Firing Andrew McCabe was a Great Thing: Restoring confidence away from a corrupt government for which he was just a part

It shouldn’t feel so good but it does. When it happened late Friday night on March 16, 2018 that Andrew McCabe was being fired from the FBI rather than just allowed to retire at the tender age of 49 years with a multimillion dollar pension, there was a sense of justice that flowed across our nation like a nice warm blanket on a snow filled afternoon. This is just another great reason for the election of Donald Trump and is what it looks like when a guy like him hits his stride in understanding how things work in Washington D.C.–or at least have worked. Of course, not everyone in the FBI was crooked, but due to the nature of such powerful employment positions it is clear from the love stuck text messages of FBI agents Lisa Page and Peter Strzok who worked directly under McCabe, who then worked directly under James Comey that the tax payer funded FBI had become radicalized toward a certain type of political party. I’m not going to say that their idea candidates were liberals like Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren, but the FBI idea of conservatives were people like the Bush family and John McCain—people they could control as an institution.

There was a time only a few years ago that the word RINO was denied to even exist among the voting public. But after the election of Donald Trump they are now very obvious. In local southern Ohio politics people who are obvious Democrats like Lee Wong who is running for county commissioner within Butler County as a Republican, are reacting to the national trend set by Trump. Lee wants to join the former Democrat Don Dixon there who is a politician that had to move to the political right to have a career as a politician—both of those guys are what could be termed RINOs because they are truly Republican In Name Only, because they know they could never win an election in those conservative areas unless they showed themselves more politically conservative than they were. And that was clearly the case with the young man elected in Pennsylvania this past week, Conor Lamb who essentially ran as a Republican only he called himself a Democrat which pulled the party in that direction to win against an entrenched Republican. The proper definitions for behavior has been put to the test and this has caused very positive consternation at the highest political levels. What was once covered in secrecy is now well out in the open and people can finally see the true nature of these political candidates for what they’ve always been. And in many ways the FBI was able to hide a lot of bad political radicalism behind a similar veil.

As the gun debate has raged over the last several months while liberals tried to use the usual tricks to spark emotions toward gun confiscation, we have learned why we really need to take guns in the opposite direction. We know that the top members of most of our government institutions have become radicalized against the type of life that formed in America, the yearning for freedom and independence that tend to be the foundations of Republican government. Only even under Republican government, there was an unquestioned trust in government officials that they would always do the right thing, even though it was incredibly obvious that they didn’t. Lois Lerner at the IRS was one of the first obvious signs of what was poisoning the well in Washington D.C. People in general were too busy to care that Lois Lerner had weaponized the IRS to work against political groups, and she was caught and plead the 5th, doing just what McCabe had tried to do, retire and escape into the background with a healthy government pension taking the crimes they committed for the “greater good” to the grave. Only that “greater good” had nothing to do with the American people, it was all about the collective entity of the various institutions they represented. Lerner with the IRS or McCabe with the FBI.

Then came the report also this week that involves the acting FBI deputy director David Bowdich testifying that the Dept. of Justice (headed by former AG Loretta Lynch) forced the FBI to delete over half a million fugitives from the gun background check system. Why you might ask? Well so that criminals could get a hold of guns who clearly shouldn’t have had them so that gun violence would occur, and the Obama administration could then use those deaths politically to advocate for gun removal from society. This was the type of FBI that Andrew McCabe and James Comey were running under the direction of Loretta Lynch and Eric Holder. And it was this kind of justification of resources that put the might of the FBI behind Hillary Clinton with all guns literally blazing. A corrupt government had put all their bets on the house winning the 2016 election and the house lost for a change exposing them all. That house didn’t care who it had to kill or harm to preserve itself, and it had been functioning that way for many years. Only the election of Donald Trump forced it out into the open. Who could count the amount of lives destroyed by the FBI over a long period of time who attack people like General Flynn when the government organization themselves were guilty of far worst, and many times over.

What good is a FBI background check on firearms if an attorney general like Lorretta Lynch, under the direction of a president of the United States can manipulate the way the FBI does its background check in order to inspire more violence killing untold thousands of people with guns, so that they as a collective administration can move the political needle more to the left? If such a thing can happen on little things it can certainly happen on big things, like tampering with the election of an American president by the people who wanted a change from this behavior. And McCabe got caught, as did James Comey—and they were both fired. Comey was fired early by Trump himself. McCabe only when the evidence became so grotesquely obvious that action had to be made. To let McCabe ride off into the sunset the way Lois Lerner did would be a crime in and of itself. Without bringing justice to these obvious law breakers we could never hope to restore our trust into role the FBI was supposed to play in our government.

In regard to gun control, how can we even propose reasonable measures when it is clear that our government was running away from the American people and serving a tyrannical administration as activists? It is just against those types of corrupt elements that the 2nd Amendment was designed to protect us from them. We gave the FBI enormous power, and once that power was abused as it obviously was under James Comey then what is the next step? When the FBI can be directed to put guns in the hands of criminals so that gun violence can increase creating political pressure to confiscate guns as a societal norm, then how can there ever be trust? Then those same people tried to attack a president that half the country wanted as a solution to this mess using all the mechanisms of power to create a scandal—and they expected to get away with it because all their people controlled the power they used to commit those corrupt acts—and what did they think would happen if they were caught?

Years of service are meaningless of during those years a government employee becomes so out of touch that they can be used as extensions of criminal conduct by the hands of power in Washington D.C. The moment however long ago that McCabe and Comey allowed themselves to be instruments of manipulation by political power players they made their service to the FBI worthless. They certainly weren’t “serving” the needs of you and I dear reader, they served the instruments of political power which is why they felt justified in attacking the Trump administration with illegally obtained FISA warrants, illegal surveillance, and a network of fake news generation that was born out of their gun control methods of creating negative stories designed to move the political needle. McCabe was one big part of a weaponized FBI that was only stopped because of an election. If the election had not worked then many Americans would have been forced to entrench themselves in their homes with the Second Amendment as their last line of defense against an out of control government. Because as the FBI was under Comey and McCabe, it was clearly abusive, weaponized, and dangerous. The firing of Andrew McCabe felt good because it showed everyone that justice wasn’t out of the question for such abuses restoring some confidence that our system of checks and balances still work. Which was something that everyone who pays attention to such things needed to see.

Rich Hoffman

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