Why a Space Force is Needed: Answering the call on the doorsteps of history

I understand and sympathize with the frustrations President Trump must be feeling. I think the creation of a Space Force in the United States is long overdue. It’s more than time for such a thing, especially as commercial ventures move more into space. There will be rescues needed, and general maintenance as Space becomes more of our national dialogue. Yet the small-minded continue to relish in the feces of their entirely limited scope. I read maybe the dumbest thing I have read all year at the link below. It will take me dozens of smart books to wash the filth from my mind, yet for discussion points I have to recommend it to you dear reader as well, for context. Essentially mankind in its current form is of two minds, one is always looking for the next great thing and is inventing itself to that doorstep. The other is desiring to do what mankind has always done and that is to retreat back into the forms of the primitive. Those two desires are clearly at cross purposes, they are not compatible intellectually to inhabit the same space on planet earth and that is very obvious with Karl Grossman, the author of the article at the following link—and of some of the video examples shown below.


I certainly don’t care about the Outer Space Treaty of 1967. Mankind hadn’t even walked on the moon when that treaty was made with other countries. It was way too soon to put language on paper. Space must be in the future of humanity, because earth won’t last forever. Earth is a jealous mother cleaving to its children in a very unhealthy way, but mankind must rebel away from it anyway, and that Outer Space Treaty of 1967 that Karl Grossman is so excited about is worthless. The people of the earth are not egalitarians, and they certainly aren’t socialists. There cannot be a treaty of shared interests with countries that are not all functioning from the same general philosophies and until that happens there will be wars among people. Countries will fight it out just as there are arguments at family dinner tables over ideological based observations. In the meantime, for the sake of peace, the United States can’t chain itself to some stupid treaty with the communist nation of China over how to develop space.

It’s essentially the same argument that we still have about the moral nature of western expansion in the United States, did the primitive Indians have a right to hold mankind down to the prayers to the gods for their sustenance, or should capitalism, the railroad, and the boundless imagination of people unleashed by the desire for personal wealth unlock those mysteries for the name of science? I certainly know the answer and it’s not even close, I’ll take science any day. I am certainly a fan of pushing all the hippies, and progressive losers out of the science fields and replacing them with adventurers and fortune hunters—because all science needs money to function, and it is in science that mankind unlocks its next doors of exploration. Space deserves our attention, as many adventures await, and I don’t have any sympathy for the sentiments of the overly cautious who want peace over understanding, and a preservation of nature over wealth creation. Nature is always in a state of decline, and its end is guaranteed. But the ability to think and change its circumstances is very specific to the nature of mankind, and it is one of the most positive elements in the universe. I have no doubt that we could and likely will look to the ends of time and back again and we won’t find any form of life that is as unique, and special as the human mind. Because the human mind can not only navigate its environment for basic needs of survival, but it can contemplate the nature of existence and make course corrects that benefit all life everywhere.

Listening to critics of Donald Trump’s Space Force reminded me of my school days where as a Star Wars fan who often wore t-shirts to school paying reverence to that classic movie, kids would make fun of it. The more they did of course, the more I wore them because it was never my goal to fit in with those imbecilic losers. I understood why they said what they did even back then, before I had literature and adult understandings to define the elements for me. Public schools were always built to support the old order of aristocratic Europe, the kind of thinking that kept mankind chained to the Vico Cycle—where questions like, “do you believe in Atlantis” were met with sneers. Those old order people would say, “of course not, we invented the wheel at such and such time, we had the Bronze Age here, and the Iron Age there, so of course there couldn’t have been an Atlantis.” Only what those fools never considered was that under today’s current sea levels are old ocean fronts containing major cities of the old world and one of them is likely Atlantis, a place that jumped forward and reverted back again to the dingy thinking of the socialists and progressives—people probably called by another name by a Karl Marx figure who infected their society the way the modern version infected our present society with diseased thinking and fearful sentiment. Kids in grade school made fun of Star Wars because fans dared to think the unimaginable, was there life on other planets, why would anybody want to travel into space—there were no girls there to kiss so why do it. People should keep their feet on the ground, turn in their guns and trust mother government to chain mankind’s feet to the earth and be done with all these fantasies of life in outer space. I always knew better, I mostly wore Star Wars shirts because it was like throwing Holy Water on a demon from the apocalypse.

Conquest is not a bad thing, before a human mind can conquer what it doesn’t yet know, it must destroy the things that hold back knowledge and that is often the rules and superstitions of the previous order. Just as there is a need for a Coast Guard to help in international shipping, and an Air Force to provide not only air cover for the United States, but to refill airplanes in long distance transit, as we move into Space and host long distance trips to Mars and beyond there will be a need for a professional organization to assist in the travels, when things do go wrong which they will. That doesn’t mean that mankind should sip tea in the streets of Paris and look to the art of the past and declare that genius would progress no further, but that all minds should dare to go to the next place discovered by adventurers and unleash new thoughts and practices for which have not yet been invented because necessity hasn’t yet demanded them. The old jealous types who cleave to the old are not trying to save the earth or humanity through peace, they are only trying to lay cover for their own timidity and internal fears of the unknown. And that is precisely why we need a Space Force now, and not a minute longer, because space is a place that we must explore and eventually escape to, in order to bring value to the thoughts that placed us on this doorstep of history. To turn away now would be to become the next Atlantis for some future civilization of head hunters and tattooed freaks cleaving once again at the primitive values of the known. And we don’t want to see that happen, that’s for sure. I’m ready to wear my t-shirt for the new Space Force and to boldly help wherever possible.

Rich Hoffman

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