Public Education is the Primary Cause of School Shootings: Aligning responsiblity with the desires of the human race

Think about what we are dealing with here, a kid who was nineteen years of age who had just shot up a bunch of his former classmates at a south Florida public school, visited a restaurant at a local Wal-Mart, then a McDonald’s calmly trying to get away from the crime. Luckily, he was arrested before he had a chance to do more damage. He was able to inflict so much carnage and fear without a single cop to confront him, not even the armed designated protector who was supposed to be protecting the school he just assaulted. That person was nowhere to be found. And the first, and really only thing liberals want to talk about is gun control instead of the real root cause of the problem which they are largely a major part of helping to create. The little 5’ 7” Nikolas Cruz one year suspended from that same school Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida had been rejected from the education system that assumed it could do everything for kids such as this. In a lot of ways, Cruz is the perfect example of what public schools assume they can do, but always fail, and that is to be substitutes for parental guidance. Here was a kid who had lost both of his known parents bringing a lot of trouble to Cruz’s young mind and when he needed the school most, they expelled him sending him into the world intellectually defenseless. The kid lived in a very diverse community yet he became an unapologetic racist only to fume in anger to such a boiling point that he made a conscious decision to shoot up the same school that had caused him so much pain and liberals want to take away guns so that kids such as this don’t have that option to discharge their anger. Liberals are so stupid and emotionally driven that they just don’t comprehend that it was they who created the personality of Nikolas Cruz in the first place and that guns or not, people are going to get hurt when they are forced to interact with the failures of their public education system.

I wasn’t happy at all with what I saw in the moments after the shooting, which was a bunch of kids and teachers hiding in every corner of the building like sheep waiting to be slaughtered. Then the police storming the building like petrified authoritarians telling all these compliant little public education products to put away their cell phones and to march single file out into the parking lot where they would be frisked like criminals and embarrassed beyond reason. In the aftermath many of those same students would go on news programs and talk about their experience with such great emotion that the networks soaked up the good television that the tragedy provoked in their viewership. There was lots of talk about loses, and broken hearts, and the terror of the moment—but nobody did anything to talk about the primary problem of these liberal institutions that had created the mess in the first place—a system that produces so many compliant kiss ass kids that use peer pressure to instigate behavioral changes, and when a certain percentage of their population which they call “loners” refuse to comply and fall through the cracks they have no answer for what they’ve sent out into the world to be a menace to us all. They simply blame the guns, not the minds they ruined in the process.

Like many people watching the drama unfold on television my wife and I talked about what we were seeing. My wife suggested that more cops be put into the schools. That’s when I reminded her of some of the cops that were in our school when we were growing up. Cops aren’t the answer. One of the cops that was assigned to our school did everything he could to try to sleep with my wife when she was just a young freshman, and of course she wasn’t the only one. Cops as much as we like to portray them as instruments of fearless justice are just people like any of us. The police academies aren’t putting out great warriors committed to justice at any price filled with valor and a love of goodness—most of the time they are over reactive drama queens looking for attention and love in all the wrong places. If you put more cops in schools where the authority figure of such seasoned adults is mixing with the vulnerability of students taught to be compliant little boot lickers, there will be a lot of abuse of authority and sex going on that nobody wants to see. I’d say that its human nature especially for young females to be easily seduced by the cops in the halls of their schools who have guns and power to meet with them privately for sex. And females in such roles as cops are going to enjoy their ability to seduce the star football players and campus studs over their rivals the other young girls because of her authority. It doesn’t take much when you put males and females together—especially when one is give great power over another to see the blooms of sex occurring creating another kind of abuse beyond the potential violence of gunfire. While it may make everyone feel better to shift the responsibility of action, and valor under fire to some third-party to protect everyone, ultimately it is just a lack of courage that we are dealing with that just exacerbates the situation of protection because such a society only breeds more Nikolas Cruz types.

The cause of school shootings or any situation where an individual desire to lash out at a mass collection of people is a lack of personal valor and responsibility in our society which emerges right out of our public education society. Our schools are such failures that they are at the center of all these problems, including the Las Vegas shooting—the slow reaction to danger, the assumption that authorities have everything under control, the desire to assemble in mass collections of people for safety, entertainment and intellectual stimulation through group appeal. The failures are endless and actually do lead to little bits of insanity. Some of that insanity is like the kid from Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School who was auditioning to be the next great liberal politicians from South Florida—an irritating young person who clearly used the tragedy to launch more claims of gun control but really found himself seduced by the cameras and desperation of his classmates and adults around him to launch a public campaign that will likely last his entire life. Others are the kids like Cruz who haven’t yet shot up a school, but have been thinking about it. The police who suddenly had something to do and justify their large payrolls, the mothers who suddenly had something tangible to fear crying on television not because they were really sad about the event, but because it gave them a platform to unload all their personal insecurities. There was plenty of fault to go around as to why some loser like the assassin Cruz, the employee at a local Dollar Store, went on a rampage to kill people for all the failures in his own life. Gun control doesn’t begin to solve the problem—it simply makes people who are already desperately screwed up feel good for a short while as they avoid the real failure—our public education system and the type of people it produces into adulthood—messes of existence that are never prepared for action when it’s needed, whether that action is stopping a potential terrorist, or buying milk at the local grocery.

