Let’s Ban ‘Grand Theft Auto’: How many hours of video games did the Parkland shooter play?

After listening carefully to the Parkland school shooting victims and the many other high schoolers around the country that so quickly jumped on a proposed ban on “assault weapons” and took their anger out on the NRA specifically, then getting up close and personal with some of them at my local school board where their ideas were decidedly dangerous, I think its time we address the elephant in the room and come up with a real strategy. These same kids were all too comfortable with breaking Supreme Court decisions regarding the 2nd Amendment, but where quick to retreat to Supreme Court decisions protecting Grand Theft Auto under 1st Amendment considerations. The weakness of the entire progressive battlefield has been revealed—and as gun owners, moralists, and gun rights advocates, we’d be crazy not to utilize it—and we’re not crazy. So let’s let the ammunition fly, quite literally. Only this ammunition isn’t bullet trajectories coming from guns, but the great love and obvious corruption that fans of Grand Theft Auto—who are also some of these protestor kids, have for that most violent game in the gaming industry. It’s time we push for a ban of it—any store selling it, anybody buying it, any media given to it deserves the wrath of the NRA members.

I personally like Rockstar Games who makes Grand Theft Auto. I think their Red Dead Redemption games are fantastic, but they obviously meant to push every boundary possible with their Grand Theft Auto series of games which make murder and mayhem the essential plot points for young impressionable minds, and without question have had a degrading effect on our culture in general. Where is the proof you might say—where are the statistics? We’ll anti-gun advocates have no problem ignoring statistics when they preach for gun bans, but then cling to them like a baby clinging to a mother’s breast when the tables are turned toward the video game industry, something they care about. So why start now? Actually, speak to any teenager these days and in most cases, especially if they play Grand Theft Auto a lot, you can tell instantly that their minds are toast. The game certainly helps make them that way. I have no reservations about it. Grand Theft Auto is an evil game designed to bring out the dark side in its players and it’s not good to even allow yourself to think such things. The effects on our society have been devastating.

Well before there is ever a ban on AR-15s, which have a legitimate personal property protection necessity in some aspects of our modern culture, Grand Theft Auto should be banned. States should put proposals immediately to their state houses banning the sale of the product by Rockstar Games and if they want to take the case to the Supreme Court, then let’s take it to court. I have a VERY STRONG feeling that the Parkland shooter played Grand Theft Auto a lot. Early in the case USA Today reported that a neighbor of the kid played video games up to 15 hours a day, and I’m sure his gamer tag is well-known which games he played the most. How much do you want to bet that one of them was Grand Theft Auto. If that were the case shouldn’t that be part of the debate on the cause of school shootings. If we look at the gamer profiles of all school shooters what are the percentages of them who play more than 20 hours of Grand Theft Auto per week? I’m sure someone knows the answer to that question. Take that information to the Supreme Court. I have the privilege of knowing a few state Supreme Court justices and let me just say this—with such evidence presented, the video game industry would be toast. The only reason that evidence has not been yet presented in such a case is due to that lack of will from the progressive community—which the video game industry is filled with. They don’t want to know the answer to that question because once they know, they would be complicit with the knowledge provided.

I’m all for freedom of speech and I think most gun owners don’t call for such boycotts because they are respectful of the Constitution. They have no desire to impose their view of the world on people who might enjoy playing Grand Theft Auto even though I am certainly not afraid to speak my mind on the subject. I think Grand Theft Auto can only serve one purpose and that is to help make people inclined toward evil more of it. It reminds me a lot of the very good television series West World. Grand Theft Auto allows people an unrestricted way to be their ultimate self. If people are truly good Grand Theft Auto won’t make them evil. But if you are on the fence or have a few things lacking in your life regarding proper ethics, then that video game can allow you to exercise that deficiency without restriction making those traits much worse. The controversial orgy scene in West World I think shows best this nature in people. The good characters were not partaking in the truly degrading circumstances of their environment, but plenty of people were. They were thinking those things before they ever visited West World, but the park gave them an outlet, which is what Grand Theft Auto does for disturbed people like the Parkland school shooter. But if we sit on our hands and do nothing we will lose this 2nd Amendment fight so because of the aggressive actions of the gun grabbers, we must take aggressive action and attack something they enjoy. We cannot let the gun grabbers determine the ground for battle.

It’s not just out of revenge for trying to initiate boycotts against the NRA and pushing politicians into instant bans on AR-15 rifles, it’s because if there is a cause and effect, without question Grand Theft Auto has much more influence over young minds than any gun law. What good is gun control legislation if a huge part of our youth population is playing a video game that encourages breaking the law and murdering people as a way to get points? Guns by themselves do nothing. But this Grand Theft Auto game actually promotes illegal activity. Yes its free speech but if we are talking about social engineering than how can anyone propose banning guns without first talking about banning video games, because the games actually allow players to simulate violent tendencies.

I think the NRA would be wise to take aggressive action in this direction—take these cases to court and let’s fight. I want to hear the leftists from Silicone Valley try to provide testimony in defense of Grand Theft Auto when the data their companies have been collecting for decades say otherwise. I am pretty sure that the right to play video games which promote violence against our society is not in the Constitution. Murdering people for points, raping whores, and stealing cars may fall under the banner of free speech, but we are certainly free to decide if the harmful effects that such things do to our youth are worth avoiding legal entanglement, and I’d fully support more contributions to the NRA if they would take that fight to the enemy instead of waiting for the enemy, “the gun grabbers,” to come after our 2nd Amendment rights. Because if we do nothing and live and let live, they will stop at nothing until gun confiscation is the law of the land while our progressively raised youth sit around playing games all day fantasizing about murdering authority figures in a mess that will become our future if we fail to act. I’ll write a big check today to the NRA if they want to take up that fight and get the lawyers on the case. What is there to be afraid of. Pandora’s box has already been opened by the opposition.

Rich Hoffman
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