SPYGATE: Everything you need to know about this disturbing reality

It was interesting to watch the Fox News interviews of Trey Gowdy and Judge Napolitano speaking on Spygate—whether there was a physical person spying on the Trump campaign which would be a big deal. I respect both of those legal minds, but it was obvious that something else was going on after Rudy Giuliani turned up the heat on the premise that the FBI under the Obama White House had put a spy into the Trump campaign in the spring of 2016. Neither Gowdy or Napolitano were willing to go that far and were obviously attempting to back off the flaming claims. The FBI is after all in a lot of trouble all on their own, and the heads of all our intelligence agencies are under serious suspicion as we learn more about what went on from their behalf to keep Trump out of the White House even though the election process favored him. The institutionalists seem to realize the weight of this consideration and they are trying to preserve what’s left, and as much as I hate to say it Gowdy and Napolitano in this case are institutionalists, meaning they will put the institutions of justice ahead of thoughtful rebellion against them. A nefarious reason was clearly present by the Obama administration to spy on Trump leading to this Spygate controversy which is one of the most dangerous things to ever strike our republic within America.

Judge Napolitano wants to see the proof the such a nefarious person infiltrated the Trump campaign, but obviously so much evidence has been destroyed by the FBI to favor Hillary Clinton’s eventual election, that proof may be too elusive at this point to conjure up—which is what happens when we have criminals running our intelligence agencies. At this point I’m sure that both Gowdy and Napolitano are looking to repair the image of the FBI for the sake of the people still working there who weren’t a part of this Spygate mess. But the intent is what we should be more than concerned about, because if it happened in 2015, then it is bound to happen again, and we can’t let that happen.

Let’s go back to the spring of 2016, shall we, it was just becoming obvious that Donald Trump was going to beat Marco Rubio and John Kasich for the Republican nomination which was shocking to the establishment. The Obama/Clinton forces had been preparing for either Kasich, Rubio or Cruz not even considering that the businessman and television reality star Trump would succeed in breaking through the election process and into the official establishment. The moment it was realized that Trump would in fact be the nominee the false story of a contested convention was put to the press to give the establishment hope that Trump would not make it to Republican Convention in Cleveland later that July. It was also around this time that Trump fired Corey Lewandowsky and hired Paul Manafort to be the campaign manager. The reasoning at the time was that Lewandowsky was taking a big hit in the press over shoving a reporter and that the campaign needed someone more polished now that the attention was turning toward the convention and a run for the presidency in the fall. Things were getting serious and it was time to change-up the campaign’s professionalism in the conventional sense of things.

Everyone knew that Manafort had connections to Ukrainian businesses because it was on his resume for years, the media hailed the move as a very positive sign that Trump was taking the whole presidential thing serious in hiring an establishment figure in Manafort. Obviously in hindsight there were figures in the campaign and within the media pushing Trump where they wanted him to go by creating the delegate hunt stories, and Manafort was specifically brought on to be the delegate hunter specialist, to make sure there were enough votes on the floor to give Trump the nomination and keep John Kasich from trying to launch a rebellion from the floor in July.

It should be remembered that John Kasich refused to attend the Republican Convention even though it was being held in his state for which he was the governor. Somewhere somebody gave John Kasich the false hope that if he held the line that he might be able to knock Trump out of the picture even though the primary votes leading up to the convention were not even close to anybody but Trump. The seeds for a Russia story were being planted by many establishment types as a last-minute conspiracy to provide insurance for Hillary Clinton in the fall if the antics of the contested convention failed. Lucky for Trump he played the game of convention in hiring Manafort to get through the convention period, because he acquired his delegates and secured the Republican nomination. But what nobody counted on was that Trump would fire Manafort in August and hire Kellyanne Conway and Steve Bannon to run the presidential campaign into November, and that proved to screw up all the plans of all the parties trying to sabotage the Trump campaign with a last-minute revelation that Manafort and the Russians were trying to steal the election from Hillary Clinton.

These parties got the idea from Trump himself in the spring of 2016 when it was obvious that he was going to win the nomination and he held a press conference where he famously joked that if the Russians had Hillary Clinton’s 30,000 deleted emails please let him know. With Trump forcing the world to look at the illegal antics of the Hillary Clinton campaign, the institutionalists needed to turn the tables on him somehow. So they wanted to build a story of Russian collusion into the Trump campaign to divert attention from their chosen candidate in Hillary Clinton and Manafort was always supposed to be the straw man because Trump needed an establishment campaign manager to get those much-needed delegates that the media kept talking about, and to go from a crazy campaign of saying anything anyway he wanted to something more conventional. This is where these spies in the Trump campaign were working full-time, they were helping to shape the media narrative and they were whispering in all the right ears to make the moves within the campaign that would feed the media narrative. With Trump being inexperienced with politics at this level, they figured they’d get away with it. They never expected him to fire Manafort in August. The establishment didn’t panic because they figured that sex scandals would torpedo the campaign just before the election, so they didn’t start panicking until literally that night of the election in November.

As far as evidence, it’s there, but its covered up with lots of other things and to see it we have to be willing to look under the carpet of the Obama White House and admit that Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton, a former president himself, had cut a deal to keep Hillary out of trouble with the FBI. Comey had to do right by the law and navigate the minefield to let his field agents know that they had investigated Hillary Clinton, but that she was going to be their new boss when she won the election, so they started pandering to her early. Comey did his press conferences to not hurt Hillary but to keep his field agents satisfied so that he could blackmail Clinton once she came into office with all the dirt he really had on her, which he helped destroy to get her elected. She’d keep him on as the director in exchange for him not leaking what was destroyed and everyone would live happily ever after. Only Trump won which blew everything up.

The evidence that Trey Gowdy and Judge Napolitano are seeking to acknowledge a Spygate controversy will likely never manifest. The spy in this case turned out to be ineffective and the information they were giving to the Obama White House was useless because Trump was his own man not controlled by any establishment types in the form of a campaign manager. Their straw man in Manafort had been fired blowing up their case. They would of course try to resurrect it later, but the story is so flimsy its like wet paper, it nearly falls apart under its own weight. The entire operation was meant to leave almost no footprints except for the obvious intent of all the parties and their bloodlust to destroy Trump before he ever reached the White House and of course it continued thereafter. The very first thing Comey said to Trump was an attempt at blackmail by discussing the Russian dossier hoping to embarrass Trump into becoming a willing accomplice. But that didn’t work either. Four months later Trump fired Comey which is what launched this whole Russian investigation because it was out of revenge for daring to fire a Director of the FBI and that just didn’t happen in Washington D.C. In a rage the FBI pulled out all their stops and tried to get revenge on Trump for firing Comey and in doing so they revealed many of those footprints they had been trying to cover up—and the rest is history.

Yes, Spygate is real, it happened and there was at least one physical person spying directly into the party of the opposition as directed by a reigning White House. Lots of people need to go to jail because they allowed the institutions to fail the American people so spectacularly, and audaciously. They didn’t care about the law because they figured they controlled the law and they went well past Watergate in their weaponizing of our intelligence agencies to preserve their careers. I understand that Gowdy and Napolitano don’t want to destroy the institutions they have learned to love—in the legal manner of things, but the reality says that everything they are protecting is garbage and needs to be created anew with an honesty that has not been present for well over a hundred years. Before we can fix it, we have to admit that there was a problem and Spygate is just such a circumstance. And its time we deal with it.

Rich Hoffman

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