Why More Guns are Needed: Students breaking the law to help gun grabbing politicians cover their ineptness

Watching all those kids walk out of their government schools and into an anti-gun rally was fascinating. Then to watch the liberal politicians in Washington D.C. make fools of themselves by using those brain washed masses to grab for guns—it was appalling. It was a circus of clowns selling a point that was as divisive, and improbable as anything proposed in many years. Gun control is not on the table for me. In fact, given the sheer stupidity of the government in the years past, in making terrible concessions with hostile nations—like Syria, Iran, North Korea, Russia, China, Cuba, Venezuela—on and on, and on, and on, and running up our national debt, expanding the welfare state, letting radical government unions leverage themselves against the tax payers, allowing American intelligence agencies to become radicalized against conservatives—such as the FBI, CIA, Homeland Security, the IRS—then to have these same idiots tell us that we need to get rid of our guns and to trust them implicitly with our lives and private property—somebody is smoking crack. I’m not going to surrender my security to those idiots. We may put our trust in them to do jobs given to them on our behalf as Americans, but we need a fail safe so that when those types of people fail but fall in love with the power we gave them, we still have a means to take our government away from them. We need that leverage so they can’t use our own police and military against the people paying for all this activity. The boss (the American people) need a way to fire those who prove themselves incompetent. That’s what the Second Amendment is all about. It’s certainly not for sport—although that can be a nice byproduct.

I had to write the article I did before this one, CLICK HERE to read it for review—to provide context to this article. Essentially what Democrats and gun grabbers want is for the people of the herd to remain grouped, so they can be easily controlled. The people who want to control you are the people demanding gun control. The kids in the public schools sucking up to their authority figures have been programmed since pre-school to take an anti-gun stance politically on guns—because they are products of their environment—the government schools run by politicians who want to stay in power even if they prove themselves to be incompetent. In that respect the gun grabbing politics of this matter isn’t about saving lives—its about saving the jobs of people who haven’t done a very well in politics, yet they control our law enforcement methods. While the police and military may be working quite fine under the Trump administration, they could be used as weapons under a radical president like Obama. So when politicians abuse their authority and we are faced with a state power that can destroy our lives at the whim of a politician, we have to be able to counter that activity with our own force.

As I explained in that previous article there really are two kinds of people, people who are in the herd mentality, and those who are the hunters. It’s not the fault of people born small, or of a different sex, or even without strength on the battlefield to live in the mentality of the herd if they decide they don’t want to. America was founded by people who wanted to hunt, not to be hunted and that was the drive to fill up North America with the type of personalities who would gladly trade the comfort of European government for the toils of owning land and working it against the elements of nature and threat of Indian attack. This was only made possible with the invention of the gun. As guns became more a part of individual lives the idea of a self-governing people become more expressed. Finally, if people didn’t want to be in the herd, they had a choice of using the gun as an equalizer to become one of the hunters.

Being a hunter doesn’t mean you go around killing people, but what it does mean is that you are free not to function within the confines of the herd mentality. The people demonstrating against guns at the many little rallies around the country that featured law breaking in its own way—students leaving class to participate in a progressive political position of strengthening the herd while discouraging the hunters. What progressive politicians are really after are to remove the tools that keep people from acclimating into the herd of people they control intellectually, and physically. So long as guns are free to use in America the kind of liberal policies that come out of our government schools can’t propel themselves unchallenged into the next generation. Once guns are removed from society the same liberals protesting gun ownership with government school walkouts will be the same people showing up on our doorsteps demanding our food, our energy, even our cars—because as a group they have a need and they can then assemble the masses to take what they want. This is the dream of socialists, to let the herds rule the hunters by essentially declawing the nature of the predators to allow the herd to flock about in the safety of a managed society. Only the herd finds out too late—every time that the politicians they thought they could trust turn out to be the wolf in the little Red Riding Hood story. “My grandma, what big teeth you have.”

If you know your history it is shocking compared to what we know today, at how many politicians in Europe and even in America were putting their bets that Hitler would unite the world under a common socialism. Even FDR in the United States was playing both sides in the expansion of Germany in Europe. Most of the English parliament were pro-Hitler even though the people under their authority were not. There was great pressure to let socialism expand under Hitler to unite the world under a common political philosophy and to hell what the common people thought. After all, the aristocrats at the time thought everyone to be a timid part of the herd and they would do what they were told. The entire decade of the 1930s was this way and the start of World War II happened because of the lead-up politics which imposed itself everywhere. The primary reason there was never an invasion of American soil was that it was one of the few places where virtually every home had personal firearms to protect the occupants. That wasn’t that long ago, so don’t think it couldn’t happen again. When governments propose that their citizens give up their guns and trust them completely with the fate of their civilization, what they are really after is to protect them from you. They want you part of the herd so they can steer you where they desire. They don’t want you as a hunter who can stop their plans cold just through the possession of a firearm.

It’s not just the power of owning a gun that harnesses the thrill of the purchase. It’s what it gives the owner. If governments think voters are members of a democratic herd, the gun makes every potential voter a member of the hunting class, a self-destined individual who can decide for themselves what they value and what they do with it. In a self-governing society, the gun is the key to such an ambition. That’s why buying a gun always feels so good, because the purchase isn’t just about purchasing a powerful weapon, it’s an actual philosophic position to self-determine oneself out of the herd mentality and into that of a hunter. Not a literal hunter, but a person who can live by one’s own accord and as a member of self-determination instead of a passive participant in the world affairs of mankind. Owning a gun is to decide not to trust those in power blindly. We all hope they will be successful in running governments, but if they decide to align themselves with future Hitlers or other terrorist organizations, such as radical Islam—then there is a ground defense in America that is a failsafe against the legislative bureaucrats who fall short of the tasks we’ve assigned them as elected officials.

Removing guns from American society with any kind of gun control is off the table. The debate should actually be going the other way, that average Americans should have the ability to equally withstand anything the military might be able to throw at us. While today things are good and mostly peaceful, one of the best ways to keep it that way is to keep the politicians honest and have the weapons that offset their intents at aggression. Whenever anybody starts talking about the value of life and how they hope to legislate a utopia of prosperity, the roots of a future Hitler are emerging, and they should be feared, not respected. It’s not that such ambitions are not worthy of contemplation, but it is ignoring the basic values of trust that exist between human beings. Fearful members of the herd cannot be trusted. But hunters and people of self-determination can be. And the gun makes people who way—self determined. That makes guns the foundation philosophically to a great society. And anybody who says otherwise has other ideas.

Rich Hoffman

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