Idiots on Parade: Coverage of the anti-gun March for Our Lives losers

Infowars did a great job of covering the Austin March for Our Lives event on Saturday March 24th 2018. The evidence is quite obvious regarding the quality of the character of the type of people in the anti-gun movement. It’s important to study them so we can take the next steps. Watch these videos and share.

Rich Hoffman
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4 thoughts on “Idiots on Parade: Coverage of the anti-gun March for Our Lives losers

  1. This reminds me of the organized anti American marches and demonstrations organized by high level Communists. In the 1960’s the college campus’ were hotbeds of Communist activities. This led to the Kent State shooting by the National Guard. The SDS and other leftist led organizations used the students. I have copies of the minutes of House of Represenative committee hearings where testimony reveals activists going to high schools in the Columbus area recruiting students as activists against the government. Eventually cities burned because ignorance was used to incite people into a frenzy of demands. Lyndon Johnson pulled out of running for president because of riots and hatred spread by Communists led by the “Chicago Seven.” They were tried, but nothing changed their agenda. Obama’s dear friend Bill Ayers, who writes school curriculum, is still actively working to “change” our way of life. Many of the marchers in this video looked like aged hippies from the sixties. I saw few students. March for our lives is a catchy slogan that was thought up long before the Florida incident.


  2. Bingo! And the whole “for students by students” is a ruse. The adults barking orders and funding here are the same for the pussy woman’s march. Unfortunately the list reads like the encyclopedia of communism in the world.

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  3. I wonder if we will ever live in a world where Communists become stock movie villains and they’ll fight the equivalent of Indiana Jones? As it is now, it seems to be one of the most powerful mind viruses ever.


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