Joe Biden and the Nature of Gun Control: The mobs of March for our Lives

As we prepare for the March for Our Lives event across the country where students inspired by their radical public educations are demanding gun control—Joe Biden said again at Miami University, Florida that he wanted to beat up Donald Trump. As we all know most of the mass shooters in America are left leaning political activists, CLICK HERE FOR REVIEW. This is because it is the political left who are the collectivists and require submission to their group think—and the way they enforce that need for their philosophy is through force. If they cannot inspire violence and thus fear of what might happen to people who don’t join their group, they are powerless. That is why the political left wants gun control and also why they have pushed the March for Our Lives events. It is also why Joe Biden feels he needs to rally the Democratic base with threats of violence against the current President. Trump’s response to Biden was appropriate understanding the real motivations. The way to beat collectivists is to take away the threats and to force them to debate the ethics of a situation—for which they are always at a disadvantage.

The gun debate isn’t a debate at all, it’s an essential philosophy of freedom to live one’s life outside of group pressures. To own a gun is to have the ability to stand against a mob who expects through a democracy to alter our lives against our individual wills. So it is ironic that leftist progressives are advocating marching against guns because it is just such mobs that the guns are intended to protect American civilization from. If a horde of people arrives at your theoretical doorstep at some future time demanding milk, cows, a bed, or even your spouse and children, you must have some means of fighting them off. If one of their leaders happens to be in congress at the time, or the White House, then they will expect to bend the laws of the land to their efforts, and we would all be defenseless at that point to the intentions of the democratic mob.

The assumption is that majorities rule in spite of the intelligence involved. As the rules of mobs go it doesn’t matter if the contents of the mob have an IQ of “0.” What does matter to them is the amount of people in the mob. So if there are thousands of people in the mob the belief is that there is intelligence there which surpasses the individual intelligence of any single person. Quantity matters, not quality—which is the biggest problem of any democracy and why all democracies taken at their face value lead to periods of anarchy only to reset society much later with a devolution back to theocracy. Joe Biden reminded us this past week what the real juice behind their movement is, the threat of violence if things don’t go as Democrats want. They want essentially gun control so that they can have a chance to take people behind the woodshed and beat them into submission. That is the way of the Democrats—it always has been and continues to this day.

Speaking personally, I love to fight—I have all my life. I’ve never been for anything that groups enjoy doing—I have always been happiest on the fringes of social thinking. It just so happens that more of my personal philosophies are at play with Donald Trump in the White House, but it’s usually not that way. I never liked public education because I quickly realized that the whole point of it was to assimilate kids into group think. I never liked college because it wasn’t about learning, but in learning how not to think—or to put it more accurately how to think what the group wants, not necessarily what’s correct. I’ve been involved in all kinds of unique situations and what they all have in common is a love of fighting bullies who try to impose group think on other people. I personally love fighting people like Joe Biden as I meet them. I enjoy driving them into the ground as far as they can go, because I have an obvious dislike for their core characters. People like me will never yield to the pressures of a group—I don’t care if there are 20 million people outside my home chanting toward me to think a certain way. It will never, ever happen.

When people tell you that you must change because a majority of the people here and there think this way or that way, they are essentially declaring war against your individual thoughts. And to me that is a major assault that is something that merits defense by the gun. There are obviously thousands of steps to exercise peacefully first, but ultimately if the other side threatens death or else, you have to be able to respond. Collectivists all essentially believe the same thing, that what’s best for the majority is best for society. The measure is never what the quality of thoughts are for the masses—for instance if the collective associations are all idiots, the merit of the group is still considered by Democrats to be superior—which is the ultimate mistake. If you are a good person, and you work to have a proper—thinking mind—why should I or anybody change that to the whims of stupidity just because the stupid outnumber the intelligent? That would be a disgrace to the human species as a whole. In the nature of human beings, it is the single sperm out of thousands that penetrates the egg during conception where life begins. All the other little sperms that don’t break the circumference of the egg don’t get a consolation prize. They just don’t get the opportunity to make a living being. The same is said about the single person defending their individual rights with a gun pointed toward the masses. The masses are not superior to the individual. They are not correct because there are more of them. And they don’t have a right to enforce violence against others to drive home their theft of intelligence.

Joe Biden said it not just once now, but twice. As a spokesman for his party he is articulating the basic essence of his Democratic Party. All for one, one for all—and if you don’t follow us, we’ll beat you up. Well, finally we have a president in Donald Trump who is willing to fight back against such threats and I’m glad, because it saves me the wasted time in doing it myself. Because there will never be a time where I surrender to any Democrat—anything. They can think what they want, but I am not compelled to follow them, and neither are you dear reader. Yet without that threat against us, they have nothing. They want to believe that by taking guns we won’t have the option to stand against them in the future, so they have used these children taught in our public schools as weapons against us. But it doesn’t matter. A mob is a mob and they don’t have a right to stamp out intelligence just for an adherence to their political ideology due to a lack of other options. They desire to destroy the options so that the masses have nowhere to turn but to the mob—and that is how they plan to always acquire power and how to keep it—which isn’t acceptable.

Rich Hoffman

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