How to Stop Mass School Shootings: More guns not less will help correct the behavioral failure that is increasing in our youth

The shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida won’t be the last, and Nikolas Cruz the former student there will have followers to his antics that will lead to more death and destruction. And there isn’t a single law or regulation that can prevent it—the problem is one of ethical behavior, not legal compliance. So long as the human mind desires such things as the destruction of others, violence is always a threat and the only way to be equal in such a world is with a well-armed society. Considering the level of corruption, we have witnessed regarding the FBI over the last couple of years, more cops, more military, and more government will do nothing to stop the desire of kids falling through the cracks from wanting to inflict harm on others through mass violence. As I’ve been saying for a long time now, we are on a social trajectory that will only get worse. Kids these days aren’t going home from school and watching the Andy Griffith Show, as might have happened thirty years ago. The political left has infected our education institutions with their mind tampering utopian ideas that have had the opposite result, and now failure is everywhere. We’ll be cleaning up the mess for at least the next century. That really leaves us with one choice, an expansion of guns personally carried by good, people—teachers, administrators, and parents so that schools are no longer soft target zones ripe for the fulfilment fantasies of our much distraught youth.

It is stunning to hear so many people soaked in the images of these tragic events to demand that something must be done—as if some government agency out there might have an answer. The only two things that can save our society from the brink it is currently resting on is greater intelligence among our people and more personal defense so that when a kid like Nikolas Cruz does snap—which they are prone to do given our depleted moral compass these days, someone can shoot them dead on the spot before they have time to roam the hallways of defenseless public schools essentially shooting fish in a barrel. The death penalty, or more scrutiny of gun legislation will not stop the emergence of people like Nikolas Cruz. I’m sure we’ll learn all the reasons this kid was troubled, and what we will learn is that he turned out not to be a processed piece of meat churned from the local public-school intent to bring about Sir Thomas Moore’s Utopia—he was rejected from that system and he was wrathful about it. That utopia doesn’t exist, and it never will. Schools should never be a gun free zone because we are supposed to be teaching kids to live in the world, and the world can be a violent place. Guns are a part of modern life, millions of adults that these kids are going to deal with are concealed carry holders, so guns are going to be there in American society. The fault of public schools is that they have taken a stance against such American traits, and that has put them at odds with reality when losers like Nikolas Cruz emerge to wreak havoc among the innocent.

Many pondered how a young person like Cruz with their whole life out in front of them could come to a school armed the way he did and consciously set off smoke alarms to create more soft targets created in the panic, or to toss smoke bombs around the halls to help the effect of an apocalypse to satisfy the twisted fantasy that emerges from the mind of the discontent and intellectually limited. But likely they haven’t gotten to know very many 19-year old’s these days—kids coming from broken homes with family chaos derived straight from our soup operas of entertainment. They haven’t payed attention to the music these kids listen to or watched the video games they play. These kids aren’t growing up with even a basic foundation of religion to give them the most fundamental values so what do they have—a sense of self-entitlement and no consequence taught to them in public schools which disconnects behavior from reality. I’ve been saying for a while that we will see more of this behavior, not less. A lot of people think about doing the kinds of things that Nikolas Cruz did. The difference is that most people don’t act on the fantasy. A certain percentage of our population will however, so the problem to deal with is why such a fantasy is in the minds of people to begin with.

We live in the age where at least two generations of youth have been taught that the world should not judge them. What is it they say, “don’t judge.” Well, that runs counter to the very basic instincts that human beings have. Every time a young girl turns down someone a date they are judging the premise of the proposal. Maybe the guy is too ugly, too creepy, or maybe he just smells bad. It used to be if a guy wanted to date a cute girl he might spiffy up his appearance and come back to her again with a second, a third, or a fourth try, and in that manner, society improved because for the young man to have the ability to mate with the girl, she made him do things to improve his social stature. But these days the young girl is not supposed to judge. Heck she is even taught that if she wants to be a boy, she can be—and vice versa. Sex is something that people just do, it’s not something to work for, the value of it has been completely eradicated from our society. Sex is no longer leverage for young females to inspire improvement among the males—these days its “bros before hoes,” and every woman is a potential hoe in hip hop culture. If young people want to do anything and be anything at any give time, they have been taught in public school that they can and that the world won’t judge them. Yet the world does judge, it judges a lot—and that is never going to change. Our mistake as a society is that we let this go on for far too long and it will take at least a century to correct it. In the meantime, we need to carry more guns and to shoot the failures as they trespass upon our freedoms and personal sanctity to satisfy their distorted fantasies provided to them by a portion of our society that has failed their social experiment.

There is a morality in guns that is missing from our present society, a code of conduct that extends beyond the limits of governmental power. American society is not a lover of more institutionalism—so answers along those lines just won’t get the job done. If some kid like Nikolas Cruz starts down some hallway in a gun free zone like a public school and shows intent—meaning he shows an aggressive posture even if the gun he has is just a water pistol, then he should be shot dead on the spot without further inquiry, and the mops should be brought out to clean up the blood, the cops called to file the paperwork, and everyone in the school needs to get back to work. If that is the behavioral characteristic that we adopt as a policy, then we will begin to see an end to these school shootings and the mass acts of terror that we’ve seen in places like Las Vegas. We must empower ourselves to stop this violence and the behavior which causes it, which means we must judge more, we must carry deadlier personal weapons to protect our environment as first responders to aggression, and we must not prosecute people for getting it wrong. If we have a teacher carrying a gun in school and he accidentally shoots someone who is acting like a terrorist using toy guns and masks to hide their features, then we need to give them a warning and put them back to work without further prosecution. Only these types of actions will prevent further deterioration of our social fabric, and believe me, there isn’t much time. Our public schools are putting out a lot of loser kids like Nikolas Cruz. The opportunity for more occurrences is only increasing by the day, literally.

Rich Hoffman

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