Speaker of the House Debates, 5G Coverage, and Expensive Bike Paths: Just another day at the office for the West Chester Tea Party

The West Chester Tea Party was always about education as opposed to activism. The purpose was and still is to this day, an organization that brought education to the public on the various topics that faced the community from month to month and even though Trump is now 500 days into his administration and has had great success, the needs of the Tea Party movement are still a necessity. And that couldn’t have been truer than the June 6th meeting of 2018 where many very important topics were presented to a fairly large gathering. Everything was covered from the state speaker of the house race in Columbus to the bike paths of West Chester, with school board news, debate about 5G phone networks, and the senate race of Jim Renacci in the upcoming fall. I managed to get some video of the event shown below, the first of which is from George Lang, the state representative from my district who was at the meeting to discuss the very contentious speaker situation ahead of a key vote which just occurred today to resolve the matter.

Kathy Dirr and George Lang have a contentious relationship over the 5G proposal that Kathy presented at the meeting. Only a small part of Kathy’s presentation ended up on my videos in the little preliminary speech shown. Later she had a 45-minute presentation illustrating what she thinks are serious health risks coming from the new cell tower technology. What she was presenting actually reminded me of a plot point from my 2004 novel called The Symposium of Justice which featured a local municipality using water towers to broadcast a signal designed to manipulate the pituitary gland in people into become overly sexualized, and mindlessly consumer based, so that they could be more easily controlled. So I can relate to the passion Kathy exhibited, however, I am a technology lover. I think the ultimate solution to the cellular breakdown that comes from all the wireless networks that are taking over our daily culture will be a concern of the past once we can just download our essence into a newly constructed body in a few years. We’ll change bodies like we change cars in the near future, so I wouldn’t be inclined to worry too much about such a thing. But that’s what makes these Tea Party meetings so wonderful, there are lots of diverse opinions that inspire great debate.

The next video was that of Mark Welch’s presentation on a compromised bike path connecting 747 to Becket Ridge instead of a very expensive multimillion dollar tax payer connection through West Chester into Mason and eventually connecting the Loveland Bike Trail with a large network. To pull off that Agenda 21 project eminent domain would have to be enacted and tax payers would be forced to pay for some hippie utopian idea that United Nations losers came up with years ago. While some elements of bike paths are positive and beneficial to communities, the idea of replacing cars with bicycles is a primitive and stupid one. So Mark came up with a way to navigate that issue quite nicely and he put in a lot of work on the matter, which is evident in his presentation. Hey, I love to ride bicycles, few people over the years have ridden them more than me, and the idea of having bike trails that could take cyclists over vast distances is appealing to me. But tax payers who won’t use those trails shouldn’t be on the hook for the cost, and property shouldn’t be taken from people for a “greater good” intention. What Mark is proposing as a trustee of West Chester is a reasonable appeasement of the mild necessity for our modern age, and better yet, it keeps the cost impact down to something that is manageable for private investment, the way things are supposed to be.

What I thought was interesting about this West Chester Tea Party meeting was that it showed the challenges of governing. Not everyone agrees on everything all the time. A lot of people present had different ideas about how to do various things that needed to be done and that was a good thing. Unlike other politically oriented meetings of this nature, the West Chester Tea Party has transitioned over time from an ideological organization to a functional one. It is easy to sit around and read books and talk about the basic philosophy of how things should be, it’s quite another thing to try to apply that ideology to real world situations. It takes guts for people like George Lang who are in the middle of the storm in Columbus with lots of tempting treasures being constantly thrown at him to stand in front of an organization he helped get off the ground over a decade prior and defend his position. Healthy debate is a great thing and that is what was going on at this meeting. The press should be covering these events because a lot of good goes on at them, more than goes on at the other regional get togethers. There is a lot of value on the table at every one I attend.

The way things used to be was that politicians were elected, and they went to their offices and people never heard from them again without the protections of their social roles to insulate them from the public. But at the West Chester Tea Party meetings, the local politicians were part of the process. The speeches by Lang and Welch were not part of the evening agenda but were spawned on the spot due to questions and comments from the attendees. Lang and Welch simply came from the back of the room to address the questions which became the speeches shown in the videos. I couldn’t help but think that this was the way things were always supposed to work in the republic for which America is. But the whole thing starts with the foundational educations that were always a part of the West Chester Tea Party. Without the basic understanding of how things are supposed to work, intellectually, nothing like what took place at the meeting could have occurred.

It is easy for politicians to make promises to get elected, and it is easy for people to vote for people then expect politicians to go off to battle and do everything right, then to complain about them when they don’t do ideologically everything that you think they should do. That’s why Tea Party events like the one in West Chester are so valuable. It gets everyone together to hash out ideology from reality and to do the best job possible in ascertaining value from the legislative experience. I thought the whole thing had evolved into a very positive thing for everyone involved. It was to me a sign of how things could be for the entire nation as the Trump administration is flowing down this intellectual attitude from the Executive Branch. The Tea Party movement is no longer just about getting people like Barack Obama out of office, but it has become a legitimate part of the legislative process because it brings proper education to the people who need it and will act on it, without the filter of the local newspaper to put a liberal spin on it. The information was good and raw and that’s just the way things should be, and it was great to see it alive and well on a pleasant summer night in West Chester, Ohio.

Rich Hoffman

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