How the NRA and America are One in the Same: Understanding what defends values and why its important

There is a very philosophic reason for supporting the NRA if one wishes to protect the basic foundations that founded the United States of America. Of course, those who want to change the American idea into something else are against the NRA and things really do play out along those lines. People would like to believe that there is some waiver room there, room to have varying opinions, but basically if someone or a group of people are working against the 2nd Amendment, they are working against the political philosophy of America—and essentially against me and you personally. To that effect, I have never been prouder to be an NRA member. Over the last few weeks after the latest gun free zone shooting I have heard the NRA being bashed by just about everyone but the members themselves and that has only solidified my resolve on this matter. I am the NRA. You are the NRA. We are the people who make the NRA what it is—a lobby group representing our interests and when people talk about abolishing it, they are talking about abolishing us.

We are told that the two things we are not supposed to talk about are politics and religion—so to allow for the non-conflict type of discussion that should go on between people of different backgrounds and beliefs. The only problem with that are that both are part of the basic philosophy epistemology of our culture—and if those basic foundations aren’t agreed on, there really can’t be a society at all. Without a foundational philosophy, no society can hope to preserve themselves into the future. Essentially a country is just an organized group of people who have decided to live a certain way under constitutional foundations. Anyone who wants to change those basic foundations is looking to overthrow the nation as it was. And that is why it became popular to suggest that when speaking with other people that we don’t talk about politics or religion—because both provide the foundations for which nations are built.

Politics is the study of the principles governing the proper organization of society, it is based on ethics, the study of the proper values to guide man’s choices and actions. Politics and ethics have been fundamental branches of philosophy from the beginning. Religion of course is typically associated with the type of ethics a society uses to flourish. With these things stripped away from society mankind has nothing to hold their values to, which is precisely why we can say that we live in a time where values are stripped from us and people are functioning from a rootless existence. The people of today with all their problems were made that way because the essential foundations of philosophy for which they would otherwise function have been removed from them and they are left empty and open to whatever tyrant of activism might come along to sweep them off their feet.

And we’ve seen the worst of these people in the days after Donald Trump was elected president. If there was anything that really was wonderful about his election it was that these types of people who have been seeking to reshape American foundational philosophy were rooted out. ANTIFA comes to mind with their violent protests in our city streets and the lunatic feminists who proposed very violent actions against our government yet do not expect to see the wrath of justice thrown back at them—because they understand that they are hiding behind the destruction of America’s basic foundational premise. This is also why the FBI expects to get away with serious crimes they committed against the Trump transition team and even in tampering in an American election—then trying to blame the Russians. These criminals know that a vast majority of the people within America these days have been stripped of their basic philosophies of goodness, righteousness, and valor—and that they are naked and afraid waiting for the gods of institutionalism to shape their opinions to the flavor of the day—rootless into history or any kind of sense.

Philosophy is the science that studies the fundamental aspects of the nature of existence. The task of philosophy is to provide people with a comprehensive view of life. When that comprehensive view is disrupted or even reshaped into something destructive—such as what we see from the ANTIFA members where they are exactly what they declare themselves not to be—anti-fascists fighting for the right to be fascists, then the forces behind that thought corruption can sell any contrary idea to the public and not expect to be questioned back. We live in an age where young people have been taught that nobody should judge their actions, and once they are adults they believe they can conduct their lives in this fashion. This is largely how Hillary Clinton’s campaign expected to hide her many crimes, and she succeeded largely by those who call themselves Democrats, because their foundational philosophies have been stripped away from them to the point where they can no longer make value judgments about anything. They can talk about their favorite music, what they are watching on Netflix, or what the latest fashions are at Hot Topic, but they can’t tell you what they think of Hillary Clinton other than they want to see the first woman president sitting in the White House. Since so many people have been taught not to judge others, it allows criminals like the Clintons to roam through our political stratosphere without consequence for their power play politics.

The political left has been in the practice of deforming human beings essentially since their political philosophy shaped largely by Immanuel Kant and the peripherals took to the global stage challenging the Aristotelian foundations of Adam Smith, Thomas Paine, and John Locke. To beat those philosophies which caused people to create their own country in North America away from the European failures, the political left had to introduce decades of philosophic deformity to the basic foundations of American ideas to nonviolently introduce the type of political suppression which would advance the political left and stunt the growth of the political right. Leftists did this essentially by taking over the education institutions and seeking quite openly to remold the American youth from their very foundations so that they could pull off the destruction of America without any military assault or mass protest in the streets—but home by home and over a long period of time.

But, those forces of insurrection ran into the membership of the NRA and nobody who has supported that Second Amendment group has budged at all for well over 100 years. The NRA was founded in 1871 and has maintained a firm grounding into the type of roots that founded our country and the members which have supported that cause have been very successful in preventing the type of deformation of our basic philosophy which the political left has been so aggressive in perpetuating. The secret to the success of the political left in how they essentially lobotomize people in what they know has been the threat of force to bring harm to people who think differently than they do. Yet the essence of the Second Amendment is to provide protections from that very threat. Free people armed to defend themselves do not have to fear having their basic philosophic foundations robbed from them by force—and that has really been all that’s kept America going all these years. Its been those 5 million NRA supporters and the 10 to 20 million others who support the NRA but haven’t yet sent a check to the organization to lobby on their behalf. We become members so that the NRA will work on our behalf to prevent violence. Because if there isn’t an NRA and the political left comes to attempt to remove reason from our minds—what are we supposed to do—just sit there and let them do it? Of course not.

Rich Hoffman
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