The Blue Wave of Liberalism: As the Supreme Court rules in favor of tradition, tears are all that come from the left leaning insurgents

We are seeing a blue wave, a blue wave of liberal tears, that’s a whole lot better than the blood of slain socialists and communists in American streets. With the two biggest Supreme Court decisions coming this past week leaning the court in directions it should have always been, liberals should consider themselves lucky. The court system is working properly for once not just because it is representative of a conservative view for a change as there aren’t surprises such as we had in the Obamacare case years. The High Court under the guidance of President Trump is working competently especially in two cases, their support of the Trump travel ban which had been challenged by the lower courts and the reversal of the mandatory union dues to be paid by non union employees. By adding these decisions to the bakery case of a gay couple trying to compel a business owner to bake a cake for a ceremonial practice that they didn’t wish to do, a positive pattern is clearly developing which is good for the human race, but bad for liberals who demand the sanctioning of their bad behavior from good people in order to live their lives—and the Supreme Court is philosophically aligned for a change on the correct premise of all Constitutional debate—the act of compulsion over individuals.

In essence the nature of the travel ban where people from war-torn communist and socialist countries are fleeing to America can be summed up simply. Why are there people from bad places in the world trying to get into America—because America has value where El Salvador and Iran have lost that value. People wanting to survive desire to leave for the opportunities that America has to offer. However, bad guys who want to destroy America hide in the great numbers of migrants so that they can embed themselves like a Trojan horse into that culture of value and soon the problems of gang violence that is in El Salvador are in the streets of New York and Chicago. The main problem is that the failures of socialism and communism have created violent clans for which people are fleeing from in those host countries causing an immigration problem. Liberals like socialist behavior and have always been fans of communists so they ignore the failures of the origin countries and seek as all Marxists do, the looting of value wherever they can like some sick insect destroying a garden. The Constitution grants our president, whomever they may be, to protect American borders from just such a menace and that is what Trump has done, and the Supreme Court has upheld that right. The American people cannot be forced to sanction evil, in this case giving socialists and communists a path toward continued existence by forcing Americans to fund illegal immigration and allowing dictatorships and totalitarian governments to thrive off the looted wealth of America by flooding the border with immigrants and collapsing our legal system under the weight of sheer chaos.

And it was 41 years ago that a previous Supreme Court putting their finger to the air and trying to predict the future allowed labor unions to compel employees to pay union dues to them for which they would then spend on liberal political candidates. As I’ve pointed out many times the concept of labor unions were always socialists in their nature—their aim was always to compel the many to support the views of the union leadership—which were always Marxist in nature. The decision was wrong then and thankfully this modern court reversed that bad practice which will go a long way to restoring sanity back into our employment sectors. By allowing labor unions to compel employees to give them money it was no different from some mob boss compelling business owners and the people of a community to pay for protection not from the world, but from the mob bosses. Always behind the effort was the desire of the many to steal value from the few to sanction behavior that individuals didn’t agree with, which has the adverse effect of weakening our Republic style of government. America was never a democracy where the mobs rule by sheer numbers—which was always the desire of socialists and communists, because the lazy, the stupid, and the evil will always accompany the masses giving democracies their proper place in the Vico Cycle. Looking back at the failed countries of the Trump travel ban, failed societies of democracies that have allowed their cultures to be overrun by evil have destroyed the value of their homelands and they as a sheer survival instinct seek value where it is so they can loot from it—which is the cause of illegal immigration. The same holds true of labor unions who seek the input of the most valuable to loot that wealth and convert it to collective oppression to sustain their own existence.

The argument that labor unions have against such a Supreme Court ruling is that it supports “free riders.” People who benefit from the union negotiations without paying for the service. But what labor unions really mean to say is that they require compulsion and surrender of individual will to the mass desires of a tribe mentality to function effective as a leverage holder of a place of business. That is bad enough in private businesses, but it is absolutely detrimental in government jobs where tax payers are forced to fund this chaos then to have the looted money confiscated turned into liberal weapons in the realm of politics. By allowing the practice of such looting of individual wealth in favor of collective benefit, the previous Supreme Court of 1977 opened the door to the artificial financial support of a liberal party in America that would have never existed but for its thuggish roots into socialism which stole its value from people who would not give them that value unless the highest court in the land had said that such a thing was legal. The high court finally after more than forty years corrected that mistake and we are all much better for it.

yPhilosophy is the key to our civilization, and without it, we have chaos, which is what previous governments have been exporting up until this Trump administration. With President Trump showing that he is willing to protect the bold, the current Supreme Court has shown that it is willing to uphold individual rights over the protests of the group assimilators who want to turn our Republic into a mob driven democracy well on its way to anarchy—quite on purpose. The case-law from just this week’s Supreme Court cases will resonate for the next century in very positive ways Constitutionally, and that is good for everyone in the world—even the illegal immigrants. It protects what they are seeking. Even though the dream of America might be put off a few years through the legal immigration system that is merit based it means that when they do get to the greatest country on planet earth that their dreams will be intact and opportunities will be there for them to utilize as individuals. The socialist influences that have destroyed their homelands are finally being pushed back in America which keeps that light on in North America for the rest of the world to follow and that is truly the greatest aspect of this week’s rulings by the Supreme Court. While the liberals may think its all unfair they should at least take refuge in the fact that they are shedding tears, and not blood, because their continued incursions into traditional American life is not permissible and if we did not have the courts doing some of this suddenly good work, then it would be war in the streets against their collectivist ideologies, and they wouldn’t like the result of that. They should consider those tears a lucky byproduct.

Rich Hoffman
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