The FBI Wasted $10 Million on the Russian Probe: Begging for a second, third, forth even a fifth chance

The FBI special investigation into the Trump campaign, a political witch hunt from the very beginning cost around 6.7 million dollars as of the end of 2017. Add another few million dollars to the antics so far explored in 2018 along with what remains of an investigation into “obstruction of justice” as to why Trump fired James Comey in the first place and we can easily say that the whole exercise cost 10 million dollars to essentially conduct a hatchet job against a sitting president. while everyone seemed content with the 13 Russians that were indicted for injecting themselves into the 2016 election process there is obviously much more to the story. Rush Limbaugh was on the air when the FBI dumped the story on a Friday afternoon in the middle of the shooting story from Florida leaving many to wonder why. The primary speculation was that it was embarrassing that this was all the FBI had after spending so much time and money, but I’d like to go one step further, and also to remind everyone that this entire investigation was a hit job from the beginning and that it cost a small fortune intent to overthrow an American presidency. Just because the Trump administration has been vindicated in the process it does not take way from the gross abuse of power and money that transpired to arrive at this juncture.

We obviously will never know the details but I’ve seen enough to connect the dots reliably. The FBI has been, and is at the mercy of President Trump and this closure to this part of the special prosecution investigation is a peace-offering. The massive corruption that we have witnessed between James Comey and the Hillary Clinton campaign is enough to put many participants in that corruption into jail, and with the evidence of the two officers conducting a sexual affair revealing all the juicy details there isn’t much defense that the FBI can hide behind. It’s as bad of a corruption story, and abuse of power that has ever occurred among an institution conceived by a human mind. They know that under the Trump Justice Department, the FBI is at the mercy of the president so given the level of their guilt, this has instigated a behavioral change, especially in regard to the special investigation probe that was always meant to distract the president of the United States into slipping and falling in the process, because the field agents and top management wanted Hillary Clinton to win the election. They abused their authority to have an impact on the election results to a much more dangerous level than any Russian did, so let’s not forget that.

Meanwhile this stupid kid in Florida, Nikolas Cruz who shot up a school killing many people had been tipped off to the FBI as a person of interest on January 5th 2018, just over a month ago. Obviously, the FBI was too busy trying to put an end to the Trump presidency to act on the information. We all know how much time Lisa Page and Peter Strzok spent texting each other while on company time, and about the types of things they were thinking about. Just consider how many FBI agents there are out there doing the exact same thing right now—bored out of their minds and clearly more interested in trivial matters—no wonder they didn’t act on the violent indications from Nikolas Cruz. And this isn’t the first time either. The FBI was tipped off about the 9/11 attackers almost 20 years ago and they failed to act then too. I’m sure the FBI would be happy to say that they save us all daily from many thousands of potential threats and that sometimes they miss it. I think that’s a line of crap. I think the agents are lazy, entitled, and spend their time-wasting it, as opposed to actually do their jobs. And that’s how this kid fell through the cracks inspiring governor Rick Scott from Florida yesterday to call for the resignation of the current FBI director Christopher Wray.

Wray has been a bit of a pain in the ass, as a Trump nominee he has sought quickly to put the FBI back on top of things publicly after the Russian investigation has divided support for and against the famed FBI’s reputation. Surely Trump seeing the lackluster behavior of Wray has every right to want to take back the pick, so the school shooting puts a termination of employment on the table for the president to consider without driving forward more speculation of obstruction of justice. The FBI bungled badly the Florida shooting case and somebody needs to pay the price. I mean we aren’t looking for an overactive FBI that is running around arresting everyone who might be a threat, but Nikolas Cruz had all the signs leading up to an act of mass murder that anyone could understand. Yet the FBI was more interested in the politics of their overall positions instead of doing what we hired them to do in the first place. As more and more people looking for some sort of social safety blanket want more gun laws, they look to the FBI to enforce those laws. What good are laws if nobody wants to enforce them, and we don’t have some place to put people in jail because they are overcrowded and run by labor unions and regulations which prevent doing what often needs to be done to criminals to keep them in line? Cruz was left alone, and he did the unthinkable and the FBI is looking very bad for it.

The revelation that no Americans colluded with the Russians, that is was the Russians themselves action alone to help elect Donald Trump to the presidency was a peace-offering given in the middle of a news hurricane on a Friday dump day hoping to inspire the president to not act on the information he has to fire not only Wray, but many, many others as well. The conduct of the FBI has been disgustingly inefficient and expensive and the heart of their intentions on blaming a bunch of foreigners who aren’t even in America is the only way they could step out of the corner they painted themselves into leaving minimal footprints in the wet paint showing their escape. They have a lot to be ashamed of, not only in the premise of their Russia investigation, their assistance of crimes from the Hillary Clinton campaign—and many other things—but in their complete ineptness in the field not catching obvious losers like Nikolas Cruz before he shot up that school in South Florida.

The FBI might say they couldn’t have done anything about Cruz, but if they were doing their jobs, they could have. The kid was on a watch list, so who was doing the watching? Instead of playing on their phones all day, the FBI should have been monitoring the comings and goings of Cruz and been there when he made his move. The technology is there to know that what Nikolas Cruz had in his back pack as he took a Uber car to the school that day to shoot it up wasn’t books and spray paint. The kid made a very conscious decision to go to that school to kill and he wasn’t hiding anything about it. The moment he made his move, the FBI should have been there to stop it, or at least prevent some of the carnage. Instead Nikolas Cruz had time to go into Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School and murder 17 people and hurt many others—then left to get a snack at Wal-Mart, and McDonald’s. Only a local officer acting on instinct managed to identify Cruz over an hour later making the arrest. Where was the FBI? They weren’t even close enough to monitor the kid once shots started. If I had to guess, the people who should have been watching the gunman were probably playing on the internet thinking about things they shouldn’t have.

The news therefor on a Friday afternoon in February, 2018 about Russian indictments wasn’t about the special investigation probe in any way, it was about a peace-offering to keep the presidential wrath away from a FBI that was soaked with stupidity and ineptness. Not only have they been embarrassed on the national stage by becoming political hacks against the Republican Party, but they missed an act of domestic terrorism that was obvious with more than hindsight armchair quarterbacking. If the FBI couldn’t do something about Cruz given all the information they had, then they have presented themselves as worthless—not worth the tax money we spend on them. And that is what the FBI is after in essentially shutting down the Russia probe investigation, they want to keep their jobs and beg the president to give them a second chance—or in this case a third, fourth and fifth chance. They have been caught wasting a lot of money and blood is on their hands as they allowed themselves to get pulled into the corrosive politics of our times. And Trump holds the cards to their future. Isn’t that an interesting change of fate?

Rich Hoffman
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