Defending Jim Jordan: The gayness of most modern sports progams and their strategic implementation

I’ve watched the Jim Jordan interviews where some media personalities have been pressing him on this Ohio State scandal where he was an assistant coach to Russ Hellickson and there was a culture of sexual impropriety especially led by the team doctor Richard Strauss that has emerged to show rampant homosexual abuse and I know what happened. As all my readers know I am something of an expert on human behavior and deciphering nonverbal communication so the situation is quite clear to me. Jim Jordan is being attacked vigorously by this nothing story because of his success in going after the FBI scandal. There is nothing more or less to the story than that. Jim Jordan is a man of great integrity and honor who grew up as well as possible and did as much as he could to do well in the arena of sports that everyone encouraged him to be a part of, and as he could fight justice and honor in life he has done so cleanly, which is why he’s able to take on the FBI the way he has. It is quite telling however that this story has broken as public hearings for Peter Strzok are about to be underway because the institutionalists know they have to try something to throw Jim Jordan off the trail. And the institutionalists know just where to attack as Jordan was a coach at the institution at Ohio State. They have picked a vulnerability they knew all along, and one that exists in every school sports culture to some degree or another. So to exploit that the institutionalists have attempted to change the definitions of athletic behavior which is quite normal and reframe it all under modern interpretations of abuse.

I had great promise as an athlete in public school. In grades kindergarten through 5 I was clearly the fastest kid in my school and the gym teacher knew it. He had been prepping me for great success and letting the coaches of my middle school know that I was coming. Once I was to attend sixth grade I was being tailored to be a four-sport jock, and nothing less would be acceptable given my natural talents. What nobody counted on was that I was extremely independent, I didn’t take orders well at all, and that I had a real problem with getting naked in front of other kids. It was never that I was worried about endowment. But the little taste that I did get about locker room culture was something I hated and dreaded every single day I had to go to class. The culture was very homosexual in the way that other students behaved with each other but nobody called it that. It was the thing to do, and likely everyone who is a male reading this knows what I’m talking about. Most kids just put up with it and graduate away from the activity. I sought to avoid it at all costs which completely ruined my athletic career at school. I tried to not participate, but the locker room jokes about constantly indulging in sexual acts with other males was too collectivist for me and I couldn’t participate without feeling that the activity of athletics was intent to be a homosexual one.

I had a coach in the sixth grade that was the opposite of the coach I had in the fifth, he thought it best to force me into everything with peer pressure. The fifth-grade teacher fanned my independence acknowledging the natural talent, the sixth-grade teacher thought it best to break me down and rebuild me the way a soldier is built-in boot camp. My ability to read people was just as strong then as it is today, only I didn’t have then a vast catalogue of observed behavior to draw from, so the more this guy pushed me, the further I moved from becoming an athlete in my public school. I had a particular problem with playing quarterback because you had to literally stick your hand under the anus of the center which to me seemed like and entirely gay thing to do. It literally looked and felt to me that as quarterback the center was shitting the football and I was supposed to carry it around like some treasured item. If you really think about it, football is a very gay gladiator sport. I enjoy watching it, but if you study the culture itself its very gay. So was wrestling which I hated. Once that teacher found I hated being in such intimate contact with other male students and he wrote me off as a lost cause he put me in every wrestling match with much bigger guys certainly out of my weight class. Being a guy who never backed down from anything, I would do my best each time but my hatred for the guy would increase.

I made other very astute observations that still exist today, athletes, the better they were had very dysfunctional relationships with girls and women. I thought it was very interesting that girls were so hungry to throw themselves on the arm of a star male athlete because that same person had to accept a certain level of gayness to survive in sports. The girls wanted the social status of projecting to others that they could attract the top males of that particular social context, but they were often longing when it came to actual intimacy. Even as adults, once those young males had accepted the disjointed relationship of homosexual behavior in the locker room that it limited the emotional zeal of the human pollination process leaving most young girls and women feeling, “unsatisfied” sexually. It’s not that the body parts didn’t work, but it’s the emotional aspects of sex just weren’t there. It was a running theory that I confirmed much later when I found myself a personal driver for several star Cincinnati Bengal players. Most of their girlfriends were about my age so there came times where I dated those girls and had these reports given to me first hand about the dysfunctions of athletes in the bedroom. The girls were attracted to the players not for their sexual prowess, but because of their access to fame and the elevated lifestyle that those males would shower on their bed mates. But by the time professional athletes arrived at that level, the homosexual behavior in the locker rooms had changed the way their brains were wired, so it had a major impact on intimacy.

