The Darkest Hour: Boone County Schools wimp out as teacher unions breathe one last breath

The Boone County school board voted to take no action on arming teachers in their schools this past week due to the range of emotions on the topic. Essentially educators and those who get into the business have for too long thought of the process of teaching as a separate activity from the world where the pressures of existence are removed so minds can learn. Learn what? Well that’s a discussion for another time as this is the kind of teaching method we currently have in the United States, and the people in that business have allowed themselves to think of it in a certain way—and that certain way is not indicative to reality. Daniel Boone for which Boone County School was named would be ashamed to see his name used on buildings of such cowardly disposition.

The teachers unions across the country are of course against letting teachers arm themselves with CCWs in the schools because they are a progressive organization to begin with. They are all about bigger government all the time in every circumstance—which is why they are trying to get out from under this modern-day pressure with pushing school boards to hire more school resource officers. But that costs a lot of money whereas the arming the teachers with CCWs doesn’t. There isn’t enough money to pay teachers the high salaries they are demanding let along adding more employees to the payroll. The teacher union positions just aren’t grounded in any kind of reality, which is common for them. After all, the teaching in public schools is that the world is made up of specialists and when you have a problem, you should leave it to those specialists. People who are specialists with guns, they suggest, should be the ones who handle them.

But what’s been refreshing about this guns in schools’ debate is that a respectable number of teachers around the country support the CCW measure, and they are interested in carrying a gun for all the right reasons, and that’s all it would really take to make this proposal successful. While it’s nice, but expensive, to have armed security at schools to engage a potential suspect it’s not enough. The nature of attacking a school requires a certain randomness that cannot be prepared for. Armed guards are just another layer of security that a terrorist could observe and overcome. But not knowing who or which teacher may be armed is impossible to prepare for and that added layer of security would serve as a better deterrent than anything—and would likely discourage an attack by the very nature of the position.

Aside from the progressive “no guns anywhere on planet earth” position of teacher unions the nature of education should encompass some firearms training since guns are a huge part of our society. Instead of fighting the NRA the way that public education does currently, they should be joining forces. I have no hope that might happen soon, but after 7 years of a Trump presidency, I can see that possibility looming on the horizon, so we might as well have that debate now. Rather than waiting for the first school to step in that direction the good ones, like my area district of Lakota should take advantage of their leadership positions and shine a light for everyone else to follow. Guns are going to be a bigger part of our lives going into the years of the 2020s like it or not because behind the culture of guns are behavioral improvements that are a natural part of gun ownership. Guns are only the enemy to progressive groups, which all teacher unions are, so the natural reaction is to villainize the NRA. But the code of conduct that comes with gun ownership are valuable lessons that young people should be learning and schools should join together if their real aim is to teach students how to live a complete and fulfilling life, the basic nature of gun ownership. I would go so far to say that shooting sports should become a part of school curriculums in gym instruction and in competitive sports. Why not have a school shooting team that competes against a rival school? They do it for golf, why not guns? Learning about guns would be a lot more beneficial to students than learning to hit a little ball into a hole on an expensive golf course.

Understanding trends is important to predicting behavior and public schools have only one choice in this matter. The future is not in the favor of kids like that David Hog from Parkland who have gone around the country advocating against gun rights. The students of Parkland are simply uttering what they have been taught by the teachers of the progressive teachers’ unions and their politics of an anti-gun world. That world is changing presently and a combination of decreasing public morality and a general swing toward conservatism by a successful Trump administration is changing the face of everything and that can most be seen at the level of the Supreme Court who recently heard oral arguments on the nature of public sector unions. During that hearing Justice Neil Gorsuch didn’t say anything not giving away how he would vote on the decisive issue which should take place in June. At risk for the teacher unions is the notion that they compel members to contribute dues to their organization in trade for employment which is a violation of free speech. Gorsuch is the deciding vote so it’s likely going to happen that public-sector unions will be found to be illegal, and that will be a major blow to every progressive organization that feeds off the money generated by the public unions. People might wonder why I haven’t been writing about this issue for a while—well, there are different ways to skin a cat. I’m now part of the winning political team instead of being on the outside such as the case of a decade ago. Yes, elections have consequences and things are turning favorably in a direction I can support. I strongly believe that teacher unions will lose their power before the Trump presidency ends, but kids will still need to be taught things, and school boards still need to navigate how best to do that in a changing world full of robots competing for our jobs, decimated home lives for kids, and a much smaller government combined with a more powerful private sector functioning at 3% unemployment and a GDP of 4 to 7%. So why not join forces with the NRA to help teach people proper gun ownership and conduct? Those skills directly transfer over into other aspects of people’s lives in a positive way.

Hiding from the issue isn’t a decision though. Or making decisions on one’s heels isn’t either. Guns are a part of our lives and gun free zones such as schools make them dangerous for the students, not safer. Pretending that guns are not a huge part of American culture is ridiculous. The European model of anti-gun sentiment just isn’t a viable position. I’d recommend anyone who is on the fence of this issue to watch the recent film Darkest Hour which did well at the recent Academy Awards. It’s about how Winston Churchill stood up to Nazi pressure to yield Europe to German socialism and Italian fascism. Everyone in the ruling parties but Churchill was for passive, non-engagement surrender. It was a fascinating behind the scenes look into Churchill’s challenges. In a fit of frustration on the issue he went down into London’s Underground and talked to people directly on the subway system. It was there that the people told him they were willing to fight the Germans on every street of London, that they did not want to surrender to Hitler. From there Churchill decided not to negotiate terms with the Germans and England stood their ground. Even though the Germans bombed England, they did not have the troops to occupy the island and tyranny was stopped at the English Channel. The bluff had been called. That is precisely why American has never been invaded, and why it never will. Because if it where Americans could fight the occupier at every street and field across North America, and that same mentality needs to be a part of our schools, because that’s what we should really be teaching kids. Soon the teacher unions will be much less powerful and logic can once again enter the debate and the first item on the agenda is this CCW issue. The best schools will act ahead of the curb, but eventually everyone will have to. For them, the school boards, it is best to be a part of the winning team.

Rich Hoffman

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