.

Pushing fathers out of the home and seducing moms into the arms of government was a progressive failure by the political class of liberals who tried and failed to change the very nature of the human species. It was their tampering with that basic biological need that has presented us with all these modern problems of young men suffering from so much anxiety. Where older mentors of men might tell a male of youth to shut up, sit down and do your work without crying about it, now we have everyone telling those young males to cry about everything and when the crying doesn’t provide the results they desire, to throw a fit. It’s one thing when a little kid throws a fit, nobody much worries. But when a scary looking tattooed freak of a man throws a fit, he may have guns, knives, or just a menacing 270-pound body to wreak destruction on the innocent, and we just can’t have that—can we? Again, the fault can be placed on a lot of places. It’s not the fault of these people who grew up in broken families or pasts mired in tragedy where nobody in their lives provided a stable base they could rely on. But we can’t just throw our arms up and allow ourselves to be victims to their wrath either.

My suggestion is that we just shoot them dead when they act up. I think it’s the most compassionate thing we can do. I’m a guy who will fish an insect out of a summer pool to save it from death. I’m also a guy who hasn’t hit an animal with a car in my entire life, in over 30 years of driving. I swerve way out of my way to save animals and preserve life when they run out in front of my speeding car. I love life and want to see people live the best lives possible wherever they can, whether it be an insect or a human being—I feel for all life. But it is also out of that same compassion that I say when we see someone who is beyond hope of redemption acting up, that we should just put them out of their misery—so that they can’t ruin the lives of other people. It seems like the most humanitarian thing to do. It may go against the laws of our current legal system, but maybe with the dangerous condition of so many males disparaged in their lives without stability running around these days, maybe we should change it before a lot more innocent people get hurt.

Rich Hoffman
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