A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: The new toy Millennium Falcon, Star Wars land in Orlando, Trump, and resolving cognitive dissidence

I understand why President Trump is frustrated with the negative slant of all media coverage, the kind of America he is trying to resurrect is a lot like the one I used to watch on The Wonderful World of Disney shows that came on every Sunday night when I was a kid, of which my favorites were the World of Tomorrow episodes. I am an extremely positive person—the world could literally be on fire and the demons of hell decapitating people in the streets with no hope for anyone anywhere and I’d find something positive to attribute to it. And I would attribute that to Walt Disney and how open I was to his message very early in my life. But when it comes to dealing with other people, I am quick to get rid of people in my life who are not positive people—who drag on a culture and I think Trump is a person of the same type of mind—a very positive person who wants to share with America that same sentiment. Yet when you are a president of everyone, even those who hate you, it can be a real challenge.

I see hope everywhere I look however, as dire as things may seem at the time. For instance, I don’t see in people’s addictions to cell phones as being a major problem. I see an education system that is not aligned with the needs of modern people—which because of that villain John Dewey attempted to instruct children into the merits of collectivism instead of individualism. Technology, especially phone apps and computer games are all about re-centering the individual needs to its consumers and that puts most people into a schizophrenic relationship with themselves. They have this very negative self that is against their individual tastes which measures everything against the values of the group, then there are the natural needs of the individual that are always crying for attention. I most recently saw this in the movie reviews of the new Tomb Raider film where reviews where pretty negative but the film itself was quite a crowd pleaser. The duality that we see in the media and in politics is a short-term aspect of a society reclaiming itself and the world of tomorrow is shaping up to be quite extraordinary. To that observation I have to turn once again to what we are seeing from Disney’s Star Wars franchise. I’m not talking about the progressive board of directors’ approach of appeasing all their gay creative talent with left winged sentiment, but the old hooks into ancient mythology and the most creative aspects of human achievement that comes out in each new project.

I’ll admit that I am very excited about the new movie, Solo: A Star Wars Story which comes out in May of 2018. I’ve long talked about my love of The Millennium Falcon as a movie icon that I relate a lot with. In this new movie The Millennium Falcon is a much younger ship than the one from the classic series and it has a new design to the front of it that I find very interesting. Recently at the New York Toy Fair Hasbro released a lot of the new toys for the new Solo film and I found myself enchanted with the new Millennium Falcon toy, which I will surely get the moment I can get my hands on it. I just recently spent the weekend playing Star Wars figures with my grandkids and we had a great time. They love playing with my collection of Star Wars toys and I enjoy sharing that experience with them. And with each new movie is a chance to communicate with those kids something new and exciting, so I really enjoy the positive energy of Star Wars products because they are very classical in how Wal Disney thought of things. I really think the love of the Millennium Falcon that people have for it will greatly influence real spaceship design over the next several decades and these toys are creating in the minds of so many people young and old alike new engineers that aren’t nearly as stuffy as the older generation. The same day that I was watching footage of the New York toy show I had hired a really sharp engineer for a project I have been working on. The kid had a master’s and was wanting to go further but he had no pretentious aspect to himself. He was just sharp and in love with engineering. He is very much a product of these modern Star Wars influences. He loves to solve problems and young kids like him are the kind of geeks that have Millennium Falcons all over their work cubicles. They are the kind of kids who wear t-shirts saying, “My other vehicle is The Millennium Falcon,” as they show up to work in a piece of junk car. Even though they are paid well and could afford a Corvette, they could care less about impressing members of the opposite sex, the way people did thirty years ago. They save all their money for Jabba’s Sail Barge, also shown at the same toy fair. And to be honest, I may buy one myself—because its pretty damn cool.

I see people of today accelerating in the kinds of things they want to learn much, much faster—much faster than the media can keep up with. In some ways people are dumber—socially, and politically. But individually, they are asking questions of the world around them that has never before occurred, and a lot of it has to do with the astonishing exposure they are getting from their movies, home streamed video content, personal communication devices, the Internet and of course movies. The motion picture industry as a whole is collapsing, and it really can’t be saved at this point. The future is very much what Disney is doing where a two-hour movie introduces content that plays out over multiple platforms, books, comics, television shows, and video games—toys, etc. But the real product is in generating imaginative cognitive essence—the ability to think creatively, like children do but were taught against over the last four decades of public education.

Right after the New York Toy Fair Disney released drone footage of their new Star Wars lands in Orlando and California. To have a place like that where people can go and play out a fantasy of thought against the illusion of reality is really a work of art for cognitive dissidence. The negativism that the Trump administration is at war with will work itself out I think over the next ten years and things like the opening of that Star Wars land in the Disney parks will take giant steps in launching humanity toward a new phase of development. Playing with Star Wars toys for me was very important when I was a kid—it really launched my imagination into a place that helps me every single day of my current life. Having a great attitude about life and always finding something positive about it combined with a boundless imagination has given me a great life and lets me share that with other people. But playing with my grandkids with all the tools I’ve had combined with the ones they have which are new, and I see something really special happening. What a simple toy can do to the imagination can’t be understated, and the desire to play with that toy as a young person comes from these movies and video games. But also, to walk around and interact in those actual environments is bound to unlock potential that we never thought possible as human beings.

The conflicts of today will not be the conflicts of tomorrow. The bra-burning feminists, the gay rights cries to make everyone into a rainbow, and the fights between liberalism and conservatism will fall away to this next age. Our thoughts and imaginations are inventing tomorrow right before our eyes and the story of our species is being written fast. So fast that no newspaper or television company in the world has managed to get their arms around the true potential. But I see that glimmer of hope and potential in the simplest things, like that new Millennium Falcon toy shown at the Hasbro booth. In the methods of play, even as adults, we work out complicated problems, and the most intelligent people I have come to know in some of the advanced technical fields are the types of people who would much rather watch footage from the New York Toy Fair than to watch video porn of some people having sex. The toys are much more exciting and in that realizing, there is great hope for our future—if we can just last long enough to get there.

Rich Hoffman

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