Elections are the Alternative to Violance: Two more FBI agents quit ahead of mounting legal problems at the agency

The big speech that Donald Trump performed at the NRA meeting in Dallas, Texas culminated one of the most incredible weeks we’ve ever had in the United States. Virtually as Trump spoke two of the FBI agents close to former Director Comey left the agency, the much-maligned Lisa Page and James Baker. Of course, we were told that them leaving was unrelated to the Trump case, but in Baker’s situation he is leaving the FBI as one of its top lawyers and is now going to the Brookings Institute to write a blog on National Security Law. Give me a break, I write a blog every day—it’s not a full-time job. I can promise that Baker won’t be writing more than I do, nor will his content be as thought-provoking, or detailed. So his position at Brookings is simply a place to hide as the FBI hopes that all this mess that James Comey has gotten them into will boil over and they might all return to a normal life. Lisa Page of course was the person having the affair with another FBI lead investigator who muddled up the Hillary Clinton email case quite on purpose for political purposes then wrote all those text messages which are now unraveling the law enforcement agency more day by day as more is learned. Then there was the condemnation from the federal Judge T.S. Elilis III in Virginia Friday May 4th who slapped away the intentions of the Mueller special investigation quite publicly as a political witch hunt of the Donald Trump presidency. Taken individually, all these stories were extraordinary, but put together into the reality for which they represent and we see clearly what was behind the curtain of law and order all along, and it is pretty scary.

We should all hope that we never need our guns to take back our government from people like James Comey, Robert Mueller and useless bureaucrats like Lisa Page and James Baker. I’m sure that Lisa Page is a nice lady to have lunch with, but in her institutional role, she was serving as a vile tyrant using the law to pick and choose political players—along with her lover and companions outlined in those damning text messages found on her phone. It is for this reason, where parts of our government might go ideologically off the radar to take over rule away from the electorate that we have the Second Amendment. It should always be our hopes that we can correct these types of problems through elections, as we have with President Trump. When he goes to the NRA meeting in Dallas and indicates that he is enjoying these big legal fights, it is refreshing, because that’s what it takes. It keeps the rest of us cleaning our guns instead of having to use them to take control of our government again from people like James Comey who were obviously abusing their authority under institutional context.

I think I speak for most Americans when I say that I don’t recognize anybody on planet earth as my “better.” I don’t have a “better,” someone who is intellectually, physically, and morally superior to me in any way. I am a free person born that way and I intend to keep it that way doing whatever needs to be done to see that basic assumption through. I’m willing to be a law-abiding person so long as the law is trustworthy. But if it isn’t I will not submit to the authority of our legal system. To my way of thinking what does it matter if someone is under oath if they don’t believe in God, and the evidence is quite clear that many of these villains revealed by the current FBI are not believers of God—so what do they care if they lie to the public. What is there for them to fear if they don’t fear eternal damnation, because after all isn’t that the basic premise of being under oath? How can someone swear to the truth and nothing but the truth so help them God if they don’t really believe in God, Heaven, Hell and the concept of damnation? Yet many of these characters in modern government don’t believe in such things, instead they believe that government has replaced God which is the basic assumption of progressive society and that is an epistemological failure that defies the nature of our country. Without that basic agreement, there is no law and order which leaves us with two options. Elections which can reset the epistemological premise philosophically so that the United States is functioning on an agreed legal assumption, or violence, to literally destroy the criminals who are trying to take over our government and replace them by force. The Trump presidency has allowed for us to delay the violence in the hopes that elections might still work. But obviously, the Mueller investigation is all about undoing that election, so the situation is tenuous.

I’ve known for a long time that the legal system was rotten in America and like many people have played along to get along because we were not willing to surrender everything to chaos and anarchy. We always had hope that an election here and there would take care of the issue. That is how Trump was born, as a last resort to solve the corrupt nature of our legal and political system starting in Washington D.C. then cascading down through the rest of society through the states and local municipalities. Nobody cares if he had sex with some porn star or even a thousand porn stars. Donald Trump was a playboy who lived in the fast lane most of his adult life. Everyone knew that when they elected him, and they did so because they wanted someone in the Executive Branch who had been there and done it all and wouldn’t be seduced by the power of the office or become hypnotized by the décor of aristocracy. More than all that, he was used to legal threats and he knew how to deal with them when needed. Trump has experience with mob bosses and lawyers, mayors and regulations used to control a process so he was the perfect guy at this point in time to retake the White House for the electorate, and because of that election, it has kept our guns on our shelves. And that has been a good thing.

Yet that is how far we have all come. We are literally on that precipice of civil war where real people will get hurt instead of just a bunch of words being cast at each other. Both ideologies cannot live in the same country, one that wants a big centralized state that progressively controls everything and everyone, and a country run by the Constitution that assumes everyone believes in some concept of God and that the rule of law is rooted in a lack of desire to spend eternity in Hellish damnation. Intellectuals may laugh at the naiveté of our Christian nation to place such trust in oaths of office and moral indignation toward evil, but it’s a pretty good starting point when you have to keep rogue FBI agents from attempting to start their own country behind the mask of a corrupt legal system. They should all consider themselves lucky that there is such a system, because it has prevented a lot of violence. If those basic rights are not respected, that of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, then the only next step is to take those guns off the shelves and retake the government by force. Compliance as progressives would assume based on the behavior of their rank and file, is not an option. It is better to see everyone fired at the FBI than to accept the vile conduct that their agents have conducted against the American people by allowing themselves to become weaponized and serve a political party that is specifically strong in the Washington D.C. area, but not around the rest of the country where Republicanism is still quite strong.

Rich Hoffman

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