Idiots on Parade: Coverage of the anti-gun March for Our Lives losers

Infowars did a great job of covering the Austin March for Our Lives event on Saturday March 24th 2018. The evidence is quite obvious regarding the quality of the character of the type of people in the anti-gun movement. It’s important to study them so we can take the next steps. Watch these videos and share.

Rich Hoffman
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There’s Nothing Special about the March for Our Lives Kids: They are tomorrow’s domestic enemies

I keep hearing how special these gun control activists are who protested in the many March for Our Lives rallies across the county—as if this were the issue of their day—that they were the future voters who were going to change it all. There is nothing special about these kids. They have been trained to execute a military objective as designed by the political left. They have been taught with our tax money in public schools to lash out at American society’s 2nd Amendment in the same way that we used to send kids off to war in Vietnam, Korea, and World War II. Over the years we have purposely stunted their growth in many ways to make it appear amazing that such young people would have such articulate thoughts on some social issue, but in reality, most people reach their peak years at the age of 15 and most of the adults herding these kids on television and around society in general are in the same condition. These kids are at their peak years physically and intellectually and they have been trained for this new war since the day they were born. The only people proud of their antics are the Frankenstein creators on the political left who are rejoicing at the little monsters they’ve made the way a mother goes crazy the first time their little babies shit on themselves—“oh look, they are alive. Isn’t that precious.”

What I see as I listened to the many speeches on Saturday, March 24 2018 are a bunch of future zombies who have some distant understanding that they are going to form the same kind of mobs to go to each of our homes in the future looking for food, shelter, violence. I see in them not the gangs in the streets that might be seen in big cities like Los Angeles, Chicago, or Detroit, but the young menaces from The Clockwork Orange prone to violence from years of playing Grand Theft Auto and watching society disarm themselves so that everyone is easy pickings and at the mercy of any mob. That is after all what kids do learn in public school—how to create mobs against those for which they disagree.

In the future of these very same young people will be an economy that will leave them behind. Being taught socialism and demanding high wages for simply existing, those entry-level jobs that were always there for you and I dear reader won’t be present. Robots will replace those positions because too many young people will have insisted on making $15 per hour that fast food chains looking to keep their margins and a steady workforce will replace those workers with automation—so there will be many such jobs that simply will not be staffed by a living person—because too many of them will have made themselves unemployable. So where will these youth, trained in violence and mob relations go to get their money? Well, they are going to rob it.

What is to stop an angry mob of young people from gathering in suburban neighborhoods just as they did for March for Our Lives and instead of asking for gun control, demanding all the food we have, or our electricity. Or even a spare room with an online connection so that they can play their video games? Already when adults live in areas of high concentrations of youth car break-ins are common, sharp words in the streets are frequent, and toilet paper hanging from porches due to vandalism are expected. Young, untested and with what they think are their entire lives ahead of them—young people can go from America’s most valuable asset to an internal villain that is a domestic threat to the Constitution of the United States in just a few short years. Their minds lack depth of knowledge so they have no context to reality—all they know is what they’ve been taught which in this case is leftist radicalism. It’s no miracle that they gathered to protest guns, it’s simply act one of a military strategy imposed by domestic terrorists hungry to overthrow the United States and reunite it with Europe after 200 years of jealous empathy. The only way that can happen and all of America’s enemies know it is to disarm that free country so that the youth can do what the armies of the world could not.

Yes they will be motivated to do so, the young people with many lost opportunities are coming into a world riddled with debt. They have no reason to work since home ownership and even having a car are no longer their prime objectives. They haven’t been encouraged to marry and start their own families and to put up a white picket fence to call their own. There is literally nothing for them to sink roots into intellectually. The only thing that they really care about are their video games and their cell phones, both of which change constantly. A video game played today will be considered old and outdated in just two years, and the same can be said for their phone apps and their Facebook friends which they invest far more into than real people. Take away opportunity, take away morality, and take away the guns of a society and what we end up with are a pack of wolves looking to take everything that America has built-in value over the centuries and leaving it a husk in ruin. Look at places like Venezuela, or even Detroit where hopeless youth with no future at all roam the streets raping and pillaging innocent people and you can see the future of America without guns. It’s what the political left wants, the Steven Spielberg’s, the George Clooney types, the little Arianda Grande chicks—what’s to keep her from licking all the donates at the local grocery in a world without guns? She has been known to do that—the answer is nothing. Even though it may appear to be a little thing, the ability to destroy property and terrorize individuals who are not associated with the latest mob goes completely unchecked and what may appear to be a civilized society today becomes a mob infested landscape overnight.

This future can be seen in any teenage infested house when the parents go for a vacation and leave the home to the youth. We’ve all seen what they do to it—the children have a house party where half the school shows up to destroy the dwelling slowly with malicious sex in the beds of the parents, every room fills with cigarette smoke and the side rooms become drug induced hells as the history of the house that raised that child is ceremoniously destroyed to initiate the youth into the welcomed arms of the mob. The parents halfway know that something like these parties will occur, they feel they need to sacrifice their assets to putting their children into the acceptance of group rebellion—so they go on vacation, do their duty and tell the young people not to have a party, and the moment the plane leaves the tarmac at the airport, malicious young people are in the home taking it over—pissing on the carpet, going through all the treasures of the family in their private places, and otherwise showing complete disrespect for everything the owners of the home worked their entire lives for. The whole “let’s party” idea wasn’t a creation of capitalism, it came from communist run Russia and was injected into American culture by KGB agents looking to infect the education system in the United States with a slow, controlled destruction from the inside out. Fifty years after the radical events of the 1960s the political left have their army and they are on the march for our guns, so that the next step is the overthrow of everything our nation has built, just like we see in a typical house party. The notion of such parties is never good, only a domination of the house culture to the whims of the mob.

When the question was asked many times over the course of the Fight for Our Lives event that we are supposed to care about the lives of these little menaces so much we are supposed to give up our guns. Well, speaking honestly, I don’t care about those young lives, they are likely the people I’m going to have to fight in the future. I can’t say that I honestly want to help them along to be able to gather in such a way where I have to fight them, because that is the only option for me. If I see a couple of dopy teenagers walking in front of my house I find some means to run them off, and they don’t get the point if you ask nicely. They may have the potential to be the next great mind in society, but if they are demanding our guns, and thus the things those guns protect, they will be useless to me in a social context. Hurt them now or hurt them later, regardless, they will be hurt if I have to make a decision between my personal assets or their life.

I raised two girls who suffered all the pressures of public school culture. And we never had an unsupervised house party for them—never. In fact, I did everything in my power—which was considerable—to keep them from making those mistakes just to be tossed into the category of “cool kids.” Now that they are grown up those pressures are no longer part of their lives as they are now mature, but when they were teenagers the peer pressure for group acceptance was incredible and to be a cool parent you were expected to yield to the wants of the mob. The same sweet kids who just a few years prior would come to your kid’s birthday parties with Smurf themes or some other cute pop culture reference now wanted to bring games from Spencer’s gifts selling adult sex toys and to dirty up your children with illicit sex practices and mind-altering substances. And as a parent we were expected to just go along to get along. If we let the mob into our homes to molest our children we’d be spared the eggs thrown at our cars and the cat calls from the streets. Well, I never yielded to those pressures then, and I certainly won’t now. Speaking for myself if a mob of young people show up in my neighborhood, they will be met with great force—and they won’t know what hit them. They’ll wish that life was so simple as it was in the days where each home was protected by the Second Amendment, because if they change the rules through future elections and expect people like me to go along with it—they have another thing coming.

Rich Hoffman

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