The Forces that want to Overthrow America: Mueller’s investigation, Affairs, and Stormy Daniels back fat

I know I’m coming to it late, but my wife and I have been binge watching the television show, The Americans. Its been on my radar for a while and our schedules cleared enough to start watching it. I am completely convinced that the whole idea for the Russian collusion story is because many liberals came up with it after watching that popular show. I am also convinced that the strategy of the deep state was revealed during the racket ball scene during season one between the lead FBI agent and his next-door neighbor, the KGB super spy. Overwhelm your target into making a mistake. Even though the show is fiction mostly, there are realistic elements to it and it only reminded me just how fragile governments can really be. The episode where President Reagan was shot was very interesting because Russia was terrified Alexander Haig was going to step in and take control of the country which of course wasn’t about to happen. The Russians assumed that things would happen in America the way they would in Russia and even though they had lived in the states for many years still couldn’t get the basic concept of how American life worked. Even as they worked really hard to overthrow it at every opportunity. I’ve known about these spies for a long time, I’ve written about them and discussed them on several radio shows, but watching The Americans really shows things in a dramatic way of how fragile things truly are behind the scenes.

Watching how sympathetic the media was to the KGB spies in The Americans and how the FBI operated on that show, it is easy to see how the plot against President Trump was hatched to force him into mistakes, which I think is why he signed that omnibus bill on Friday. I’m certainly not going to apologize for him. We should have had a government shutdown on the issue, but the enemies of our Republic are applying a lot of pressure on him, and he’s making mistakes that he is designed to take. I don’t think there is anybody currently out there better than Trump who could withstand all these forces. At least with Trump, mistakes and all, we can see just how many bad guys there are out there and what they are up to. When Trump was elected he and all his supporters thought they were playing a straight game. Obviously not, the forces already embedded in America were already too deep to fight legitimately through executive orders and populism. As right-thinking Americans, it was all we had to combat the vast tyranny on full display now except for coming to this fight with guns blazing. If Trump can hang on and keep doing his thing we will see improvements, but it won’t be pretty. Let me just say that. I never thought it would, but I am personally surprised that he has held up this long.

The Mueller investigation clearly isn’t about Russian collusion, it’s just a story that the deep state is using to sell their means of overthrowing the American presidency. As I said, the entire story is meant to align with what the public sees on television, shows like The Americans. The truth is far worse. There are many more forces working against American capitalism than what is showed on any television show—the attempted tyranny and the reasons behind it are far more severe, much more so than any Hollywood writer could even begin to put their finger on. To get an idea about that I’d advise you dear reader to read Peter Schweizer’s new book Secret Empires. He’s the guy who wrote Clinton Cash which proved to be way ahead of its time. If you added Secret Empires to the television show The Americans I think you can begin to see what is really going on with the Mueller Investigation. It’s not about truth, justice, and the American way—its about overthrowing capitalism in the world and literally looting off the tax payers to feed these many empires at conflict with each other on the streets of Washington D.C. Most people just want to live their lives, but these many forces at war with the American way of life—many of them are in our FBI, our congressional seats, and in our media and they want an end to all of it—any way possible.

And they really think we are stupid. Think of the absurdity of these controversies with the old Trump girlfriends. I knew when I elected Donald Trump that in the 80s, 90s and early 2000s that he was the very definition of a playboy. If Hugh Hefner was an old man with a collection of many beautiful women to play with—Donald Trump was the living embodiment of that image. It was the main turn-off for me when he first announced that he was running. But I knew fully what I was getting in Donald Trump and I personally think he should say about Karen McDougal that sure, he had an affair that lasted nearly a year and that he screwed her many times in many different ways. Most men, and women surprisingly, would admire and respect him for it—because that’s how people are. Nobody is surprised to learn that Trump has slept with all these women. He was never a choir boy. Trump fully intended to live a James Bond womanizing lifestyle and Melania knew what kind of man he was, and it took her years to calm him down. He had all these girlfriends while she was dating him and even when he finally put a ring on her finger some of those old flames were still burning, and some new flames starting. I’ve met Melania in person and she is a very beautiful woman, and she’s not stupid in any way. She was the one who convinced Trump to marry her and to move her into a golden palace at the top of the New York social world. And now she’s in the White House after being born into a communist country with little opportunity. Don’t cry for Melania, she knows what she’s doing and she makes Trump a much better person. In a lot of ways, I credit her with his presidency. But she’s not going to go to pieces over a bunch of old girlfriends looking for one last shot at the spotlight now that they are too old to pose for Playboy, and nobody cares about them physically any more.

The media is obsessed with Stormy Daniels because like the idiots in The Americans who thought Alexander Haig was going to take over the country after Ronald Reagan was shot think that the Christian conservatives will move away from Trump if they find out he has slept with all these women. Nobody cares. We all stopped caring about those kinds of things after Bill Clinton was in office. What made Slick Willy such a bad person was that he lied about it. Trump at least indicates that he isn’t living under the weight of shame. That gives him a fighting chance to withstand all these opposing forces. But the media, these are the same people pushing same-sex marriage, loose sex and a life of no judgments, yet they fully expect the Stormy Daniels story to sink Trump. If Trump is ashamed of anything regarding Daniels it’s that she is too fat of a girl to brag about. Looking at her with the lights on and the cameras at full aperture Trump would probably like to forget about that one. But it’s not for the reasons that the media hopes to catch him on. She’s just over his preferred weight class.

We are witnessing at every front a country of insurgents who work in trusted positions at all levels of our social classes to overthrow our nation in favor of something else. They want gun control so we can’t shoot them when they break down our doors once they’ve bankrupted our country for everything that could be sold, and they’ll be looking for the last scraps of food at such a time not caring at all for our wellness. They have already sold us out and now that the heat is on in their direction too, they are making their share of mistakes as well. Trump isn’t the only one screwing up—the hits are going the other way for a change—and that’s a great thing. I wouldn’t care if a tape came out showing Trump in a massive orgy with 50 chicks sucking on him like Karen McDougal. I would care if there were some dudes in on the action with him—that would certainly cheapen him in my eyes, but I don’t think that’s a concern. A man can do those kinds of things with hundreds of women so long as the women are alright with it—which in most cases they are. Women are often willing to share a top-level man so long as they get a piece of the action. But such a man can’t go stick his dip stick into the caboose of some other dude. That just isn’t acceptable. And with that said, the media doesn’t have a story because most people feel that way. The media have nothing to stop Trump which scares them to death. And for a change, it’s a good thing to see.

Rich Hoffman

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