Homegrown ISIS Terrorist Attacks High School: Corrupted youth show that gun legislation will never work

As gun grabbing organizations seek to use the Parkland shooting victims to advocate gun control measures by busing them into Washington D.C. for a rally to satisfy their strategic desires, a teenager in Utah inspired by the terrorist group ISIS attacked his school with a bomb—but nobody seemed to pick up on the story. The teenage kid put a homemade bomb in his backpack and tried to ignite it at Hurricane High School, in Utah in an area that usually contains a lot of people, but the bomb produced only smoke allowing bomb techs to arrive and disarm the device without injury or death. But not before the kid vandalized the school destroying American flags and spray painting “ISIS is coming” on the school’s exterior. That high school got lucky, because if the bomb had worked the death count could have been significantly higher than the Parkland shooting which has inspired the many anti-gun student protests around the country. Yet, the story gained little attention.


Obviously, we all know why. The bomb narrative doesn’t fit the anti-gun objectives of the liberalized media culture who desire to exploit every tragedy as a means to advance their progressive agenda. The students trained from nearly birth in those progressive sentiments are simple pawns in the great political game of gun confiscation and a complete rewriting of the Constitution by progressive activists—so they have no desire to deal with real solutions to real problems like the rise of radicalism among violent teenagers either inspired by ISIS propaganda or the psychologically dangerous erosion of values found in the many video games available to them at a young age—games like Grand Theft Auto. More than ever we have lots of young men being raised by single mothers who needed the help of a husband to properly raise aggressive sons. Lacking that firm parental structure some young men like this ISIS follower find their authority figures in radicalism, whether it be Islamic terrorism or anarchy such as the many ANTIFA groups. In the case of a removal of strong males in the home of these growing boys, group affiliations that show power become the substitute, like ISIS, ANTIFA or even Nazi radicalism. After all, we don’t typically see females doing these terrible things, so the primary villain is the son seeking father complex which many suffer from in our modern age.

There wasn’t a single gun involved in this attempted bombing of a Utah school, yet the desire to kill classmates and make a radical attention-getting statement was very much a part of the motive. Banning guns doesn’t stop these kinds of intentions—the desire to hurt others is the real problem and dealing with the cause of that desire. Until that issue is dealt with there will continue to be violence in schools and other public places. An assumption otherwise is to defer blame from the true guilty parties, those same progressive groups who have instigated the destruction of the American family unit, pushed strong men off the map of teaching and assumed that women could do it all by themselves. But even worse, they have assumed that the public education institutions themselves could serve as the primary parent and that group affiliations could replace the desire for individualized instruction. These social failures are at the heart of the very foundations of liberal epistemology. And to the credit of conservatives, we all tried as a country to bring all these different types of thinking together to give it a try. But the destructive results are now way too evident to ignore.

There isn’t any gun legislation that would have prevented this terror attempt, in fact we are likely to discover that the fewer guns there are the bolder these attempts become. In our present society a deranged kid like this Utah bomber doesn’t know how far they may get with some terrorist attempt. The kid obviously thought he’d get away with his actions long enough to create some vandalism prior to discharging his backpack bomb. If guns were to be removed from society at large there would be even a greater zone of no risk to this kid should he be intercepted going to or back from the school on this journey of intended death and destruction. Fewer guns in the world mean even more people like this young ISIS inspired terrorist are emboldened to live out their fantasies of corrupted ideology at the expense of the innocent—and that just isn’t acceptable.

Liberals in spite of considering them part of a debate in the friendly sense of rhetorical discussion are actually insurgents against American ideas and have long ago declared war on traditional founders of North American enterprise. I’m not talking about the nature loving savages of the Indian tribes, but those who brought from Europe the ability to read and manufacture who started their own country out of the ashes of kingdoms from across the Atlantic where kings and religion fought on the carcasses of innocent people just trying to live their lives. Liberals are part of that old-world mysticism where kings claimed themselves divine rods to the gods themselves and the church fought them for that same power for several millennia. When America finally came around to asserting itself we put into our Constitution the right to bear arms so that we wouldn’t have to listen to any kings or any authority figures who would love to rule our minds by force—and that was always the point. Liberals have sought to remove that tool and in so doing they have created an environment that has bred kids like this ISIS terrorist—home grown in the vacuum of destruction liberals imposed on the American family.

And to defer that blame liberals are attacking guns so that by the time we all as a society figure out who is really to blame for all the carnage we are experiencing, that we might not have the ability to take back our government from the people who have screwed it up. So they have no problem using children to perpetuate their erosion on American rights. They don’t care about those rights, they only want what they want using a philosophy that is not conducive to the way of life of what traditional America has always represented. And in that former understanding, there weren’t kids like this Utah terrorist being bred right out in the open, they were getting their asses kicked by a dedicated father who taught them better. Instead of those kids finding that needed authority figure in ISIS they had their sons at the kitchen tables telling them to do their chores or else. And those kids didn’t rush out into the night to tear down American flags and burn efficiencies against our nation, they were learning to love our country through the discipline of tough love—which a lot of young males needed to hold together a method of productivity into their own futures. Without it they become their own worst enemies.

It was those same guilty parties who sought to provide 24 hour a day coverage of the Parkland shooting and the Vegas massacre that gave almost no airtime to this bombing attempt in Utah. And that was because it didn’t fit their narrative. After all, it’s not the news they were after, it was the ability to use hurt feelings to drive an anti-gun agenda that liberals all share together. They did it because they fear Americans with guns because it’s quickly becoming obvious who is really to blame for all these national tragedies. It’s certainly not traditional thinking Americans waving red white and blue flags in the streets who are NRA members who are causing all these problems. It is the troubled youth of progressive creation who have turned into monsters that we now must all contend with. And its only getting worse.

Rich Hoffman
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