Stand and Fight: Boycotts, Planned Parenthood, Scott Israel Corruption and people deciding to be lions, not sheep

I don’t typically pay attention to boycotts but this one against the NRA by Alamo, Delta and many others bothers me due to the hypocrisy. Why is it that large organizations will rally behind a cause that is conservative, but will continue to do business with people who support Planned Parenthood? Those same people will say that the NRA is killing our babies in schools when Planned Parenthood is actually killing our babies! Can someone illuminate this topic more succinctly? Planned Parenthood is all about relieving the responsibility off a female who happens to get pregnant by killing the child that she may accidentally find herself impregnated by while the NRA is about defending life with the Second Amendment—protecting value. Yet companies like United Airlines, Metlife Insurance, and First National Bank will take a stand against the NRA due to “customer feedback” but they will continue to do business with many thousands of customers who have recently had abortions at Planned Parenthood. Doesn’t that seem just a little hypocritical?

I take it personal when I see people attacking the NRA. It’s a group I happen to love. I don’t require everyone in the world to think the way I do, but if you attack something I care about, there are going to be problems. I’m alright with public assembly and protests if that’s how people want to spend their time, but I’m not OK if those protests turn against something I care about, like the NRA. Personally, I heard enough last week regarding people blaming the NRA for the school shooting in Parkland, Florida to last me a lifetime. Boycotts bother me because they run counter intuitive to some basic ideas I have about the world. I’m a person who keeps like a Bible everywhere I go around my home a copy of Adam Smith’s The Wealth of Nations which articulates free market ideas in a very pure way. Many years ago when I was working on public education issues from a financial standpoint a series of mad mothers who wanted to pass higher taxes threatened to boycott the restaurant of one of my supporters which changed forever my tolerance for such people. It was the ugliest thing I’ve ever seen in my life, packs of angry supercharged moms demanding free things for their kids in school that we all had to pay for, then threatening a legitimate business owner who supported a cause I was responsible for with financial ruin if that owner didn’t comply with the demands of the mob. After that experience it forever changed how I viewed public education. And in a very similar way, this Parkland shooting has changed how I view a lot of things especially those who support abortion with great fanfare, yet point to the NRA and proclaim death. It’s the other way around, and we’re not going to let this one slide. If those big companies cutting their support of the NRA really mean it, they’ll cut ties with anyone who participates in the death and degradation of life at Planned Parenthood with the same gusto.

What fueled this anti-NRA hatred in the aftermath of the Parkland shooting was the Sheriff of Broward County, Scott Israel essentially blaming the NRA for the intent of the shooter—for allowing an anti-NRA dialogue to develop as if the gun advocacy group had inspired and trained the shooter to commit the action, when in fact it was the failure of that Sheriff’s entire department which drove up the death county—needlessly. Scott Israel did not have his employees prepared to deal with such a crises, because when it did happen four of his deputies that were on sight at the shooting took up positions outside of the school and failed to engage the shooter. Meanwhile the shooter was inside the school taking the life of 17 people, and this was the fault of the NRA? It should come as no surprise that Scott Israel is a registered Democrat, so mismanagement is to be expected to a certain extent. But to deflect that failure away from him and to the NRA is reprehensible.

The NRA as an organization has stood for morality and good clean American lifestyles for as long as I can remember. My son-in-law as soon as he became an American citizen signed up to be a life member of the NRA because that was one of the things he most wanted to do as an official American. In England where he came from people don’t have guns and they certainly don’t think to defend themselves in the midst of aggression. A typical Englishman might send a strongly worded letter to their local law enforcement if some villain harasses them and their property but they don’t have something like the NRA to protect their right to do anything about a crime. They just endure it in the way that the criminal underworld was portrayed in the film A Clockwork Orange. Scott Israel when he was confronted for the high salaries of some of his employees in a corruption allegation that was politically motivated the Sheriff said, “lions don’t care about the opinions of sheep.” That’s why apparently his office failed to take action 18 times regarding the behavior of the shooter Nikolas Cruz—because he viewed the complaints as coming from the sheep of his county.

In a lot of ways, the stupidity of Scott Israel is why we need the Second Amendment, because the way he functions as a person helps breed the behavior of killers like Cruz. The NRA is there to preserve our right to be the last line of defense in protection of our own lives. Because all too often there are idiots like Sheriff Israel out there who bring danger to our doorsteps just because they mismanage the affairs around them. Scott Israel, because he was a bad sheriff that let a killer destroy the lives of many people in a school shooting should have never been on CNN arguing with Dana Loesch trying to deflect the responsibility of the killings onto the NRA, he should have been cleaning out his desk in disgrace for the many failures he contributed to the matter. And as the crowd cheered after that set-up CNN debate for which Israel participated, it was these many companies pulling away from the NRA to show the public they were on the side of the Sheriff—a failure of a person who couldn’t even train his men how to engage in an active shooter situation, that acted based on his public statements. I mean if you are going to wear a gun on your hip, you better damn well be willing to use it when danger presents itself. Most five-year olds would have done a better job in that situation than Israel’s men, because they at least know right from wrong instinctively. These slobs of the Broward County Sheriff’s department were too busy thinking about lunch, they surely didn’t want to get killed saving a school full of kids.

The NRA has about 5 million members, and that number should be greater not less. I look forward to everything I get from the NRA because I respect what they do. If not for the NRA gun laws would have been wiped out a long time ago leaving us completely at the mercy of losers like Scott Israel who think they are lions among men and the rest of us are sheep to be slaughtered at will. As much as we’d like to trust authorities to do that right thing—and many around the country are good—we can’t always expect them to do so. Israel’s department is the perfect example, they were commissioned to protect our society and when danger came, they hid behind their cars allowing many people to be killed and wounded in a school of all places. Then when they were caught they threw their aggression toward the NRA. The logic would further deteriorate drawing out a sinister hypocrisy, how could a bunch of anti-gun protestors point at the NRA and declare them to be an advocacy group for death when many of those same people support abortion and the efforts of Planned Parenthood? It is in that kind of logic that mandates we must always have the NRA to defend our rights against those very kinds of encroachments from corrupt administrators who are so grossly incompetent that they are a danger to themselves and others. When they fail, it is not our burden to follow them into the depths of oblivion, it becomes our task to Stand and Fight. Because we as American gun owners certainly aren’t sheep—the people who decide to join the NRA make quite explicit decisions to be fellow lions—which is what people like Sheriff Israel are really afraid of.

Rich Hoffman

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