The Trouble with Troubled Youth: Shootings at Great Mills High School and the Austin bomber are just the start

As I have been warning for quite some time, and it is certainly culminating now, young males, especially white young males—are on a directionless rampage due to terrible upbringings and improper personal philosophy taught to them during their public education process. Austin Rollins before school started on March 20th of 2018 at Great Mills High School in Maryland, just south of Washington D.C. shot a poor young 16-year-old girl in the face along with a 14-year-old boy in the leg. Likely the situation was a romantic spat which has happened in every high school across the country for generations—only these days where kids play video games like Grand Theft Auto and watch movies like The Hateful Eight after being taught that reality is based on feelings and that nobody is really at fault for anything, take those raw emotions to terror all too quickly now. And violence is becoming the norm. Fortunately, this school shooting at Great Mills wasn’t a big story on the news because a good guy with a gun, a resource officer was at the scene within 60 seconds to exchange gunfire with Rollins killing the kid—and ending the angry rampage.

Yet the lead story of the day was the mysterious bomber in Austin, Texas who had been creating terror around the capital city for several days. Shortly after a 5th bomb was discovered police found the 23-year-old Mark Conditt in his car and moved in to make an arrest. That’s when the kid blew himself up. After literally picking through the pieces of the young terrorist they could at least identify that he also was a young white male. The motives are yet unknown but what we can say with certainty is that what we are seeing is just the tip of the iceberg, there are some very disturbed young people functioning in our society and they are looking to place blame on the greater tapestry of our civilization for their problems. Where past young people may have had a fight with another student in a parking lot or found some other way to discharge the energy of a rivalry through sports, or even within their domestic families, these modern young people are open soars that liberalism has continued to poke and prod to breaking points. Most young people do not turn out to be mass murders and terrorists, but a predictable amount do get left behind and those tend to be the type of kids who are committing all these acts of violence.

The recent liberal crusade of directing anger at white males specifically hasn’t been a good strategy. The idea of chasing white privilege has only sent to young people this idea that they are being reverse discriminated against. While the idea of fairness, of promoting cultures within the United States from backgrounds that haven’t been so fortunate may seem to have merit, the downside is that it has been at the expense of a race of people—whites. Through historical context white cultures have had a tendency to dominate other cultures and so success through lineage has been something that whites have enjoyed. But it’s not the fault of young white kids that they were born white just as it isn’t the fault of a young Asian kid, or a black kid that they have a skin color that is different. Yet public schools and society in general has promoted this idea that there will be social justice in the future and if you are a white male, that the future doesn’t look like there will be many opportunities for them. There is a cost associated with taking away hope from anybody, white, black, red, brown or yellow—all people want a chance to have some sense of the American dream—which is why they came to America in the first place. But the big government fairness approach to build up bloc voting patterns has been disastrous, and public schools seeking copious amounts of school funding have played along pushing white males to the side and promoting other demographic types to the front of the line creating even more artificial anxiety than there was before.

That is why I have been proposing more guns in not only schools, but in the general public. We are facing as a civilization a massive erosion of values and an onslaught of young people who have been pampered beyond recognition, raised largely in daycare facilities since they were two and three years of age. Few people really loved them as they were growing up. Like most children they all started with big ideas and lots of questions but during those formative years of 1 to 8 years old they’d ask the adults of their life questions and what they got back was “I’m too tired,” “or leave me alone and go play in your room.” That’s when kids stop asking and expecting to do great things in the world and they begin the process of compromising their existence to the hopelessness they see around them. The teachers are often too radical to take a personal interest in kids, the parents are too busy and out of touch themselves, the media is hyped up on everything panic driven and neurotic, and religion has been watered down to be valueless. Once you toss in the influences of puberty, where young kids with all their young hopes and dreams realize that everything they were ever meant to be was to simply breed, then fade away into old age that sense of hopelessness can be overwhelming and young people like this Rollins kid or the Austin bomber take some action against that hopelessness.

Most young people simply accept that the expectations they may have had as young kids was the flight of fancy from being a baby—that didn’t know the limits that the world would impose on them later. I again would argue that many of those limits are philosophical, they are artificially created by our modern politics for purely political reasons—but there are real consequences to that kind of activity. And we are seeing the results of those failures. It’s too late of course to change direction too quickly now. We are stuck with this mess for several decades to come. Even if we made a major shift in the way we deal with our youth we wouldn’t see the positive results as a culture until halfway to the next century, because it takes a long time to change cultural behavioral patterns. 50 years isn’t long in relation to the many thousands that humans have done their work in the world but compared to the shallow waters of today’s historical perspective, 50 years is an eternity.

As sad as it may be, we must have more open carry of firearms to frustrate the rampages of our modern disturbed youth. The danger can come from any direction—any race or background. Likely it will be males that will create the trouble since violence is not typically associated with females. But with half the population having males, there are plenty of dangers now that the emotions of several hopeless generations have been stirred inducing violence on a scale we’ve never seen in the world. And its only going to get worse. That’s why we must come to terms on how we will deal with that onslaught of violence. Hopefully the open carry guns in society may minimize it, and at worst, prevent mass carnage. But we are facing a major problem that no law in the world can alleviate. The problem is very epistemological and that can only be fixed at the foundations of human thought—and to go back to the family first drawing board where troubled youth are dealt with before they become a menace to society.

Rich Hoffman

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