3.8% Unemployment: Great news and what we all must do in this changing economy

We talked about this prior to Trump’s election, that if he took the restrains off capitalism that were artificially placed there by the previous administrations to make labor unions and other progressive groups happy, that the economy would take off. 500 days into Trump’s first term that is exactly what has happened with a remarkable June posting of unemployment nationally at 3.8% and adding 223,000 jobs in the month of May. That is quite remarkable and is an indicator of many good things to come, but also comes with it problems that need resolutions. If we are going to continue to have economic expansion at a rate of 3% to 5% which is the objective of the Trump White House, then we must find creative ways around the unemployment challenges. At 3.8% that basically indicates that anyone who wants a job has one, so further economic expansion requires a more creative use of that traditional work force number, and that opens up lots of exciting opportunities.

Recently as public-school teachers across the country were striking and demanding higher pay because there is a teacher shortage, the management of those states where these strikes were occurring caved to the pressure and gave the public employees what they wanted so that a physical teacher could resume their place at the front of a classroom essentially baby-sitting children. Fast food restaurants are in the same situation with many radical groups demanding $15 an hour to perform entry-level skills positions in the employment sector—and even the film industry is top-heavy on labor due to their union contracts which demands certain parameters for their members which studios must adhere to, which prevent innovation and actual job fulfilment in other sectors of the economy where people could be used more efficiently. And that is the danger—a good one—that a rapidly expanding economy with low unemployment unleashes. Traditional jobs will have to be consolidated and more automation must be introduced to fill the easy jobs while the thoughtful creative minds of humans must adapt the more complex positions.

What that means is that as a society, we can’t afford to waste a good human mind on a babysitting job in public education or throw a bunch of young workers at a fast food position when a machine could easily and more rhythmically do a better job at mediocre tasks. We need to cut staff in many of these unionized positions and reassign the personnel to market sectors that are emerging with the expanding economy to fulfill the needs of growth. And to do that our global workplace needs to make a decision that is currently at an impasse, to reject the basic foundations of progressivism and to fully embrace the wonders of capitalism so that we can all do what needs to be done in the coming years.

Reportedly Kim Jong Un wants to put a McDonald’s in North Korea—which is a sign of what I have always suspected. Trump is a great strategist and many things are happening rapidly that are not being reported on the nightly news because honestly the reporters don’t have a mind to see all these exciting developments for what they are. When the Korean peninsula is united once again ending a 70 year war, and capitalism from South Korea flows into the borders of North Korea, China is going to be in a whole lot of trouble. Yet Trump has agreed to hold the big summit between the United States and North Korea to facilitate this wonderful event so that the Chinese can say that they were a part of that miracle. However, China as a communist country does not want or need a free North Korea. It’s not good for them and their static hold on a huge economic sector of the Asian corridor to see capitalism win over communism. A McDonald’s in North Korea is a big deal. It means rapid economic expansion for a part of the world that has a lot of pent-up energy, a lot of workers very eager to participate in the fruits of capitalism for the benefits of their families—for the first time in many of their memories. And once the world watches North Korea become a region of capitalism from its former dim communist, overly regulated social trends, they’ll all want to join in the game.

Part of Trump’s plan to stop all the immigration into the United States is to make other places in the world better for its people preventing them from wanting to come in the first place, and that starts with economic expansion of those countries so that there are more opportunities in North Korea, Vietnam, Mexico, South America, and Africa—which will make life much better at home and help the United States with their massive immigration problems, because we just can’t afford to keep putting all the immigrants on a tax payer funded social safety net. There is no reason to do that if people have opportunities in their home countries which then have an impact on American domestic policy because it frees up cash to do other things with.

However, that means that the United States also won’t always have fresh bodies coming into America looking for jobs. So while there is low unemployment in America presently, the situation will get even better than that. That means that unemployment numbers will have to go backwards quite a bit more under the zero threshold and that jobs and unemployment measurements will have to be redefined, and repurposed. That doctorial science teacher wasting their days in a classroom needs to be working at Space X, or on the latest nearby Hyperloop while something like Alexia works the classroom with artificial intelligence handing out homework assignments and giving lectures to the students. There doesn’t need to be a hallway full of teachers in a government school, those employees could be doing something else. Let droids and robots do all those average tasks while the humans step up their game to meet the needs of an emerging economy.

We are all about to hit a very explosive renaissance of science and technology met with an infusion of wealth creation because of the fall of communism and the spread of capitalism to places like North Korea and many other places that will follow. It’s not an accident that progressive sectors of our current political system are weary of robots and A.I. technology because they are pushing to keep caps on our economic development to stick with the employment matrix that has currently been established by labor unions in the 20th century. However, no longer will that be acceptable. Who says we have to stay within an economic framework of only working 5 days a week one shift a day. Why not work 7 days a week all shifts of a day—especially if we open up the technology sector to robots and artificial intelligence. Just think how great it is to get money from an ATM all hours of the day no matter what day it is—even on a Sunday morning. Waiting for a live teller to handle bank business just isn’t practical in our fast-moving economy—and that situation is about to explode. Why wait for a hamburger when a machine could make it for you better than a human and they’d work all day every day always serving customer needs. And why have a static education system that takes 12 years to finish when it could be done in half the time and the college level education started much sooner so that workers could help the market earlier than later? And why have a physical teacher when you can have Alexia? The answer is that we don’t need to do things the way we have. We can be very creative and meet these exciting challenges with boldness because that’s what it’s going to take. Timidity has no place in such a rapidly expanding economy. Opportunities are lost to delay and apathy, and under the Trump White House, the stage has been finally set for the bold and the adventurous. And that is good for everyone!

Rich Hoffman

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