Surrender is Not an Option: I will never give up my guns, not to the Stayin’ Alive Hogg kid, or anybody……

After watching the various speeches from the March for Our Lives rally, especially the one with the “Staying Alive” kid David Hogg there are a few things that need to be said for the health of our country. It is quite obvious that the people behind the rally have in mind a quiet overthrow of the American way of life. They are clearly intent on being insurgents, and speaking for myself, they are attacking the values I have. When they attack the NRA, I see that they are attacking me, personally—and I take offense to that. Now, up to this point, I think most of us can agree that the laws of our nation are something we can generally agree with. With that understanding we live in a commonly peaceful society free of daily concerns, and I think that’s great. If the police pull you over for speeding, you should be cooperative. If they need to look in your back yard for a fugitive, then you should let them have a look. And if they come over to your house because a neighbor complains about your fireworks on the Fourth of July, you should give them some respect—maybe even given them a hot dog from the grill. If protestors like these anti-gun kids have something to say, we should let them have their First Amendment rights. And we should try to be as fair to as many people as possible. I do not see America as a nation of white people with privilege. Every American born in this country no matter what sex, color, or ideology has upward mobility if one chooses to unleash it and that is a very special thing worth protecting. However, the only way to protect that open opportunity world isn’t with any law, its only with the threat of an armed society.

My new concealed carry gun I decided after watching Hogg speak on Saturday March 24th 2018 is going to be a .50 caliber Desert Eagle from Magnum Research. I hope I never have to use it under contentious circumstances, but I’m going to have it just in case because I see a world emerging for which these little socialist insurgents are looking to change my country into something else and they seek to do it by shaming gun owners into giving up the very defense which prevents such a mass revolution within North America. Guns to me are an honorable device which keeps society on the up and up. What David Hogg is attacking in the NRA as a gun lobby group is essentially attacking me, because I support that gun lobby group to protect the basic foundations of American life. Not as a white male of privilege, but as a way to keep America free so that people of all colors and backgrounds can have a chance at the American dream. Without guns in the background of that protection America simply doesn’t exist. And even if Hogg and his youth are successful in changing out politicians I have to remind him that it has been members of the political left who have broken many laws—specifically illegal immigration and drug enforcement that has openly undermined the American society I love so much. So even if Hogg got his way and outlawed all our guns and ammunition I can say quite openly that I will not surrender my guns to anybody anywhere at any time. And I certainly won’t comply with a world led by people like David Hogg. No matter how many their number there is no force in the world that can make me change my mind. I’m smarter than they are, and so are a lot of people and there won’t be an “oh gosh” moment where a guy like me lives under a flag taken over by insurgents where the meanings of America is changed without there being trouble. I could live quite happily as an outlaw, if that’s what they want. They should be careful what they wish for.

Even as a conservative I am not pro police all the time. I think the thin blue line is necessary for a productive society but I dread the day some officer comes to my house the way they did in New Orleans during the Katrina hurricane and demands to confiscate my guns because I’ll have to say no. And when I say no the police will try to assume control over my individuality for which I won’t yield, and there will be trouble. The police will say they are only following orders for which I’ll have to say those orders don’t matter to me because I don’t have faith in the society that gave those orders. If the politicians who gave the orders to the police were put in power by people like the Hogg youth, then I have to say I don’t support that society and will openly go to war with it. That’s what war is after all, its not about complying with laws. A lawful society is one where people generally agree to follow the same common laws, but liberals of today have openly declared that they are not willing to follow the laws of immigration—they insist on breaking the law with sanctuary cities and other acts of defiance. It was even against the law for Rosa Parks to stand against southern white Democrats and the laws they had for segregation. The law that I follow is the one in the Constitution. Any deviation from that Constitution, any attempt to erode it and to take away the Bill of Rights to me indicates the necessity for a war to protect those rights, and in war there is death. And that will be ugly.

In many ways I wrote my book The Tail of the Dragon to lay out this precise case, when the law enforcement community is not representing traditional America what are we to do? The character in that story decided he wasn’t going to be compelled in such a way to surrender blindly to the authority of the state and as an individual he goes to war with the American military complex starting with police officers and ending with the military. I wrote that book to defend my future self in a court of law for when our society finally breaks and I will be forced to choose. With the Trump election I have a hope that I might avoid that future life. However, living under the changed laws of a David Hogg society is not an option. Even if his youth get what they want and change our society and our gun culture the way that liberals have prodded them into attempting, it doesn’t mean that the gun culture is going to just say, “ah, shucks—here you go. Here are all my guns.” The compliance with officers today is only in the context of an understanding that our society still values the Second Amendment. The minute that disappears, which given the actions of the FBI against Trump has indicated, that time has passed. The weapon I choose to carry needs to be able to deal with all the modern challenges, and these little pea shooters with insufficient muzzle velocities won’t cut it.

The essence of my thoughts on the March for Our Lives rally is that I see it as an attack. If they do succeed in voting out representatives put in place by my gun lobby—because I am the NRA—then the violence that follows will be their responsibility. The NRA is there to protect guns which then protect the rule of law as established by the original Constitution. We know why mass school shootings happen, we know why there are problems in modern society, we know who the villains are. And getting rid of guns will not solve those problems. Instead, it will make America more socialist and much less capitalist, and that’s where I draw the line. I’ll obey the laws as they stand today. But if they change tomorrow, and guns were to be made illegal, then I’d decide at that moment that our society based on historical context is headed in the wrong direction and the only way to defend my life and my country is with a gun—in fact—lots of guns. I’d prefer to live in a peaceful life with other people, and I have shown that I can live well even around people who don’t think exactly the way I do. But surrendering my guns isn’t an option for me. I simply won’t do it, and I have no intention on just sitting around and being a victim. If its war they want, then they’ll get it, and I can promise this much, I have no intention on losing under any condition. The only thing that keeps a truly orderly society is a gun to defend yourself from anything the temptations of power might corrupt in our political system. They must fear what you might do with your guns, because in a world not functioning from the laws of man, or a God who granted rights of freedom to those people—there is only the fear of death which keeps bad people in line.

Rich Hoffman

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One thought on “Surrender is Not an Option: I will never give up my guns, not to the Stayin’ Alive Hogg kid, or anybody……

  1. There were about half the amount of people than were with Beck at the Mall. That’s about 250k. That included what was bused in by the communists. (celebrities)
    We are millions and millions and millions. Most of us raised by men who fought for our freedoms. We might be the last generation of children brought up with guns everywhere and a deep respect for them by the time we were walking and ownership of one or two by 8 or 9. That makes us a force multiplier. We aren’t afraid to die as our fathers weren’t.
    There would be hell to pay and way too much bloodshed for these pimples.
    This just does not push any of my buttons for many reasons. Constantly kicked for 8 years will do that. And I know what’s coming eventually. Watching for years the schools change our kids at such a rapid rate, I will be the last generation under this Constitution/BOR. Possibly the one under, me but probably not.


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