Why America Needs a Southern Border Wall: How Mexcio will pay for it

Even the most aggressive estimates of the Trump proposed border wall indicate that the cost will be at around $25 billion. When Trump has said that Mexico will pay for the border wall it is was always my assumption that the president wasn’t expecting a check from Mexico, but that the money to fund the wall would come from squeezing it out of the drug cartels. Over the past few decades drug cartels have become integrated into Mexico’s economy. Approximately 500 cities are directly engaged in drug trafficking and nearly 450,000 people are employed by drug cartels.[57] Additionally, the livelihood of 3.2 million people are dependent directly in Mexico on the drug cartels.[57] Between local and international sales, such as to Europe and the United States, drug cartels in Mexico see a $25–30bn yearly profit, a great deal of which circulates through international banks such as HSBC.[57] Drug cartels are fundamental to Mexican local economics. A percentage of the profits seen from the trade are invested in the local community.[57] While these cartels bring violence and hazards into communities, they create jobs and provide income for its many members.[57] This is precisely how Mexico will pay for the wall. By cutting down on the profits flowing back to Mexican manufacturers, the money will be confiscated at our border wall and put back into the costs to have built the wall to begin with, and it will force Mexico to get into another line of work. Drug cartels and the Mexican government are one and the same.


There is nothing more disgusting than a drug dealer, legal or illegal. Talking to my mom about the potential to get knee replacements which she needs, she suggested that it wasn’t worth the effort. Every surgery she has had over the last twenty years has shown her that our medial industry is rotting away into incompetency. This has become the trend as the market indications were that liberals would be moving more toward socialism in the health care professions taking the competency that is generally associated with profit from the industry. This has delivered us a generation of lazy doctors who make too many mistakes during surgery, because they will get paid one way or another, and a trend to put their patients on too many pharmaceutical drugs to deal with the pain of lingering ailments. That is simply an embarrassment of American medicine, that average people no longer trust the system to fix their problems because of their history with botched dealings with doctors. This of course has been the primary cause of the current opioid crises where too many drugs have been prescribed by an all too trusting public—and now there are massive addictions in the American people. Some of the drugs are obtained legally, but many are not, and they come from Mexico to satisfy a market of drug addicts made that way through the failures of our health care system.

Yet even worse than that is the illegal trade where Mexico essentially has their entire economy built off the poisoning of American users. While it can be argued that supplying illegal drugs to Americans is a market driven need that the laws of supply and demand are engaged in, there is nothing that says that a government assigned to protect us from bad, illicit things should stand by and let it happen. If there was ever a threat to the American way of life, it is the illegal drug trade. The end users are poisoning themselves and the money is going to support a hostile Marxist government in Mexico that is filled with corruption. Nothing good comes out of the drug trade, legal and illegal. People get temporary relief from their ailments, but the world for which they live is slowly destroyed in the process. There are better ways and none of the drug manufacturers legal and illegal want those facts getting out to people, because they will lose a lot of money in the process. But for society to continue, we have to make those decisions anyway so why not now. Not even the most drug supporting libertarian can defend the enormous costs of destroying a human mind with drugs so the discussion of our times needs to move from should we judge those who desire to do drugs under their own free will, to a society that looks down on such people destroying their lives and those around them with paralyzing thought patterns rooted in mental escape from the realities of life—pain and all.

It is safe to say that the Mexican government is essentially the illegal drug trade and their desire for open borders is to make it much easier to ship illegal drugs into the United States to take care of their basic economic needs. Its an open secret but should there be even a slight disruption of that illegal drug trade which would be confiscated by the Trump administration’s border patrol, then there would be a major impact on Mexico’s economy. It would not take long to pay for the Trump wall with the confiscated wealth of the illegal drug trade. The wall itself is just a barrier. Drug dealers would still find a way to get drugs to their North American markets but the long-term goal is to make the process cost them more. Let them dig their tunnels. Force them into tight places at great cost which makes them far easier to catch. Force them into the air where they’d be easier to pick up at airports. Make them have to sweat it out at border crossings wit drug sniffing dogs going through their luggage. Anything is better than just walking across the Rio Grande and throwing drugs into the back of a waiting truck there along thousands of miles of open desert.

It doesn’t take much research to discover that the same people promoting open borders around the world are also the same people who want to legalize more mind-altering drugs to dumb down the societies of the users in order to give third world countries a seat at the tables of power. But in order for that scam to work, they have to destroy the power of the first worlds, and they plan to profit off the demise. Make no mistake about it, philanthropists like George Soros and his progressive friends are not interested in the United States surviving. If he could poison every American youth into being easily destroyed by the Marxist infiltrators coming across the southern border of the United States, he will gladly do it without losing any sleep. In the way of thinking militarily about such things, poisoning the enemy from the vantage point of Mexico and the progressive advocates of Central and South America funded by Soros types, makes sense. If the Americans want to poison themselves, the cartels of Mexico that has the government on their payroll are happy to provide that service while they build their crime empires.

We don’t like to talk about it much in the United States, especially in connection with gun control, but the gang network of MS-13 is a perfect example of why every home in American should be armed, because they are dangerous, and they have their foundations in Mexico—with Latino illegal immigration. Whenever you see some stupid kid covered in tattoos, especially neck tats, you are either seeing a MS-13 member, or a kid trying to look like one. The killings these gang members perform are beyond prosecution because they are largely so embroiled in illegal activity that jail is the least of their concerns. There is no way to prosecute such people living that far outside of the law and they are a real threat to the security of the United States. If they could go door to door and murder innocent people they would—which is why they form their gangs largely in cities where there are lots of gun control laws. They can thrive in such places because there isn’t anybody around to shoot them back. Not surprising the same people who are for open borders, expansion of drug use and even the destruction of American capitalism are also the same people who advocate for gun control. Imagine that?

A border wall that makes it harder for MS-13 and other gangs from getting money and drugs back and forth to Mexico would go a long way to starving out the criminal elements who are openly operating as a hostile force within the American nation. And by busting MS-13 the money confiscated that is meant to go back to the mother country of insurrection can go pay for the wall. So by the time its all said and done, Mexico will pay for the wall, and they will hurt because of it, which they should. The border wall is needed on the southern frontier of North America because of the hostile forces in Mexico that are intent to enrich themselves by poisoning American consumers. Without meeting these hostile forces with aggression, we are guaranteed to get more of the behavior. For the benefit of all, the border wall is the best option that gives Mexico time to find some more productive way of building an economy for themselves by taking away the temptation to support the illegal drug trade. By clamping down on the drug dealers in America operating as dangerous gangs, the money meant to be sent back to Mexico will pay for the wall, and that is a wonderful way to spend the money. The wall is absolutely necessary to add a major deterrent to all this illegal business which largely funds the entire GDP of Marxist Mexico. And those are the facts of the matter that enemies of the American way of life don’t want articulated. There are too many people making money off poisoning American people to stop doing it on their own. A border wall is the first step in changing that destructive culture, on both sides of it.

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