Because of the constant coverage on all the networks of this shooting I turned off the news and played my PlayStation 4 for a while, games like Battlefront, and Doom, and several other games that involve lots of guns shooting bad guys. Before that I was looking at paintball supplies because it is getting warmer and I was thinking of getting some equipment to shoot at other people on the many courses in my area that provide that experience. Before that I stopped by Premier Shooting in West Chester where 96 Rock was hosting a promotional activity at the gun range in the lobby. I was there to pick up some ammunition for my .500 magnum—because I was getting low. As I was playing the shooters on my home video game counsel I was thinking about the millions of kids who were also playing online with me, and wondering what it was about having the ability to shoot at other people in a playful way that was so appealing to so many people. I mean we could all chose to play a number of games, golf, football, bowling, anything. But the most popular games are the shooters—why? That’s because we all have a little warrior left in us from our primal beginnings and the ability to fight is still something we value as a species. Liberals have tried to educate that out of us, but they have failed, and in the cases of Nikolas Cruz they failed spectacularly. We live in a society where Disney sells Star Wars figures at Wal-Mart complete with guns for those figures to play fight with. If the toys didn’t have guns, nobody would buy them. We love guns in our society—the romance of using them to defend goodness from the clutches of villainy is a strong impulse to action. And the solution to our present problem is not to edit guns from our life, but to come to terms with them for the betterment of the human race—so that repressed feelings of lacking control do not cause us to run from one danger to another—such as in the perverted cop, or the over dramatized FBI agent who lets kids like Cruz fall through the cracks because they are too busy with interoffice affairs to do their jobs properly, or the teachers who want to establish a society of weaklings depended on mother government for the rest of their lives—the source of our trouble is our education system and how it aligns with our true desires as people. And until we deal with all that, there isn’t anything we can do legislatively to solve this problem of violence. The only solution is to meet it head on with more powerful guns in the hands of more competent people.

Rich Hoffman
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2 thoughts on “Public Education is the Primary Cause of School Shootings: Aligning responsiblity with the desires of the human race

  1. Thoughts on School Shootings:

    I wonder how many of you know anyone related to a school mass murderer. I do. As a result, discussion of the whys and wherefores of these mass murder events is not new to me. However, there are a few specifics that are relevant to the discussions of the recent mass murder in a Florida High School.

    Probably the most utterly ignorant idea is advertising that a school is a “gun free zone”. This is the equivalent of “shoot here first”. Anybody intent on massive violence doesn’t want a fire fight, they want a slaughter with minimal risk. It would be far better to post no sign or even a sign that says “Armed and Willing to Shoot” even if there is no ability to fight. At least create some uncertainty in the minds of a killer.

    A passive response is not a defense. There seems to be this idea that a perfect defense can be created against assault. The history of warfare is that every defense can eventually be overcome and every offense can eventually be defeated. These various school mass murderers find ways to overcome school defenses. The Florida shooter was knowledgeable of the school, knew when the fire drill was going to occur, knew that said fire drill created the cover of chaos, knew where students would be concentrated for killing, and, finally, that there were only a couple of security guards to protect an entire campus of thousands of kids. In other words, the shooter might be crazy but he wasn’t stupid.

    With modern technology, violent video games can be used to pre-plan and pre-test massacre plans. The military uses simulation and gaming to plan for various raids and attacks, and this technology has made its way into the civilian, particularly teen and young adult, video world. The gaming is now so sophisticated that team against team warfare is possible. Then add to this the untended side effects of psychotropic drugs and you have a prescription for mayhem.
    By the way, the federal government could sponsor a Strategic Defense Initiative for the defense of schools and mass event situations. The advance of all kinds of survival and situational defense technologies would likely solve some problems and would also lead to another massive improvement in the business climate as it did during the Reagan years.

    The politics of school shootings prevents real solutions to the mass murder problem. The left has for decades pitched gun control, but not solutions to gun violence. Their assault on the right to self-defense has turned guns into evil mystical things and gun owners into hateful beings. Their intent is to disarm Americans and place all weapons in the hands of the State even though a cursory review of history shows this results in enslavement. The left with its social justice advocacy is an undeniable threat to the Second Amendment to the Constitution.

    After the Virginia Tech mass murder, I called the Attorney General of Virginia to offer some ideas. My basic point was that an active defense involving concealed carry in the schools was needed to augment professional security. Logically, a security guard is the first target of a shooter. He or she is visible if dressed in a uniform and, if taken out in the first stage of an attack, can be a source of additional weapons for a shooter. To be blunt, the idea of concealed carry in the schools went nowhere – then.

    Many states, realizing that the “gun free zone” idea doesn’t work, have decided to train teachers and administrators in the use and care of guns and allow them to conceal carry for defense on school grounds. Is this a perfect solution? No. Some teacher or administrator just might experience a mental break. Some student gang may try to steal a gun from a teacher. Some teacher may shoot and miss. All of these are possible but not certain. What is certain is that a “gun free zone” is an invitation to mayhem and useless in the face of a determined school mass murdered.

    This commentary is in the box thinking. As far as I am concerned we need to change the entirety of the public school system to put parents in charge of their kids, and that is vouchers without strings attached.


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