The True Intentions of Gun Control: What’s really behind the protesting strudents of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

Unwittingly, the suddenly very articulate and activist students who were all over the Sunday shows in the wake of the shooting at a school in Parkland, Florida have identified why schools are vulnerable to violence and why there will be a lot more if the correct solution is not put in place. The kids, bless their little hearts, have no idea what role they play in the whole experience—they are young minds just expressing what they’ve been taught in public school and it is rather shocking to see how quickly they organized around the matter—and how quickly the anti-gun lobby grabbed onto their innocent hides to ride a magic carpet to reform for their cause. These kids who survived the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting are planning a march on March 24th in Washington D.C. to impose gun restrictions and an assault weapons ban on the rest of us for the primary purpose of social change to reflect the collectivism and desire for a primal order articulated in our education system. Guns represent a social commitment to individualism whereas the banning of them represents a surrender to the order of the masses, the herd mentality that constantly wants to forgo social advancement and return to the campfires of yesteryear. It reminds me of the relevance of an Ayn Rand quote from her classic work titled Return of the Primitive: The Anti-Industrial Revolution.

“When numbers are substituted for morality, and no individual can claim a right, but any gang can assert any desire whatever, when compromise is the only policy expected of those in power and the preservation of the moment’s “stability,” of peace at any price, is their goal–the winner, necessarily, it is whoever presents the most unjust and irrational demands; the system serves as an open invitation to do so. If there were no communists or other thugs in the world, such a system would create them.” Ayn Rand 1965 commenting on the Berkeley riots in California.

From the early part of the 20th century to the present our education system by a default of philosophic interpretation adopted the mode of gang rule to suggest the furtherance of our future as a civilization and no matter what mass effort we name it, labor unions, communists, socialists, progressives, liberals—the intent was always the same derivative of the philosophy for which people functioned—their core ideas in the face of a challenge. As a hobby I study the rise and fall of ancient civilizations and I can say emphatically as archaeologists are just starting to come to terms with the idea—that societies don’t fall because of crop failures, flood, or even cosmic events, they fail because they always follow the Vico cycle back to the primitive states of our existence. At a certain juncture they make the decision to head back to the fire, the hunter and gather mindset where a tribal leader guides people to salvation or death and everyone is in it together to be unceremoniously buried in a pile of dirt at the end of their lives—or eaten by some wild animal. America went through this period at the turn of the last century and made the decision in the public education system to adopt the views of the primitive instead of the resolute individuals which typically advance society always forward with valor and great invention.

Public education as it was conceived and formulated later by mass labor union influence and political dystopia is a group think concept. It isn’t about developing individuals to function well in the world, but in adopting to the pressures of group associations and learning to navigate the peer pressures of those groups. So it should come as no surprise that the young students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School were poised so quickly to become front line activists against gun ownership—as they were taught the foundations from the time that they were all little kids functioning within the liberal group environment of public education. Without even thinking about it while shock was still roaring through their community they fell to their default modes of operation and became anti-gun activists that the institutions of our day sought to use in order to further their goal of returning society back to the primitive, pre-gun state of the world. The fantasy of the political left is to turn each nation into a big collective tribe where the intellectuals of our institutions serve as grand tribal leaders, so their hopes always are to demean individual rights in favor of group acceptance, because their primary strategy is always to use the numbers of opinion to leverage reality against morality.

Thus, there is no solution to the gun problem in schools because the schools themselves create the entire problem. It was the schools which failed to convert the shooter into a productive citizen. When the assassin Cruz was then a student at the same school, he was expelled, which is an ultimate rejection of his peers and sent off into the world to fend for himself as a troubled young person. Since the school’s mode of operation wasn’t individualized care for the philosophy of its students but mass acceptance of peer pressure and a kid like Cruz was too damaged and likely too independent to adhere, the kid fell through the cracks to become a social menace. That same system of insanity that is ultimately at fault for creating the problem in the first place then had their peer groups already formed to advocate against any blame they might have in the matter by also furthering their own cause against individualism—the gun.

By attacking gun rights—the school which represents the same institutional failed philosophies of the past going back to Ayn Rand’s quote about the Berkeley riots are using every tragedy possible to further their strategic objective against the basics of American morality to substitute numbers for the basic ethics of reason. To suggest that this many hurt and scared students marching on Washington D.C., and that this many Republican donors, and politicians, and angry-scared moms means that gun reform should occur. The question of whether or not gun reform would actually work is not a topic of consideration because we are measuring success or failure on the panicked masses which were inspired to be in such a lackluster state because of their public educations in the first place.

