Ending the Mueller Investigation: What it was ever about and what a waste

It’s easier for me to say these days than when the shoe was on the other foot. There is always a degree of hurt feelings when a political aspect of our culture is on the losing end. When people pointed out that Obama was associated with radical Islam, American terrorists, and that he had birth certificate problems, those were all true—yet the presidency itself was respected as a priority. I hated Obama not for any other reason than that his political foundations where harmful to the type of America that I related to. So to some extent I understand the resistance to Donald Trump’s presidency from supporters of a more liberal America. With that said it is important that people from all sides of the argument understand that the Robert Mueller investigation into Russian manipulations of the 2016 election are purely political and have no basis in reality. Not even to the extent that people from my side thought Barack Obama wasn’t born in the United States. Even after eight years of the Obama presidency there are still lots of things to doubt about the former president’s past and whether or not he should have ever been president to begin with. There is even less to the story of Donald Trump’s validity to that high office for which the Mueller investigation was only designed to create doubt and pressure on the incoming administration to look the other way from all the crimes committed by the DOJ in those final Obama years.

People like James Comey, Andy McCabe and Robert Mueller live in that Washington D.C. bubble which those of us on the outside hate so much. They are the institutionalists who have formed their own morality within the context of Beltway politics and like Hillary Clinton share a view of the world that is not rooted in reality—but in the rules of the government employment game. There is a sense of entitlement that they develop with each day of their careers where they assume that the work they are doing is special and they have some greater service to the mysteries of the universe the rest of us aren’t aware of. And they believe it down to the last cell in their bodies. With that understanding when half the country such as myself realizes that people like this with overly paid government salaries have entrenched themselves in our government and need to be removed, we elected a guy like Donald Trump who had going in a reputation of firing people. If there was one thing that made Trump into a celebrity before he ran for office it was the term, “you’re fired.” It should come as no surprise that the new president would fire lots of people. That’s why we voted him into office, because we grew tired of the Washington D.C. types like Comey and McCabe who functioned from their own brand of morality.

From the beginning the plan that Comey and McCabe had to preserve their control of the FBI as a fourth branch of government ran by unelected bureaucrats was to use the threat of a special counsel investigation to keep their jobs in the new administration and to keep the Executive Branch always looking over their shoulder as a means of control. Personally, I have the background as an employer so when I provide these little words of wisdom there are foundations to my opinions that are rooted in reality. As an employer presently, I have hired many hundreds of people over the years and fired a lot more than seems necessary. But the call is mine to make for the sake of the enterprises I’m responsible for. In that regard I’ve seen and heard every excuse possible that an employee of some kind will make in defense of their own perception of their work. A few weeks ago, I had to terminate an employee who clearly wasn’t working to the level of ambition that I expected and they were stunned to find out. It was a very heart-breaking moment for them, the information was truly devastating. But they had worked up in their minds that they were the greatest thing since sliced bread and why wouldn’t they. After all, they have to look in the mirror every day and like something about what they saw. When they found out that reality had a different opinion it was truly an emotional crisis for them and I’ve had to go through that process now almost as much as the number of people I’ve hired over the many decades that I’ve done that type of work—leading people. But literally just yesterday I had a kid who quit. He walked into my office thinking he had me where he wanted me. He said he found a job with more money attached and that he was quitting. He also said that there are other people thinking of doing the same thing. Obviously, he was looking to use the fear of losing a significant number of people as leverage to demand more money out of me. Well, that’s not how it works with me. My reputation is such that there are a lot of people in the world who want to work for me because the benefits far outweigh the draw backs even in a tight economy where low unemployment makes recruiting challenging. My response to the kid was, good luck. See ya later. I’ll have a replacement for him in about five minutes and I always keep myself leveraged in that way to keep any kind of mutiny from unfolding itself at my expense, and any good manager of people would do the same. It helps that I’ve done every kind of job imaginable, so I know when someone is bullshitting me. Understanding the real values for things is the key to not being taken advantage of.

The very first thing Comey did when Trump entered office was let the new president know that the FBI had embarrassing information from that fake dossier which was used to spy on the campaign in Trump Tower. Most people have some embarrassing aspect of their lives that the FBI for years has used as leverage against opinion of their efforts. Trump not coming from a government background, but that similar to mine in the private sector who has employed lots of people over the years, in his case many thousands, knows these tricks all too well. The first thing such behavior is inclined to trigger in Trump is, “what’s this guy up to.” That led Trump to look at Comey deeper and decide he didn’t want the guy running his FBI agency. Yet Comey thought that might be a problem so he came up with the threat of a special counsel investigation to not only protect himself from Trump but also people like Andrew McCabe. Just like that kid I mentioned who wanted to quit by suggesting that other people would follow if I didn’t do this or that, Comey intended to use the threat of embarrassing information to control the White House. Yet Trump wasn’t going to play that game which is why we elected him in the first place. Whether it was true or not, no American president wanted the distraction of a phony investigation looming over their every action which is why Comey was leaking information to the press, so that he could trigger an investigation if his employment was terminated. Upon meeting Trump for the first time Comey realized he was in danger so he started the path toward the special prosecution we know today as the Mueller investigation.

Robert Mueller was simply commissioned to make life tough on the president if he insisted on making terminations to key Beltway positions. And the point of that commission was always to keep eyes from looking at the real crimes the FBI had actually committed in propping up Hillary Clinton and seeking to destroy Donald Trump in an American election. The blame was passed along to the hapless Russians who have the economic power of a child’s lemonade stand. But most people don’t know that—leaving people likely to believe in some FBI accusation. However, Trump never capitulated and supporters like us never believed what the FBI was saying because this is actually why we elected Trump to begin with. We want McCabe and Comey fired—as well as many others. There are plenty of people who want to work in those jobs and the great myth is that there isn’t anything special about people like Robert Mueller. I have a cat who could probably be more successful at an investigation than what he offers. The Russian investigation was always only supposed to be a distraction to keep the incoming president on his heels while the Deep State kept their pensions—and its as simple as that. Only it hasn’t worked, and there will be many more who will lose their jobs because that is the key to solving so many Beltway problems.

Government positions had become radicalized and empowered over many years to allow people like Comey to develop a morality specific to their culture. And that has created a double standard in criminal behavior that revealed itself during the 2016 election to a majority of Americans. The same FBI that prosecuted Martha Stewart for lying to the FBI then lied often to the American public to lay cover for a liberal presidential candidate. Even though the FBI may not have liked everything about Hillary Clinton they knew she was clueless enough to keep their employment culture intact so they made a decision to support her and to work against Donald Trump in every way possible to preserve their workplace culture. And that’s all the Robert Mueller investigation was ever going to be—a weight around the neck of the White House to keep bad people in jobs where they should be fired. In that regard the claims to ending the investigation have long matured. It’s a nothing case which is wasting millions of dollars to essentially overthrow an election in favor of the Democrats, and its their last real hope at maintaining power. No matter how anybody slices it, just by the act of the investigation they are doing far more harm to the American election process than the Russians could ever hope to. And as we speak that is coming unraveled by the moment revealing even more criminal conduct than any logical person would have ever imagined made possible with the election of a business guy who understands the real value of employment unlike anybody else who has ever been in the White House. And it’s about time.

Rich Hoffman

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