Now of course none of us called it homosexual behavior at the time, but after applying modern interpretations of things to those times, that would certainly be the case. Many people reading this likely had some level of Jim Jordan experience where these things were gong on, as many of the wrestlers who coached under Jim are doing today, and they put the protection of the institution ahead of the definition of gayness. Their individualism was secondary to the team concept of the locker room culture because let’s face it, the nature of the homosexual activity was to strip away the sanctity of the individual and replace it with a team concept—who you grab assed with became the person you would live and die for. One reason that individualism has always come so easily to me while others struggle with it was in my decision not to accept the companionship of other males into my life in this way because that is the first peer group that young males are forced to deal with before puberty even hits. For others it comes later, the realization of what happens in locker rooms, all locker rooms—especially twenty years ago.

The former wrestlers coming out against Jordan are now beyond the prime of their lives and nobody wants to see them do anything—so redefining the locker room culture to the modern PC movement is a last-ditch attempt from them at some level of fame. I would go so far say that many of them likely have dysfunctional relationships with their wives and are using this abuse case by the Ohio State team doctor to push the blame for their problems on him since he’s now deceased and an easy target. But honestly, are we supposed to believe that these team doctors like the one at Ohio State and the US Gymnastic Team were isolated? Most people who have kids must face the same dilemma, they put their kids into these sports programs to introduce them to the concept of team building. But the sexual manipulation of the young students by old tired coaches who are in the industry so that they can have access to flesh in its rawist form is there in just about every sport even though it usually isn’t talked about, especially twenty years ago. Just about anybody could tell stories about their past as I have. Not everyone took such extreme positions as I have, but everyone has had to go through their own Jim Jordan period, where they just wanted to do a good job as a coach, but the culture was an insult to their sensibilities and they either believed that the institutional gains were superior to the sacrifices of individual sanctity, or they just didn’t know who to talk to about it, because if you were an athlete on a college campus, or even a high school, you were in the top-tier of social elevation because that school could use you to sell the merits of their institution, either in tax increases or tuition enrollment.

Jim Jordan I think tried to do his best with the situation and attempted to be a light in the darkness, but who would he tell when he noticed that the team doctor was massaging the genitals of the athletes until they discharged semen? Who was going to do anything about it twenty years ago, or even now. No sports program is going to let it out what goes on in the locker room, because that would be bad for business. There was literally nowhere to turn and even if there were, everybody to some degree had suffered similar insults, so nobody was in a position to judge the behavior as illicit. The last chance for such a judgment is the FBI itself who knows full well what goes on in locker rooms and that Jim Jordan might be susceptible to a reverse analysis due to the nature of our present society to redefine things. But that was the only context for which anything was wrong, and it was completely out of the hands of Jim Jordan who was probably too young and idealistic toward institutional value to know it was wrong. Like a lot of people, he had to put on the blinders hoping that the merits of team building would be worth it. But as he and everyone else knows who survive such experiences, it doesn’t. We are all forced upon that realization to do what we can for truth and justice. For Jim Jordan he would eventually take on the FBI as a Freedom Caucus member representing Ohio on Capital Hill. For me I turned away from sport almost completely and never did take a shower with a bunch of guys in the locker room. And when they told gay jokes and tried to grab each other’s asses, I did not participate. Others participate and find that the memories of those experiences destroy the intimacy that their wives are craving, the self-confident lover they all want is instead of shell of a man who puts more effort into his lawn mower than in her breasts and thighs. And that is the truth for which nobody wants to speak, but for which we are now supposed to judge Jim Jordan. Give me a break!

Rich Hoffman

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