Trump Says that He’s the Smartest: Why the “many” hate the good for being good

When President Trump spoke at the Duluth, Minnesota rally on June 20th 2018 he said something remarkable. During the contents of the speech he stated that he was “smarter” than his opposition, which is entirely true, but it’s an unspoken rule that most people in his position never state publicly. And they always should have. There is nothing wrong with being smarter, faster, bigger, better looking than your opponents—but there has been a quiet evil that has circulated through the human race essentially since its inception, and that is a kind of egalitarian approach to existence. If someone had talents over others the implication was that it was a kind of duty to suppress those talents to spare the emotions of other people. But in doing so a very malicious evil was unleashed and that evil is at the heart of the Democratic Party—particularly its most progressive branches. That evil essentially is a severe hatred of the good for being good.

When Trump stated that he was smarter than his opponents, those people constituted previous presidential administrations, the entire FBI, and CIA, other leaders around the world, highly educated political pundits, political strategists who have been in the business their entire lives—Trump stated that he was smarter than they were, and he further drove home the point by stating that he was elected president and they weren’t for proof as to their assertions. What he stated was one of the greatest unspoken rules known to mankind and Trump uttered it as if he were talking about the weather. When I first heard it I thought, “this is about time that someone say such a thing, especially at the level of the president.” Essentially, that way of thinking is why America is superior to the rest of the world and why the trade deal talks and any other aspects of our economy can easily beat back any nation—because as a capitalist country we are filled with “better people.” They are better not because they are white or male, or any physical condition. They are better because they are free people allowed to develop beyond the limits of the greater civilization and that is the key to most successful ventures in life.

The reason our public schools our ineffective is because their essential aim is to apply egalitarianism to the student body. While we all know stories of the very attractive prom king and queen, most students will fall into the murky middle category and won’t aspire beyond the egalitarianism that they learned in their public educations. Such a social system may worship the star quarterback or the kid who dominates in basketball and wins the school many state rewards—but the public school becomes a microcosm of the macrocosmic society where such celebrities are worshipped but common people never aspire to be really be one themselves. This approach to learning is not conducive to the type of capitalist system that America is, so the education that we provide is worthless to those types of people who refuse to accept that they are in an egalitarian system.

Trump obviously never saw himself as equal to others, he has spent his life putting himself above the average in everything he did. If you are a rival of his, that would make him an enemy. But just like in the capitalist system of a nation, such relationships make the world a better place for everyone. If someone has worked hard to be better than average than why should they not reap the benefits of that position? But in all aspects of the egalitarian movement which has constantly attempted to attack America’s capitalist systems, trying to be better than others is considered a value judgment, and egalitarians just can’t have any judgements made, because that mutes the point of their entire existence. This is why they hate those who are good, because they are good. Good is a value judgment which implies superiority over the egalitarians and a society dedicated to equality for all is dedicated to the cause of leveling the playing field for everyone.

The way they aim to do this is to rob value from value so that everything comes out to zero. It is a grand scheme of the egalitarians who happen also to be among the laziest of our society. The real reason they push for equality is that they are too lazy to compete with others for the title. Even though some may never reach the category of being the best at something, when everyone competes, everyone individually gets better. But the lazy wish always to rob the value of individual achievement to relish in their own identity. For instance, when a star athlete scores a point just before the conclusion of a game, people in the audience often say “we won!” No, “we” didn’t win, the athlete under great pressure and poise gave the team a victory. The team didn’t do it for him. The people on the sidelines didn’t win the game, they benefited from the heroics of the individual who scored with seconds left to play. Everyone playing the game isn’t equal. So long as the athlete at the conclusion of the game sanctions the team spirit as a whole, the individual will be praised. But if they put the light on themselves the way they deserve, then there will be great hatred for the athlete because they are not allowing others to loot off the victory with unearned merit.

One of the evilest things a person can do is to sanction evil by running away from how good they are so to avoid the appeasement of the lazy—so that we don’t hurt their feelings. By allowing egalitarianism to destroy good by forcing it away from people’s minds we allow evil to triumph over good—the good defined by effort, honesty, and achievement instead of sacrificing those elements to the lazy, the stupid, and the malicious. When good people who are the best at what they do allow the worst of our society to believe they are equal to the good by not showing the comparison they are allowing evil to win, and that is not acceptable.

What makes Donald Trump such a great president, is that he does not sanction evil by robbing it from the good. He is often very quick to point out great individuals who are doing good in the world, but he refuses to sanction evil by equating it with the good which is why there is such vicious hatred of him by the left. Donald Trump really hasn’t done anything to any of them—other than exist. And when you really break down what they hate about Trump it’s that he insists to always push for being the best, the best country, having the best wife, being the smartest in the room, having the best economy—and that attitude is strengthening the powers of capitalism, not robbing from it the way egalitarians have always dreamed. They are not mad at Donald Trump because of anything he did, other than the fact that he wants to do good, and for them that is the worst thing in the world because it sets a standard they are too lazy, and too stupid to live up to.

Rich Hoffman

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