The Plight of the Comprachicos: How daycare and public education destory the minds of children–purposely

The best way to describe much of the sheer stupidity that we are dealing with at every level of human endeavor is that our society is suffering with the after effects of several centuries now of a comprachico system created by our education institutions. Comprachicos (also Comprapequeños and Cheylas) is a compound Spanish neologism meaning “child-buyers,” which was coined by Victor Hugo in his novel The Man Who Laughs. It refers to various groups in folklore who were said to change the physical appearance of human beings by manipulating growing children, in a similar way to the horticultural method of bonsai – that is, deliberate mutilation. Only instead of reshaping children the way the Chinese did with their shells that they’d cram a child into to give them something of a porcelain shape of delicacy, or an African tribe extending the neck of a child with shims to shove their shoulders lower and their chins higher, the modern comprachicos mutilate the mind of their subjects before proper development of thought can take root in young people leaving them defenseless for life much of the time.

There is only one explanation for the Parkland shooting victims who so quickly fell into the radical teacher’s union anti-gun policies in Florida, or the way the media as a whole has been trained for many years to all hate someone like Donald Trump who has emerged as a president of a free people. The universal hatred that has been shown by many on the political left is not innate, it has been taught to them early in life. This was a topic of great concern by Ayn Rand in book she wrote a long time ago called Return of the Primitive. In 1970 she was starting to write about how the withering effects that putting children in pre-school by age 3 was destroying their minds. By taking away the natural volition children experience by learning from older peers—such as parents, putting a bunch of undeveloped children into a room together to learn group speak and navigating herd politics was weakening the growth process of the human brain. And who could argue with her? We see the results all around us. Go to any place where people gather and you will see the withering effects of their upbringings on full display. Their primary concerns are whether or not they have acceptance of the peer groups they associate with, and they never give the volition of their own foundational thinking any credit.

These days most children experience some form of daycare. The parents drop off their children at centers of “pre-development” where they are tossed into a room with a bunch of other kids all hungry for knowledge but only getting the attention of a busy adult trying to watch all the children leaving most of the interaction to occur between other undeveloped children in the same dire condition. By the time the little ones get into public school their basic foundations are only further exacerbated into further destruction. This isn’t the work of the local school board, or even the state departments of education—it was the value of the nations that instigated the central learning process that made the original mistakes and set the tone for several centuries of destruction.

The comprachicos in the modern aspect are the remnants of that old aristocracy that emerged in human development that wants to be in control of the mass populations through political power and influence of their acquired wealth. They have sought to perpetuate this type of robbing children of their minds early so that the various classes of people who were well-known throughout all human development would endure through time. In a lot of ways, the modern comprachicos were just instinctively doing what their ancestors did, mutilated children for the beliefs of their times. In the modern aspect it was the minds that was the target. On the outside children appear to be perfectly normal, but by the ages of 8 and 9 years old these days the light in the minds of our people begin to go out and that is caused by the comprachico influence over the type of educations we provide and the manner for which it is delivered.

Consider that in pre-school there are common areas where children learn to play. Individuality is not the focus here, but shared thoughts and the application of resources. If a child wants to build a house out of blocks, often the other children will want to step in and have some influence on the task. Most of the time the blocks will be taken and thrown about in some other manner of play leaving the builder only to sag in retreat of their efforts. After months of this behavior the kid that wanted to build a house learns to play the politics of the group. They won’t usually assert themselves into other projects of their own volition, because they fear having their efforts torn away by the group. The big crime there is that all the children wish to express themselves individually, but because of the chaos of group think, they keep their passions to themselves for some other time. Only the time never comes because once they get home, once their parents pick them up from their adult day care facilities at their jobs, it’s off to bed only to redo the process the next day. Then once the kids get into public education and go through 12 years of the same kind of group think mentality, there is nothing left by the time the child enters their ages of 10 to 15 years. Very few people ever learn to think intellectually beyond those early teen years. Most adults function from that level of thinking for the rest of their lives and that is a result of this comprachico teaching that launched their minds straight into a crash with a brick wall of limited aptitude.

The goal of this teaching all along was to get the masses to follow a regimented elite ruling class, which obviously is an outdated mode of thinking, yet it dominates our modern world. Of course, not everyone falls victim to these comprachico methods and that is the root cause of most of today’s divisiveness. There are still a large group of people who grow up with loving parents, a sense of a positive religion, and healthy influences early in life and those people tend to grow up and become individually based thinkers who function the way human beings are supposed to. But they don’t mix well with the people deliberately crippled at birth by the modern comprachicos. This is why kids who are home schooled tend to do better in life than kids processed through the meat factory of deliberately dumbing down children to serve the ancient fantasies of a ruling class.

This is also why so many mutilated minds join together to protest the Trump presidency, or to advocate for gun legislation even though many of the young people have no experience with firearms, the training of how they should respond to group associations puts them quickly in front of television cameras in sync with the other young people who produce the television programming, they all think alike because they all came out of the schools of the comprachicos. And we are supposed to look at their mass numbers and just agree with the pack of protestors and allow the democracy of their volition to govern ours—those who have not lost their minds. The war of thought for which we all find ourselves struggling truly does come down to those simple elements. There are those who grew up under the rule of modern comprachicsos and those who didn’t. Or in some cases the most rebellious and non-conformists endured those hellish places of group think instruction and survived to tell about. But one thing is clear, the comprachicos have made a mess and it is up to the rest of us to clean it up. But not to yield to it.

Rich Hoffman

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