The Death Penalty for Drug Dealers: Why its a good idea with historical context to illustrate the need

For some reason President Trump’s idea that some drug dealers should be given the death penalty is controversial. I’d say that the fact there is even controversy regarding that statement shows just how much damage has been done to the moral fabric of our society. Without question drug dealers should be given the death penalty. I’d even go so far beyond Trump’s statement to say “most.” Anyone who peddles mind altering substances, legal or illegal, is killing people. The death may not be fast like it would be with a gun or by running someone over with a car, but the death is certainly on the accelerated trajectory of a life toward a premature end with the consumption of mind altering substances. It doesn’t even have to be drugs, it could be said that a poor education does the same thing—anything that limits the mental ability of a human brain I would put in the category of acting as an agent of death—and subject to the death penalty. Why the death penalty, and not something less severe—well, there isn’t space in jails and nobody really wants to put money into an incarceration system that holds these losers, so we should just kill them. Why not? If they are worthless people to society and show themselves irredeemable because they intended to poison the people of our civilization, then why should we not rid ourselves of those parasites? If rabbits are eating the crops of our garden, we shoot them. If a snake enters our homes and slithers its way into our beds, we kill it. So if a drug dealer seeks to corrupt the minds of our people—we should treat them the same way. It’s perfectly logical. Parasitic entities do not deserve consideration and it is up to the quality of our fully functioning minds to make such judgments.

Many in the legal community of orthodox political banter immediately criticized Trump’s plan by declaring that we must hire even more government workers to process all these criminals. Think of all the additional appeals hearings that will have to be implemented if the death penalty is added to drug incarcerations, they’d say. But they are thinking incorrectly on the matter and assuming that more government is the answer, as they always do in reflections about their own employment relationship with society. Instead we are merely talking about enforcing many of the laws that are already on the books in a lot of cases. Like the case of the sanctuary city situations where lack of law enforcement is blamed on a lack of resources, the assumption is that death penalty cases will require more government employees just to process all the necessities of incidents.

However if the $30,000 to $50,000 per year for each additional prisoner that a lot of these drug related incarcerations add to our tax burdens were wiped away with clean jail cells serving not as homes for complete losers over a time span of 10 to 20 years only to be ruined within the correction institutions and no good to society for the rest of their lives, then think how much money could be then transferred over into the prosecution of these cases. Not only would we save room in our jail cells where we must feed these inmates for most of their lives, but we could really get the bad guys off the streets where they are doing irreparable harm to the future of our society.

Liberals on this issue remind me of how the British used the efforts of the Indian Nation led by Tecumseh around the period of 1811 to halt the efforts of America’s frontiersmen into the Ohio Valley—by using the Indian plight as a cover story for their own protection of the fur trade they were shipping back into Europe. England didn’t want an organized America forming from coast to coast so they inflamed the resistance of the disorganized Indians to fight their battles for them. Of course, the Indians were defeated and America prospered to one of the greatest nations the earth has ever seen. For drug dealers who make their livings poisoning America’s population, the Mexican government is quite happy to let it occur. In fact, most of the socialist countries around the world from Venezuela to China are quietly rooting for America’s people to rot themselves into such a depleted state intellectually that they will then be easy to conquer giving their left leaning societies a renewed advantage among the countries of zombie thought collectivism. Mexico relies on two things for their economy, American tourism and the drug money that flows through their political system from drug sales in the states.

Major drug dealers in Mexico that many consider untouchable because no court in the world would dare to prosecute them—because the bribes have literally bought the opinion of the masses to the point where prosecution is impossible—they know they are poisoning the American population and destroying the minds of its people. To them they consider it revenge for Western Expansion, for the Spanish-American wars which took place all during the 1800s culminating in the Marxist Revolution between 1911 and 1917. Like the Indians of Tecumseh who lost their land to the frontiersman of America these societies of collectivism seek revenge and the issue then comes down to which political philosophy is correct in their foundational thoughts. Well, if you are an American you must choose, you can’t have it both ways and turning to drugs to take the pressure off won’t solve the problem.

The forces of evil—(blind collectivism of the ancient tribal natures) are using every trick in the book, political pressure, confusing national dialogue, guilt, sex, intoxicating relief of all the said pressures of existence, to seduce good people into turning to villainy so to advance their own insurrection against the creation of The United States. So it is quite relevant to look at the behavior of the drug dealer and consider their actions a war crime—because in every category of definition, it is. Sure people have a right to do what they want, if they want to get stoned and ruin their minds as individuals, there really isn’t anything that can stop them from doing those terrible things. But as a society of rules, a nation has every right to define what it’s values are so that the potential of individualism can best be unlocked for the ultimate gains of nation building. Everyone benefits when a society is working properly and for that to happen intelligence must be a high priority—which it presently isn’t in America. The opioid crises in America is the obvious byproduct of the greater symptom.

Under my definition anything that attacks the human mind purposely is essentially seeking to kill the human being the mind occupies. Without intelligent thought, a person is really as good as dead anyway. Living a valueless existence isn’t living—its just taking up space and resources from those who do want a shot at a good life. Criminals who seek to ruin the lives of others shouldn’t just be locked up, they should be killed. After all, liberals are all for abortion, even late-term killings of babies for the benefit of the mother’s life—for her right to not be chained to a child to raise. So why would they insist on giving dangerous drug dealers a second chance to kill our people in many different ways over the course of a lifetime? Because they want these drug dealers to end America and to turn the land of our nation back to the collectivist hoards of yesteryear, the Indians, the Marxists of Mexico and the European continent representing itself in modern-day Canada. They all want revenge for the wars that were won in America against their efforts and if they can’t do it by force, they’ll do it through the minds of our youth. And so far, they are succeeding. So, let’s kill the drug dealers and restore America to an intelligent nation. I see nothing controversial about protecting value with force and wiping away villains forever when the opportunity arises. And the definition for villain in this context is anybody, anywhere, who intends to diminish the mind of another human being into a continued declining state. That to me is the worst crime that there is, even worse than the fast kill of murder. Slowly killing somebody with drugs is still killing them—but a lot more damage gets done during the process, which makes these situations far more dangerous.

And if anybody wants help killing these drug dealers, small and large alike—I will volunteer in less than a second. There is nothing I despise more on earth than a drug dealer, except for maybe a human trafficker. I am all for treating those types of people with very harsh realities—specifically a death penalty.

Rich Hoffman
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