Trump’s Nobel Peace Prize–For Iran: Predicting the future after North Korea

A lot of people these days are saying that they never saw peace in North Korea happening and that nobody could have predicted it. Well, I did predict it, and anybody can go back through these pages and see that I went into explicit detail on how North Korea would come begging to the negotiating table, if only we had a president who knew how to negotiate. Two of the biggest contributors to Kim Jong Un’s wavering on continuing communism in North Korea to fulfill his father and grandfather’s wishes was that the kid liked American NBA basketball. That by itself was a foot into the door of capitalism and most of his anger toward the West was that he was on the wrong side of an issue he desired to be on from the start. The other is that they didn’t have any money in North Korea and once the sanctions started to kick in, Kim Jong Un realized quickly that his bluff had been called and that he had no real choice but to walk back his global position and try a different approach. Most of the weapons and military displayed by the North Korean dictator are dummies, meaning they falsely represent the real firepower that the communist country has. The way to make peace with North Korea was to box the kid in and isolate him from the rest of the world then let him have a path out of the corner he created for himself into enjoying aspects of the West that he liked, like NBA basketball. He gets to stay in the palace and run the country and be the great negotiator for his people ushering in an age of prosperity for which they have never known, and everyone lives happily ever after—for the most part. Yes, I predicted it well before anybody else did in the world—apparently.

So I’m not shy about making these new predictions about Iran. Trump needs to pull out of the deal and to choke off the country financially—isolating them just as what happened in North Korea. Using North Korea as an example of what could happen in Iran will be Trump’s greatest negotiating chip, and he’ll use it once the DMZ meeting happens. Iran supplies most of the disruptive presence in the Middle East. They keep the Taliban alive in Afghanistan, they keep things stirred up in Syria, and they are the backbone of Palestine. If Iran falls as an instigative force there isn’t much to keep disruptions alive in the Middle East and peace will soon become the theme of that land—and for the first time in all known history the world will be united in ways that nobody ever thought possible. The timeline for the Iran situation is 2020, it won’t take long. Without that Iran deal with the United States, Iran doesn’t have much money to work with and there really isn’t any state sponsorship anywhere else, including Russia and China who can’t fund Iran behind the scenes without getting caught—and they won’t risk that.

Iran’s oil is worth much less now that the United States has their own energy that they are exporting—so like Venezuela there just aren’t many economic options for Iran to keep their people submitting themselves to the current Ayatollah regime. The desire for revolution is already there in Iran, the people are not happy with the Marxism that has been a part of their country since the 1970s and they want to have a chance to shop at Bed Bath and Beyond, like everyone else in the world can, so they are not patient for Iran to get itself fixed economically. Without the deal with the United States, Iran is in serious financial jeopardy and their sponsorship of global terrorism suddenly won’t fit on their credit card, and the country will have no choice but to join the rest of the world in peace.

Shortly thereafter Israel will make peace with Palestine because without Iran there to stir the pot, there isn’t any will to continue fighting and we will then find that the Middle East will be on the path to peace. And it’s as simple as that. However, no politician could do these things, only people from private business who understand how things work in the real world, which is why Donald Trump is having all this success, and will likely receive the Nobel Peace Prize before his next term in office. To the political establishments and global intelligence all this seems so improbable, yet it’s happening and will continue to happen because they never knew what they were talking about.

One of the ways to live best in this world is to not just learn one specific occupation, but to know many things about many occupations, and if you have a creative mind, you can piece everything together from the evidence that had been gathered. Private sector people who are used to creating business transactions are much better positioned to deal with these big global matters, and Trump certainly represents that assumption. Anybody with half a brain could tell that Kim Jong Un’s demonstrations with his missiles and troops were to fluff their feathers but always underneath was just a bird that could have its neck broken with the simple twist of the hand. The same with Iran and all the other terrorist actors around the world. If they were smart and had resources to work with, they wouldn’t need to fluff their feathers and play to the world’s fears of being the plot line of the next James Bond film. In reality the villains of the world are not masterminds like James Bond’s Spectre, they are more like that crazy chick at the White House Correspondents Dinner in 2018. Only people who have mastered dealing with such people would know the difference, but politicians who are in it for the aristocratic perks of the job have no idea—and they take everything at face value—which is why they lose all the time.

You can tell by the way that Ali Khamenei is thrashing about at Donald Trump that he’s about to fold, because that is what people who have nothing left in the tank do when faced with someone they know they can’t beat. Iran has no resources—they only have an economy that produces $1.5 trillion and if they are cut off from the world, starting with their lopsided deal with the United States, then their people will overthrow the Khamenei regime quickly—because they are close to doing so now. Life isn’t good in Iran and it hasn’t been since Marxism entered the area so many decades ago. In modern-day Iran socialism is the ruler on the political right and left. Their most strict observance of political ideology representing conservatism would look more like something Bernie Sanders would come up with as opposed to even some squishy Republican like Marco Rubio would—and those concepts are foreign to us in America. We can’t imagine that anybody would be so stupid, yet they are. So for those who know about these things, the path to beating such minds is easy, and Donald Trump is doing it.

So mark it on your calendars, there will be peace in the Middle East and the first step of that process comes from the unification of North Korea into the rest of the world. Once Trump meets with Kim Jong Un at the DMZ and the world catches their breath, Iran is next—and they know it. Iran of course does have a larger economy than North Korea did, so it is a little bit trickier, but the concepts are all the same. With North Korea off the map of contentious behavior, Iran is stuck all by themselves for the world to watch. If Trump doesn’t get the Nobel Peace Prize for North Korea, he will for what he’s about to do to Iran.

Rich Hoffman

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