Glenn Beck Is Supporting Donald Trump: The nature of gangs and animals in America

It says a lot that Glenn Beck wore a “Make America Great Again” hat during his show on Friday, May 20th, 2018. He then went on to list the great accomplishments of Donald Trump shown below thus far in his presidency, which is really just getting started. If Donald Trump has won over Glenn Beck—which is probably more out of economic necessity than out of sentiment—then there are a lot more like him that are also coming over to the right side of things. Apparently for Beck it was the media reaction to the MS-13 issues where the president called the gang leaders in many American cities animals, that pushed him over the edge and into the Trump camp. Honestly after all that Beck has said about Donald Trump from the time of the primaries to the present, it caused me to no longer listen to Beck, let alone watch any of his programs. Prior to his hatred of Trump, and being one of the first Never Trumpers, I promoted Beck any way I could—especially his radio station, The Blaze. It was always on somewhere in my life, but I turned it off over two years ago now and dropped Beck in every way possible. So it was a little shocking to see him throw his support behind Donald Trump so honestly.

Welcome to the twisted world of liberalism where its like an Alice in Wonderland parody on everything. For instance, the May 17th 2018 Robin Hood event in New York City that tried to raise awareness for ways of fighting poverty, but in doing so it was largely liberals and progressives who were hosting the thing—which is to say that their solution to poverty is to use socialism to solve the problem. But logic says that socialism causes the problem. Socialism is what has put people on the streets and in need of homeless shelters. Some of those idiots who are poor were taught through socialism that somebody would always be there to give them something—and they were never taught that the path to success means you must work more than 40 hours a week at something—your whole life. Living in the lower middle class which we now call the working poor—according to the advocates for the Robin Hood charity in New York, the richest city in the world has it has 1.8 million people living in poverty. Yet if you talk to those people to discover why they are poor, it is because somewhere in their life they were taught they wouldn’t have to work more than 40 hours a week, or even less, to live—that someone would feed them, so thus, they are homeless or at the poverty level due to their beliefs. They could easily get out of poverty if they did as Oprah does—who is a big supporter of this Robin Hood group, and that is to work70 to 90 hours a week, like most successful people do.

The designation that members of MS-13 are not animals by the political left is just as perplexing. One thing that is hard for many people to admit is that left leaning monsters like the nice people at that Robin Hood event in New York dressed up with great opulence to convince people to donate money to the poor are really just another form of MS-13, a gang designed to muscle individuals towards the aims of a collective minority. Gangs and mobs are part of the liberal lifestyle and they are taught in school. That kid in Texas who shot up kids he didn’t like in his high school just a few weeks before graduation was a creation of the liberal left, where peer groups are formed to cast people into gangs—by design. MS-13 are made up of the leaders of the El Salvador revolution during the 1980s as they fled their country and hit the streets of Los Angeles as a bunch of marijuana users—literally. Over the years they spread to other American cities and began taking over as drug distributers and today they are into just about everything that crime syndicates are into. It doesn’t take much to learn that the liberal left wants these gangs terrorizing people in the poor communities they reside in, because it gives them an excuse to come up with more gangs to deal with the aftermath of the efforts.

The teacher’s unions are gangs who join together to extort the tax payers into giving them more money for doing a job that requires less than 40 hours a week of commitment if you average out their yearly investment into their professions. By massing together as a gang the government school teachers gain power and influence much the way MS-13 does and are the methods that the political left uses to stay in power over people. They use fear and anxiety to move people toward their needs, so it was a very personal thing to have Donald Trump call MS-13 gang members, animals—because people on the political left from the Robin Hood charity donors to school teachers all across America identify with those MS-13 animals intellectually. They all use the same methods of coercion to advance their liberal positions. So when a school shooting occurs like it did in Texas this past week at a small high school in Santa Fe the problem is the gun’s fault, not the person doing the shooting. In poverty, it is the fault of the United States for not giving more money to the poor, not the people who are too lazy to work more than 40 hours a week to pick themselves up and over the poverty line. And when it comes to gangs, they call them immigrants looking for opportunity in America when all they really are is considered dangerous terrorists who are killed on site in their native country of El Salvador, because they know the truth, that MS-13 members are dangerous animals who will kill innocent people as easily as most of us drink a glass of water. The political left wants all these gangs to spread fear through the weak and lazy so that they can have voters in fall elections—so that their gang can rule in Washington, as it has for so many years.

It was to leave that game in Washington D.C. that caused me to support Donald Trump from the beginning, and to turn off Glenn Beck. Beck was talking peace, and love when what was needed was to confront all these gangs directly and end the practice of mob rule in America in favor of America first policies that unite all people under the flag of the United States. Beck clearly didn’t see the potential behind Donald Trump, but now he does and like the rest of us has joined the correct fight. Many on Beck’s sentimental side of politics were willing to give the benefit of the doubt toward the realms of evil that we all deal with which breeds itself on the progressive side of politics. They didn’t understand that the key to beating all these gangs that have set up shop in the United States, from MS-13 to the teacher’s unions was to put a self-made billionaire in the Executive Branch who had lived the life of luxury for so long that he couldn’t be enamored by the power of gangs into making decisions which favored them in some way. Instead he calls them animals, which they are, and with that designation he is calling most on the political left the same, and they know it. So they distorted the truth to their favor and finally Glenn Beck had enough. The situation became clear as it is for so many others in America who had been willing to turn the other cheek so much that their heads were about to fall off from being slapped so many times. Enough is enough. It is good to see the good among us joining back together to fight the tyranny of group think—it has taken over out country for far too long and its about time to fight back to remove their influence from our lives—starting with the obvious, MS-13 and their animal behavior that is not conducive to a good life for anybody. From teacher unions to MS-13 all these gangs must go, and its about time for us all to admit that to ourselves.

Rich Hoffman
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4 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Is Supporting Donald Trump: The nature of gangs and animals in America

  1. The left always USES the innocent and naive to advance their evil agendas. From the Vietnam protests to the unwitting woman in Roe v Wade, the nefarious Left, Prigressives, Liberals are all backed by the EVIL among us. Donald Trump’s election is the last chance for the baby boomers to undo the stupid socialist/communist/anti-American events that were advanced and erroneously participated in from the 1960’s onward. I pray for our President, Donald Trump, every single day.


  2. Beck lost a lot of fans when he became so braggadocious about his accomplishments and started his money grubbing daily rant. I dropped him long ago. He became a Jimmy Swaggert revivalist with fits of crying. I saw it all as an act; especially when he did his Christmas special in his gated mansion. Making money became much more important than our nation.


    1. Yeah, I don’t have any of his books anymore. He lost me completely. But it is strange to hear him talking favorably of Trump. Almost as strange as Kim Jong Um is planning to met Trump in Singapore.


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