The Respect for the FBI is Gone: Justice begins and ends at my door step

This is why all the FBI agents and Justice Department officials under the Obama White House who participated in the anti-Trump Spygate controversy need to be prosecuted, because they have lost their moral ground to function due to their actions. They have tainted the FBI and other law enforcement agencies to the level where the trust has been broken beyond repair, and the only way to fix it would be to throw justice their way and let the chips fall where they may. If Robert Mueller sent a team of agents to my house right now to confiscate my cell phone, take my computer and go through my records I would say no. And if they tried to force themselves on my property there would be big trouble for them, because I now view them as members of a hostile activist political enterprise for the other side, and their legal arms of justice I do not recognize. They are part of the problem, not protectors of the Constitution and that leaves us to do the job of justice ourselves, since the people we hired can’t be trusted to do the job, and that is a problem.

What the FBI allowed to happen in the Hillary Clinton case, with destroying their cell phone evidence, with the meeting of Loretta Lynch in a private plane with Bill Clinton to obviously cut a deal for how the prosecution of his wife would be covered so that she could still run for president, to the Peter Strzok debacle where Director Comey put an anti-Trump activist on the Hillary Clinton case to help her get through the 2016 election season. The FBI had been weaponized, clearly, and in doing so they lost their good name and authority to obtain compliance from a person like me. And that status will remain until they fix it with justice. James Comey needs to be prosecuted, Andy McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Loretta Lynch and Hillary Clinton—at a bare minimum. Until any of that happens, I consider the FBI to be a hostile force. As a Trump supporter I have to assume that they’d come after me as they are him presently and hostility would be their primary intention, so there would be no cooperation and compliance from me at my household.

Just some advice to congress as they decide whether or not to give Andy McCabe immunity for his testimony, which he obviously wants. I’d be inclined to do so because he is likely to tell a story that takes this whole corruption case into the Obama White House and that would allow for the prosecution of the really big fish in this deal. As members of congress who still support the deep state, it might be tempting to let McCabe take the fifth and allow the facts to destroy his reputation, but to contain the case to just him. For the members of the swamp who have caused all this trouble it would be very damaging to the institutions of justice to have all the names I mentioned, like Hillary Clinton, James Comey, and Loretta Lynch get drug over the waterboard of justice—but that’s what needs to happen. Without question a court case that drags those people and the Obamas in front of a judge would be the biggest political event in history and it would shatter the confidence many people have in their government. But I’m already there. The truth would do more to repair that problem then more lies. If McCabe can take this case to Obama’s doorstep, then we should give him his immunity and let him sing under a witness protection program. Its far more important to get to the truth than to prosecute one sacrificial victim.

I remember the outrage I felt when I learned that the Hillary people turned in smashed up laptops and phones to the FBI and that we were supposed to be alright with that. The news was reported like such a thing was an everyday occurrence, and here she was running for president of the United States. We didn’t know at the time that there was a spy in the Trump campaign put there by the FBI, we didn’t know that Hillary Clinton was going to get a free pass by the FBI and that decisions were made by James Comey before the Clinton team even submitted their evidence—destroyed as it was. We didn’t know about the phony Russian conspiracy that the political left would attempt to use to discredit the Trump election, the firing of James Comey by Trump and the leaking of documents by the former FBI director to the media to inspire the Robert Mueller investigation led by a small army of Clinton supporters. We just knew that the Clinton people destroyed their evidence, hid their private server so that nobody would ever learn what was on it to begin with—which is how all this trouble started in the first place, and we were all supposed to just accept those facts and move along. I found the situation back then laughable, now it is just amazingly corrupt.

I’m not exactly the type of person who breaks laws—I’m probably the most reliable person that the law enforcement community could hope to deal with—solid family man, respected businessman, helps people whenever possible, isn’t a public menace in any way at all. Yet because of my political affiliations, I’m likely at the top of every watch list that there is and if this kind of behavior at the FBI is allowed to continue then it doesn’t take long for good people to be villainized through the lens of collectivism. Look what happened to General Flynn. I can sure as hell say that such a thing won’t happen to me. Nobody is coming into my house and ransacking my stuff while my wife and I are held at gunpoint. That’s not going to happen. If the FBI were functioning under normal conditions, I might give them the benefit of the doubt, but not presently. I think we all have to assume that they are up to no good until they prove otherwise.

This whole Inspector General report that is coming out really has me bothered, because it’s completed and little bits of it are being leaked to the press to smoothen out the blow. But those types of calculations are part of the problem. Trying to hide or suppress information from the American people in favor of the accused is very dirty stuff. It further displays that are branches of justice cannot be trusted and that the waters of the swamp, where the “Deep State” resides is actually quite deep. Much deeper than any of us thought a year ago. So just for the record, until the FBI cleans up their own, don’t come to my house, or expect any level of compliance from me. I see the whole organization as a threat to constitutional government presently, and the burden to change that perception falls on them, not me. The way the top levels of our government functioned under the Obama White House, and still does because there are many holdovers, wasn’t much different from third world countries and banana republics trying to use fake elections to prop up dictators. That is not how things are going to be done in America and if that line of justice has to be drawn at my front door, then so be it.

Rich Hoffman

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