No Conservative Can be a Racist: Understanding the nature of merit based exsistance

We need to clear something up about our present time, it is impossible for those who are philosophically aligned with conservatism to have any remnants of racism in them. No real conservative could be a racist. Its impossible in every way imaginable. When a Democrat or some 26-year-old reporter writes an article explaining how Donald Trump is a racist due to his border policy, they are expressing their own vast ignorance at the meaning of such a word—they simply don’t know what it means, or how its applied. Racism is a very ancient form of stupidity and is a left-over remnant of mankind’s past in experimenting with superstition and religion. It’s the ultimate group think, to assume that all Jews think this way, or that all Germans think another way, or that people from the continent of Africa have limits of this kind or that kind—all those thoughts are rooted in a misunderstanding that cultural behavior is directly connected to genetic structure—which its not. For anyone who believes in individual rights, it is disingenuous and ignorant to chain people to the group association of their past. It just doesn’t make sense.

To get to the roots of this debacle examine the nature of the type of people who are doing all this genetic research these days, into their own family trees. I have listened to many crazy lunatics over the years go into extreme lengths to discover who in their family’s past was a rug cleaner in the court of some European king, or some great, great-uncle cleaned the gun of a letter carrier in some great American war. Or that their grandfather or father knew a guy who knew a guy who was friends with a guy who knew the agent of a popular rock band and managed to get back stage passes—and for that the entire family is supposed to be proud of their association with touching celebrity in their lives and to actually brag about it. Such thoughts are the foundations of racism, and people who believe in any way that the genetic fortunes of some family member from their past equates to some rubbed off merit passed down through the ages are simply wrong.

You can see this same type of behavior when people inherit unearned wealth after a powerful character dies in a family and the less intelligent descendents try to figure out how to manage the wealth that was left behind. Often those direct family members didn’t have to work hard and learn intellectually how to manage wealth, so millions of dollars that took a lifetime to build are squandered away in months or years by the relatives who inherit it because they do not possess the skills that built the wealth just because of their genetic makeup, or that they happened to marry into a powerful family. The world functions off merit-based intelligence not whether or not a person becomes great and just because they have a son or daughter that all that greatness magically rubs off on the offspring. What does rub off is the access to such greatness and for people within a circle of influence to learn from some older person, but to assume that magically success will just happen because of genetics is a preposterous concept that has long left the minds of anybody intelligent. Those types of thoughts might have had a place in primitive times, but they are long outdated and have been proven wrong and are not part of any conservative movement. The very concept of conservatism puts values on individual behavior, not group assimilation and racism is all about group identity.

Those on the political left do not think in individual terms so everything they see has some primitive form of group association. For instance, there are actual discussions about President Trump’s Supreme Court pick and what school of law they might have attended as if the school itself might make a Supreme Court Justice better than another from a different school. The failed assumption is that it is the school as a group that is responsible for a brilliant legal mind, not the actions of the student in becoming great through hard work and perseverance. It is in the mind of the liberal the association with groups that deserve the credit for excellence. We hear the same type of comparisons in sports, a team that wins a lot often umbrellas the credit for frequent victories on “team philosophies” not the individual efforts of the team members themselves who are responsible. Even with the great play of LaBron James the other individuals on the 2018 Cleveland Cavaliers weren’t very good and they could not beat the Golden State Warriors for the championship. Just because LaBron James was on the Cleveland Team, the entire team wasn’t suddenly good as a whole. The team sucked and only found themselves in the playoffs because of LaBron James. When they had to play teams with other talented NBA players, they couldn’t match the effort and they lost. A school, a team, or a family lineage cannot make someone great, only individualized hard work and effort.

Knowing all that, it is impossible for a race of people to lay claim to any level of intelligence or aptitude. There are brilliant people born along the shores of the Congo River and in the mountain tops of the Andes. They can occur anywhere at any time, and it is up to them to develop those skills as individuals. America was never a racist nation. There is no place on planet earth that has such a diverse and successful assembly of individuals achieving greatness. A successful American is not a person of any kind of color, not even white. Such concepts are entirely made up by people who are liberal in their thinking because they don’t understand the basics of individualized achievement. People aren’t successful in America because they inherited some business from their father or that they went to a certain school. They are successful because they worked hard and developed themselves as individuals to do what others could not, or would not. But once done, the achievement doesn’t carry over into all the children and grandchildren. Doing a heredity search two hundred years from now won’t automatically make some future person more successful just because someone in their family was successful once. It takes the actions of an individual to brew success and that comes from a well-developed mind, not skin color or sex.

The misconceptions of the ignorant, which most liberals are, do not make reality a defined state. Their ignorance and lack of philosophic understanding does not change the rules of the universe. All existence is merit based. A success today does not make a success tomorrow and it certainly doesn’t hide in the genetic makeup of a human being. Only really dumb people would think such a thing. Conservatives are by their basic epistemology those who believe in individualized achievement, and that goes for a person of any color or sex. If a person is good, it doesn’t matter what their background, and it doesn’t matter who their parents were or if their family lineage at some point in the past touched greatness. All that matters is whether the individuals who make up the human race are working to become exceptional in some endeavor and whether or not they manage to have success. There is no racism in the conservative political parties because they are all based on individual behavior, and that knows no genetic limitation. Only the effort behind the mind of individuals.

Rich Hoffman
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