With the Election of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Mexico is now an Open Enemy: People will finally understand why we needed to build the wall

In a lot of ways the election of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador as the new Mexican president is a good thing because it removes the masks of pretense and allows us to deal with the true nature of what Mexico is. Mexico has never been a friend to the American government. It is a socialist hell hole that has been barely surviving off the tourism of Americans looking to do things there that they couldn’t do in their home country. It is a country run by drug cartels as that is their primary export, and Lopez Obrador knows that, which is why he is seeking amnesty with the main drug lords to just make everything official. As a radical leftist, his election will just take the mask off what the Mexican people always were—social radicals desiring an openly socialist state-run confiscation of all wealth. At least we know what we are dealing with without the fake handshakes and kind words through the media.

There is no heritage of the Mexican people. They are a conquered people infused by the country of Spain and have been on a social justice campaign experiment that nobody would have tried in Europe that was a spectacular failure. Most of the Central and South American countries that have attempted the kind of turn to the left that Mexico has have not survived which is why they have gangs running their economies instead of legitimate governments. That is certainly the case in El Salvador and Guatemala, but at least in Mexico they benefited in spill over money that came from the richest country on earth.

Out of frustration since the election of President Trump the real strategy of Mexico as a country has been revealed, the desperate poor have been encouraged to flood the U.S. border and to overwhelm the court system and to bring all that destructive socialism into America to loot the value of the capitalists and destroy the country from within. That attack was to take place on two fronts, with poison from the drug cartels infecting the youth of the United States then by mixing socialist people desperately poor with the American people to change the voting patterns. Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador not surprisingly has proposed to make peace with drug cartels and to use drugs as one of Mexico’s greatest exports, openly. People in Mexico who elected Lopez Obrador are desperate to try something, and conservative ideas are not in the Mexican vocabulary, so at least we are dealing with villains that we can see for once. Instead of pretending to be friends to America, the open hostility has been revealed for what it always was.

This will help the Trump proposal of a border wall and secure the funding much easier than before where too many Americans were willing to give the Mexican people the benefit of the doubt. But essentially you can’t have one of the world’s poorest economies right next to the richest and expect everything to go well. It’s like leaving a mansion unlocked at all times with a next-door neighbor living in a double-wide. The poor will always seek to steal from the rich because they are poor for a reason. A lot of people from the Mexican culture are hard workers, but they lack a proper philosophy that would allow them to become wealthy, as much of their “heritage” has either come from the collectivist based Aztec and Mayan cultures, the socialist Christian conquistadors from Spain or the Marxists from Germany. The people of Mexico need a capitalist revolution in their home country before they are ever ready to be a proper neighbor to the United States and I can’t think of any better way for them to get there than to learn what will happen to them under a Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador presidency.

It was stated during the Lopez Obrador campaign that he desires to sit down with the United States as equals and negotiate NAFTA. The trouble is, Mexico is not “equal” to the United States. Capitalists and Marxists are not equal—one takes from the other so there can be no terms that promote a conducive relationship. That is like a robber negotiating with their victim, either I shoot you and I take all your money, or you give it to me so I don’t have to shoot you. That is the kind of negotiating that Mexico is proposing under Lopez Obrador. There is no equality, and its time that people who don’t pay much attention to politics in the United States finally learn what kind of neighbor Mexico has always wanted to be.

For a long time, open border progressives have attempted to fuse the two countries together playing on the sympathy that most people have for each other. Nobody wants to see some of the dirt-poor conditions that people live under in Mexico. Any right-thinking person would want to help, and Americans have, which is the only thing keeping Mexico barely hanging on. But the two cultures don’t mix as their value systems are radically different which is why there needs to be a wall to separate the two. Up to this point there just haven’t been enough Americans willing to admit that such divisions existed between Mexico and America. Large American businesses wanted to believe they could move to Mexico and run manufacturing plants, but now that will be nearly impossible as socialists will seek to take control of their facilities now that the pretension of civility has been removed leaving Mexico to rely on their primary export—drugs—poison.

Things needed to get worse in Mexico before anything would ever get better—and with the election of Lopez Obrador they have. As a far-left leaning activist everyone on all sides will finally get to see what it looks like to be an openly socialist country interacting with North America. Canada is another socialist leaning country that is now finding itself at odds with the American government under Trump. The business community of course wants peace between all countries just as Mexico hopes that Americans will still travel south and spend their money on Mexican tourism. But you can’t have something of value next to something seeking value by looting it from others and that is where Mexico is as a country. Canada is as well, only their mixed economy interacts with North American capitalism in more dynamic ways which blurs the lines for people who don’t see the socialism on the surface of things. But Mexico doesn’t have such blurred line.

While its true that the election of Lopez Obrador likely wouldn’t have happened if not for the election of Donald Trump, trying to maintain the illusion of civility would have only prolonged the inevitable. So, we might as well get to the meat and potatoes of this dilemma and let the American people see what has always been going on in Mexico. We’ve always been at war, we just never talked about it. Now we will, and now the intentions will be obvious. The border wall will further define the differences between the two cultures. The pain of that difference may have elected Lopez Obrador, but it has also caused Mexico to reveal their true problem, their Marxist roots and the failures that were created in that country because of it. By stripping away the civility that has camouflaged that difference for too many years, now we can all deal with reality, Mexico is a country of leftists made that way from the very beginning and they want to attack America. Some within our own country who call themselves leftists want to see that happen and they are domestic enemies for attempting the insurrection. But now the illusions have been lifted and we can see what really divides us and that is ultimately a very good thing.

Rich Hoffman

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2 thoughts on “With the Election of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador Mexico is now an Open Enemy: People will finally understand why we needed to build the wall

  1. Well documented and well written. Sadly, BHO spent eight years as POTUS undermining our Republic via the Alinsky methods. We are still suffering from the effects of all of his Communist appointments. His people and the far left media are working to destroy our president. The entertainment industry has been left from the beginning. It is quite evident that Joseph McCarthy was right on track. Too bad so few listened to him. I am wondering how guilty are the reps we trusted. It is close to fifty of them who are not going to run again.


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