Lost Chicken Nuggets and Killing Ants: How the UAW are parasitic attackers of Tesla Motors Inc.

I’m usually pretty considerate about all life, even little insects. If I see a little spider in the corner of my house or a little beetle caught in my swimming pool I fetch them up and take them outside someplace safe so they can live for about five more minutes, because I consider all life precious. But I had a situation today, I was working at my computer area and it looks like one of my grandkids had dropped a chicken nugget under a table where it was hard to see and ants were crawling all around the area I work. If it were just one ant or two, I would have taken them outside, but when it became hundreds, I had no choice but to kill them and smash them into oblivion so that their little friends got the message, they didn’t want to set up shop in that location because that would end their lives. I found the old nugget and threw it out, but it would take a while for the ants to get the message, and I didn’t have a while to let them crawl all over my stuff. So I killed them all. And as I was doing it I thought of the story where Elon Musk was being attacked in a similar way by the United Auto Workers at his Tesla plants.

One thing I don’t agree with Donald Trump on his was love of union workers. As a New York business guy, he has learned to deal with them—and as a good negotiator he knows how to talk their language. Trump is willing to work with them, I’m not. I think labor unions should be illegal because of their roots into socialism. They have no place in an American economy. They are the idiots who have dramatically limited the amount of productive work each American now thinks they must commit to in order to make a living and those ideas have made the value of American workers to not be competitive in a world that is more than willing to work more than forty hours a week and into the weekends The opportunity cost of the American labor unions has been enormous, and now they are doing to Elon Musk what they have done to so many American companies, they are trying to move in and take over the management of his company, and he’s not happy about it.

Because Musk didn’t just lay down and let the UAW attack his company like all those vile ants I was talking about attacking that chicken nugget, UAW president Dennis Williams led his organization to do what all progressive Democrats do, they used thuggish tactics to attempt to change the behavior of the company. In the case of Tesla the company provides their employees stock options which have the potential of being a lot more valuable than just cash on a weekly pay check. It’s a chance for those workers to become truly wealthy. But that’s not what the union wants, they want membership dues so they can convert that cash to political activism—and when Musk pushed back on their premise, the UAW filed a complaint with the National Labor Relations Board. That is like those ants filing a complaint that they had a right to occupy my work space and that I couldn’t just wipe them out so I could get back to work—because they wanted that stupid chicken nugget that had fallen on the ground by my grandchildren. The thing wasn’t even supposed to be there in the first place.

The assumption was that collective masses of people in a labor union are valuable just because they exist, but to a business owner, they aren’t. Once a business owner loses management of their company to a bunch of loser labor union members who try to run everything on a vote, companies quickly have two things happen to them, they must raise their prices to pay for the collective bargaining of those employees, or they go out of business to companies who don’t have to deal with those restrictions. Musk said as much in a Tweet recently where he warned workers that it was the UAW that destroyed over 200,000 jobs at General Motors and Chrysler. The government had to sweep in and bail out the automakers because they were too big to fail. The mentality of the labor unions is to latch themselves to industry and milk everything dry until there isn’t anything left causing any company that didn’t want to go out of business to pick up their enterprise and move it to some other country with less labor union influence.

Labor unions are a creation of the Karl Marx philosophy of public ownership of everything, which was outlined clearly in the pathetic book The Communist Manifesto. Such people do not take into account the value of what management does for a company, in the risks that are taken that justify larger pay checks for the front of the house. Everyone is not equal in such an arrangement, once a labor union takes over a company like Tesla, then its all over for the innovation such companies provide. Once everything takes a vote from the same people who would rather spend their time smoking joints at lunch and looking at pornography on their phones, nothing good happens again, so Musk is smart to fight back against the UAW.

Not everyone is cut out for management, believe it or not, the ambitious people who typically run companies think about other things than the usual needs of biological flesh pleasures and filling their fat stomachs with food—and that makes them better positioned to decide what work hours will be, who the company does business with, and what the value of pay for employees will be based on market conditions. The UAW destroys the companies they move into—just like the ants wanting to eat that left-over chicken nugget that my grandkids dropped, the UAW sees a new company that is making new things and they want to suck off it until everything is gone. Of course, they think things will go on forever, because they don’t understand market conditions, they don’t read about the industry they are in and are constantly making decisions as the captain of the ship to keep everything pointed in the right direction, workers just want to know when they get paid and to make sure that everything is fair. Lazy workers get paid the same as productive workers, smart people get paid the same as dumb people—dumb being defined by people addicted to substances—food, alcohol, cigarettes, or even drugs who don’t take the time to develop their minds toward the needs of strategy and imaginative growth potential.

Unionized workers don’t make America great, they are parasites looking for opportunity off the backs of those who take chances and start businesses and do all the really hard work of making something from nothing. If Musk hadn’t created the Tesla car company to begin with the UAW workers would have nothing to try to loot from, there would be no chicken nugget to consume as the parasites I described in the ants flooding my computer desk. They only care about money when there isn’t any to loot off any more unlike the entrepreneur who has to go to the bank and put their life on the line to get the startup capital to put the whole show on. But they look at Elon Musk and figure that he’s a rich billionaire and that they are entitled to some of his money just because they exist, and that is the real danger.

Elon Musk has been able to do neat things with the money he has made relatively free of labor union disputes, because much of what he has built arrived faster than the normal business cycles. It takes labor unions a while to realize when a chicken nugget has fallen on the ground because they are busy thinking about everything else in life but work. But once they do hear that someone like Tesla is doing something they might be able to latch on to then they arrive like insects to take everything over and destroy the vision that came from the risk takers—people like Elon Musk. The real damage comes when legal fights start consuming the life of Musk from parasites like the UAW instead of him trying to figure out how to colonize Mars, or how to build Hyperloops under major American cities to alleviate ground traffic—the opportunity cost to our nation is enormous.

The average labor union employee just wants to get paid each week so they can purchase their vanities, deposit their sexual needs into some other person, and buy clothes off the bargain rack at Wal-Mart and that’s fine if that’s all they want out of life. But when they start seeking to have an impact on the opportunity cost of new American businesses, like Tesla, that is already propped up by the government for its seed money, the UAW is taking a shot at all of us, not just Elon Musk. And I personally find each and every one of them offensive, parasitic, and destructive to the American economy. They sure aren’t patriots—just bottom feeders.

Maybe I’ll buy a Tesla today.  I love that they are a non-union plant in California!!!!  That status should be rewarded by the marketplace.

Rich Hoffman

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