The Power of MAGA Hats: Kino Jimenez and the political left learned a hard lesson

There is nothing I hate more than a bully, so I was quite interested in the story of Kino Jimenez who as a 30-year-old liberal attacked a 16-year-old boy on the 4th of July wearing a Donald Trump MAGA hat in a Texas Whataburger restaurant at 2 AM. Good for the kids with the young man wearing the hat because they captured the attack on camera and posted the video for which there was a firestorm of anger against Jimenez. Within a few hours of the attack the video was spreading to Trump supporters who had figured out who the attacker was and posted an old address online. From there people went looking for Jimenez to beat the hell out of him only to discover that the posted address was only that of his brothers. Realizing that he was in danger Kino Jimenez shaved off his beard and hoped to lay low for a while, but police knew they had to do something so they arrested the assailant for theft and put him in jail, essentially for his own protection. What makes this one special is that it is showing unequivocally that people are starting to fight back and defend themselves from liberalism. The MAGA hats are the start of something, they have become synonymous with Trump supporters who want to do just that, Make America Great Again, and they are standing up to the very nature of liberalism which has corrupted our nation for decades to the impressions of bullies who make up that political philosophy. And that is a very new thing to see happening in American politics, where the right kind of people are finally fighting back.

I’m not a supporter of mob violence so I’m not exactly cheering that a mob of internet revenge seekers essentially hunted down Kino Jimenez and forced the hand of the Universal City Police Department to arrest the guy before people beat the hell out of him. But I am an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth kind of person. Or should I say and eye for a head, and a tooth for ripping out the heart of your enemy and eating it over his last moments of life kind of guy. That turn the other cheek stuff is for dope smoking hippies who follow a Buddhist idea of peace at any cost kind of thinking—which is not conducive to confronting evil and pushing it out of our lives. The only way to truly make America great again is to confront the evil that has been working against it and in this case, it is the fight over individual rights versus the old order of collective salvation.

People like Kino Jimenez who make up the liberal political parties because they are not personally tough people. They are drawn to the Democratic Party because they wish to hide in the safety of the herd. They use the violence of a mob to gang up on individuals who typically don’t stick together and to separate conservatives from others like them with constant harassment. The primary reason that the minority of progressives, socialists and Democrats have been able to make the gains against Constitutional management that they have is due to their gang like behavior. In this case Kino Jimenez didn’t need a gang, he was a big 30-year-old guy picking on a bunch of teenage kids. He felt the power of his party behind him to join the anti-Trump movement in harassing anybody wearing one of those MAGA hats—which is what he did.

The MAGA hats were a brilliant branding scheme created by the Trump campaign which unified many disjointed individuals under the flag of a conservative movement, which is new for the Republican Party. As people who typically support individual rights the greatest weakness of conservatives were that they didn’t tend to stick together on anything, so they were constantly at the mercy of the bullies of liberalism. Liberals have no choice but to stick together, that is the nature of their political party, group think and peer pressure. Democrats require the destruction of individualism in order to sustain themselves in every situation, so they have to be bullies in order to survive. They cannot stand on the merits of their own thinking, which is their weakness and has been from the beginning. When Trump came out with that hat as a candidate it served as a binder with the greater movement of conservatism standing together in defense of itself. The MAGA hats united individuals together in a way that no conservative movement had up to that time and now two years later with Trump now comfortably in the presidency the kids in that Whataburger restaurant were feeling patriotic on the 4th of July and wanted to wear their MAGA hat out to show their sentiments toward American celebration. I did the same, I wore my MAGA hat on the 4th of July as well, for many of the same reasons and it does turn the heads of liberals every time I do it. They know what it means, it’s all about individuals coming together to fight the incursions of group think which persists in liberalism.

That frightens people like Kino Jimenez so he lashed out at the young kid wearing the hat, but something happened that he didn’t expect. People came to the defense of the 16-year-old and hit the streets hunting the bully down until justice was served. The same kind of joined attack occurred at The Red Hen in rural Virginia when they kicked out Sarah Sanders from the Trump White House staff and denied her food service. Shortly a small mob of Trump supporters showed up to protest the restaurant which was not something any of the leftists involved planned to see happen. The political left is seeing something they never counted on, conservatives are fighting back, and they aren’t sure what to do about it.

This is what I have been saying for many years, several decades now. Conservatives essentially make up most of America. Liberalism is a very small portion of the American experience, yet they have been able to puff out their chests and appear to be much larger than they really are giving the illusion of superiority in many cases, and they were able to do that because conservatives didn’t stick together or show a desire to fight back when they needed to. For all the talk and fear that came out of the Tea Party movement, the Tea Party was never about protesting and inciting violence against those with whom they disagreed. It was always about education, which is radically different from the typical leftist gathering where the only method of interaction that they have is violence or the threat of it. But now things are different, people are fighting back, the right kind of people. The MAGA hats have unified a movement behind a common cause for liberty that has not happened before except perhaps during the Revolution and it is starting to wear down the opposition.

Liberals have never stood for what America always was. They have been asking when America was ever great, so how could there be a hat demanding to make America great again. Because to them they have to destroy individual rights to exist so America was never great, to them greatness comes under the flag of group think. But now conservatives have been united under the MAGA hats and they are coming to the defense of the weak when they see there is a need—and that is something the political left cannot deal with. When it happens thugs like Kino Jimenez learn quickly the consequences of the bully tactics of liberalism when they try to suppress individual rights, the right to think different from a liberal, the right to wear a MAGA hat, the right to separate oneself from the herd of lazy marijuana inspired thugs. For a change the mobs aren’t coming from liberals, they are coming from conservatives united by Trump for the defense of individual rights, and that is something very new.

Rich Hoffman

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