I Saw it Coming All Along: North Korea is coming to the table of peace–they have no other choice

I saw it coming……………………I called that one a long time ago and apparently, I was the only one. None of the expensive paid pundits saw it, none of the big-time radio guys, none of the many writers of publications, no newscasters, politician or wistful contemplator saw it—but I did. I said it in many places but if you CLICK HERE you’ll see clearly dear reader I was way out in front of the Kim Jong Un story. When the rest of the world was terrified the little sausage, boy would pull us all into nuclear war launching rockets over Japan as tests, I was stating that Trump’s position was correct in pushing back at the threat by calling the North Korean dictator, “Rocket Man.”

It brought me quite a lot of joy to get that news given the way the rest of the world had been reacting—and had reacted to North Korea in general since the time that Bill Clinton was in office. I’ve said it so many times now I hate to say it again, but on these blogs there are always new readers coming and going so I might as well say it again, groups of advisors functioning from the back of a metaphorical train do not equal in intelligence and aptitude the ample observations of a good leader positioning themselves at the front of the train. Donald Trump has built his life at the front of the train. For anybody who wonders why Trump will be the greatest president in the history of the world, more so than George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, or even Ronald Reagan it’s not because he went to college at Yale, Harvard or was a member of the Skull and Bones—it is because he spent his life at the front of thinking using Robert Persig’s Metaphysics of Quality to make decisions well before the analysts in the back of the train even received information.

It takes courage to be at the front of the train, and really anybody could do it if they wanted. It’s not necessarily a special skill. The reason I made the call so quickly on North Korea and saw what Trump was doing is because I live my life at the front of the train of thinking as I always have—even as a fetus. It is lonely up there but it’s the only place I like to be. It sometimes shocks me that so few people even have the intellectual curiosity to come to the front of the train from the back to make leadership-based decisions. I mean isn’t that what people who make livings in Washington should be doing?

My favorite television oversea correspondent is Greg Palkot on Fox News. I simply love that guy, the way he delivers news is something that makes my day whenever he’s on. He is full of passion and he knows how to bring energy to the business of being a foreign correspondent. As I watched his reporting of the North Korean willingness to join the rest of the world with a meeting of Kim Jong Un in South Korea where President Trump would also be meeting he was as flat-footed as I’ve ever seen him. He did not turn the news story at the end of his piece with his patented “BRET” as he normally does, but simply signed off with a “Bret.” Palkot had been to North Korea many times and he understood the complicated international coordination such a meeting meant to the world and he was for the first time that I’ve watched him in a state of utter disbelief. Suddenly Donald Trump looked like the most brilliant person in the world and all the people in the back of the train of thinking—even people with boots on the ground close to the situation never saw what was around the corner. Only those who live in the front could see what was coming and that’s how it usually is.

When Trump’s administration refused to buckle under the bully tactics of North Korea it didn’t take long for Kim Jong Un to have no more cards up his sleeve, because they were never there. Yet for so many years the family of Kim Jong Un had used terror to get what they needed in the world and to support their communist nation of serious suppression. However, as I said, the economy of North Korea because of their communism could not support a war with the world, especially the United States, and once they could no longer get unlimited support from China, Russia or even Iran without Trump going on television and talking about it, it forced the family of Kim Jong Un to try something else. So he sent his sister to the Olympics to test the waters for a different kind of life for North Korea and what he found there was an open door to peace and that family tasted what it would be like to interact with the world—and they liked it. After all, these are all just kids running North Korea. Who wouldn’t want to have the latest fashions and eat the latest food offerings? And slowly through Trump’s constant pressure the people of North Korea have seen that there is something going on outside of their communist borders and they are curious as to what it is. Kim Jong Un had no choice but to come to the table of peace and participate with the world which will greatly assist his people. For the first time in well over half a century there is hope that there will be peace on the Korean peninsula.

This is happening in the first year of Trump’s presidency. He still has three more years to do the same in Palestine, Iran and Syria and all those places are feeling the same pressure. This is also why Russia which has been unmasked as a saboteur to North Korea suddenly was talking about bombing North America with a new kind of super missile. None of these countries have any real wealth to host wars in the modern era and Trump has exploited that knowledge in a way that forced peace and that’s why Kim Jong Un is going to meet with Trump in South Korea. Not only does he have no other choice, but this is the only time he can make such a decision under his own power before his own people attempt to overthrow his regime. If he wants to keep some control of his country he’ll have to join the world as a world leader, otherwise he’ll lose it all.

Yes, I’m more than just a little wistful about this news, and I can see many more news days like this coming over many topics in the near future. Pressure, force and raw leadership from the front of the train is what we are getting with President Trump and the world just has never seen such a thing before, so they are notably shocked. I’m of course am not and that is the fun of it. This should serve as a lesson, people should listen a lot more to the things I write. It’s not that they don’t now, there are some really smart people who follow what I say as a blue print to success. I of course wish there were more because I have a damn good track record at seeing what’s way around the corner even when people who get paid a lot of money should see things as clearly as I do. Listening to me could solve a lot of problems for those seeking answers even on big national stage issues. I mean it’s no skin off my back if you don’t listen. But your life would be so much better if you did.

Rich Hoffman

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