The main issue isn’t whether or not we have laws against bump stocks, or “assault weapons” its if we have a society that truly is driven forth by individual responsibility and endeavor or group consensus in spite of what reality defines. What gun control advocates are for which these kids from Florida are now a part of is that we must define reality based on group opinion. If enough people believe something then we are supposed to accept that new reality regardless of what facts might say on the matter. This then becomes the aim of our entire public education system for at least the last hundred years, likely longer—that mankind was wiser when we were primitives sitting around a campfire taking orders from a tribal chief. The political left in the modern sense wants to be that new tribal chief and they have prepped our society to take orders without question and to rally to their cause when a crisis occurs. By taking away guns in even a small form, the political left inches closer to a victory they have forever sought—the destruction of individuality and personal opinion which exists outside of group consensus. Here is another quote from the same book mentioned earlier:

“Some went so far as to maintain explicitly that intellectual certainty is the mark of a dictatorial mentality, and the chronic doubt–the absence of firm conviction, the lack of absolutes–is the guarantee of a peaceful, “democratic,” society.”

What that means is that the political left has protected itself from the kind of scrutiny that I am proposing here for when they are caught in this grand scheme toward reversion. They call it progress, hence the term “progressive” but in actuality when it truly is “regressive.” The political left and their hold on our education institutions are meant to create enough absence of firm conviction, where individualized efforts are challenged and even eradicated to preserve their intentions of taking mankind back toward a tribal mentality—and they’ve been trying to do that in North America since frontiersmen on the fringes of civilization confronted the Indian and beat them in battle after battle essentially because one had the gun and the other had magic dances and arrows that they forged with flint rocks found in river beds. The gun is the key to further human advancement, the abandonment of them is the path back toward a tribal status fulfilling the Vico cycle of our modern time from a democracy, to anarchy back to a theocracy. And that is the core issue at the very foundation of gun control.

Rich Hoffman
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4 thoughts on “The True Intentions of Gun Control: What’s really behind the protesting strudents of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School

  1. Well kids, you were in a legislated gun free zone. School! Legislated gun control didn’t control anything, except to make you vulnerable. You’re being used!


    1. That’s right! And the next school shooter is already out there. What are they going to do to stop or minimize the carnage?
      Cultural Marxism is rotting society at break neck speed. There are so many reasons for why this is happening and since Columbine.
      Blaming an inanimate object is just absurd. The fork kills millions of obese Americans every decade yet I still have many in a drawer at home. Perhaps we should put warnings on those before putting them into the hands of unsuspecting darlings.
      The most alarming problem I see is just how desensitized people are to the pain of their fellow man. We used to care about each other. Caring has been replace by narcissism and an entitlement mindset. Kids aren’t predisposed to that. It’s a learned emotion.
      The adults are the problem.

      I am the NRA. And I am Freedoms safest place.



    2. There should be no gun free zones in a society where private property–even the property of one’s life–is in threat of those who want to take that property for collective salvation or anger.



    Quite a few years ago, I worked on President Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, aka Star Wars. It was a wild time where money flowed and unique, out of this world ideas led to huge leaps forward in technology. What is usually reported is that the SDI brought down the Soviet Union. To me, that is really the least of it. The technology leap literally created an entirely new world and tens of millions of new jobs here in America.

    A School Defense Initiative, aka Star Wars Revisited, just might be appropriate at this time of anguish. The focus would be on the creation of technology to minimize the potential for mass school murderers to be successful. Even if it didn’t completely solve the problems of random crazy shooters, it would constitute a security technology leap and likely lead to millions of new jobs in entirely new industries.

    The School Defense Initiative is really a third way of looking at the problem that has pitted Americans against Americans. It clearly avoids the emotions of the two sides in the argument by turning to America’s business and defense communities for answers to a very vexing problem.

    Can the gun control folks object? They will probably demand confiscation now ignoring a little thing known as the 2nd amendment. This is as unrealistic as “gun free zones” and ignores a very significant lesson of history – namely that a disarmed population is all too easily controlled and enslaved by the State.

    Can the gun owners object? If such an initiative were a legislative ruse to get at the right to own guns, then it would and should be resisted. The School Defense Initiative has to be technology focused and as free as possible of political interference.

    There is no perfect defense or offense. A determined shooter or shooters will find a way to be evil, but with technology maybe it can be made so tough as to be unattractive. There is no problem when someone like Cruz or Paddock gets their murderous desires fulfilled in the world of virtual reality, it is when the distinction between fantasy and reality blur to the point that mass murder is the only solution to insane anger and frustration.


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