‘Let Trump Be Trump’: Perhaps the greatest story ever told

If Hollywood wasn’t so anti-Trump and anti-American, they’d make a lot of money off a film version of Let Trump Be Trump, the highly sought-after book by Corey Lewandwowski and David Bossie. I finally managed to get a copy and read it and I have to say, it was one of the most inspirational books I have read in a long time. It’s a real Rocky story about global politics that anybody from any party would have to admit is very inspiring. Love Trump or hate him, the story of Let Trump Be Trump is one of the great ones of all time. I mean really, is there anything bigger or more profound than a maverick billionaire against all odds possible winning the presidency of the United States? I don’t think so, I’ve spent many hours and hundreds of thousands of words contemplating it, but after reading the new book by Lewandowski and Bossie this thing should be made into a movie starting production tomorrow. The whole way through the book I kept thinking of Oliver Stone’s film The Doors only in reverse, where Jim Morrison was a dynamic force that changed the music industry for evil with bold audacity, Trump has changed politics from a vile, corruption infested enterprise to a thing of optimism and wonder. This is a story that needs a movie to tell the back story of how Donald Trump became the leader of the free world and if Hollywood doesn’t make the movie, maybe we should. I think I’m up to the task, in calling some of the old producers that I’ve known in the past and see if we can’t line up some money because this is the story of the century.

I never thought Donald Trump wouldn’t win the election. As everyone knows, I write an article every day here at Overmanwarrior’s Wisdom and have for nearly a decade. I have a very busy life filled with lots of people who want my attention, some of it good, some of it bad. I got involved in politics a bit years ago and have since sort of worked the parameters to make the world a better place and realized very early in the process that it should be business people in politics, people with proven track records who come with their own money so they aren’t tempted by such things once in office, who should be elected. So when Trump threw his hat in the ring, I was an instant supporter from day one. I saw him as a dynamic solution to combat the corrosive problem that was very static and in both political parties to the point of paralysis. Once it was clear that Trump was going to win the Republican nomination I even stopped writing on this site for a few weeks, because I never thought Hillary was going to win the election. She was too corrupt and had too much of what people were sick of. I never believed the polls which said she would win, because I had my own ear to the ground and knew what real people thought, and I was all in that there was an unrepresented voter base out there that was being deliberately ignored, and that Trump would win easily. I even thought so after the Access Hollywood tape. My belief in Donald Trump never wavered in the least, I thought from day one that he would win and never thought his candidacy was in any kind of trouble. But I did often wonder what people working on the campaign from behind the scenes thought. Now with the book Let Trump Be Trump, I know and it is just such a fascinating story.

There are a lot of reasons to love Donald Trump. I feel fortunate to have been able to see and meet Trump several times now so I’ve seen the story from the side of the fence that was targeted to #MAGA, the show business side of Trump. But as I’ve shaken his hand and watched him work rope lines I often have wondered what the real guy was like, because most people are disappointing once you meet them behind the curtain. For me the best part of Trump and why he is a great president that is really turning around the economy and leading the nation in such a positive direction comes down to the weekend that the Access Hollywood tape was released and how the media leaked the information to the campaign looking for a response the day before. You might say I’ve been studying the Trump campaign for several weeks now because I view it as the most important thing that has happened in modern times. It was a real revolution that occurred without a single shot of rebellion, it was all done by voters who for the first time in perhaps any of our lifetimes was able to pick their republic representative authentically. I read several books before reading Let Trump Be Trump, especially the Michael Wolff book very carefully to get an understanding of what it was like in the daily grind of the Trump campaign and eventually the presidency—what the roles of Kellyanne, Bannon, Lewandowski, Hope Hicks and the Trump kids really was like—who did what, who liked whom, how they all handled things in the trenches and I certainly have seen certain patterns emerge—which makes the whole thing that much more improbable. The success of everything Trump actually comes down to something the political left is terrified of, which has now been revealed as the key to the most basic foundations of the philosophy behind politics. Trump has uncovered it and we have it now forever.

It wasn’t the Russians who got Trump elected. It wasn’t James Comey and the FBI. It wasn’t Jeff Zucker the former president of NBC who was now running things at CNN. it wasn’t even the members of the Trump campaign team. There were a lot of bodies left in the wake of the run for the White House and there will be a lot more before it’s all said and done, because for the first time in history where such democratic republics have tried to hold fair elections for the benefit of actual representative government, a truly self-driven individual ran for president and won. He did it by being his own person and functioning from the passions of those around him who were seduced to the cause by the single attribute of a unified persona that was unwavering, which brought out the best in people while under extreme duress. Trump won the election because of the way he handled the Access Hollywood scandal, it turned out to be the best thing that could have happened because it opened the door to be able to hit Hillary so hard on that second debate in Saint Louis. Trump couldn’t have hit her that hard if Hillary hadn’t started it with the antics her campaign was trying to pull, and when Trump stood up for himself, he essentially flattened the entire political establishment which is still recovering. And to what effect? Look at the stock market. Look at North Korea actually attending the Olympics and speaking with South Korea. Look at the tax cuts, the deregulation, and the actual discussions about infrastructure. There are a lot of things to love about the presidency of Donald Trump and when he’s done with his time in office America will be a much better place. Even his political enemies will be better off, because that’s the nature of a business guy as opposed to a political hack. That is a great story of itself, much of what will be told at a later time once everything manifests. But the story of how it came to be as chronicled by Corey Lewandowski and David Bossie is a remarkable one indeed, maybe even the greatest story ever told not just because its true—but because it happened at all.

Rich Hoffman

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