The Brillance of Donald Trump’s Summit with Putin: Democrats and Rino Republicans have lost all claims on sanity

Ahead of the summit with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Finland Democrats in America were chewing away their fingernails with worry. Some of the things they said about Trump were hilariously foolish, as if to assume that the President would be outmaneuvered by President Putin at every juncture—to sustain their own beliefs. Such as the truly insulting comments that during this summit that Putin might pull out a map of Ukraine and that Trump wouldn’t know what he was looking at, as if to insinuate that the President of the United States wasn’t smart enough to read a map. Of course as the day’s events in Helsinki evolved, Trump was magnificent and his meeting with Putin went well. As a Trump supporter I wouldn’t have expected anything less. But what continues to be fascinating is this Democratic insistence that they represent some superior intellect and that they have a monopoly on intellectual aptitude citing that Donald Trump is just another dumb Republican to fulfil their own notions of political superiority that is completely made up. I have met Donald Trump several times and read all his bestselling books—he can handle anything at any level. Vladimir Putin is not superior in any way to Donald Trump. But Trump is kind enough to bring in Putin to help solve some of the big problems in the world, like keeping North Korea on track to disarmament and in taking away the leverage of Syria in the gradually collapsing economy of Iran. There were lots of reasons to have this summit with Putin, and its good to see a president with real leadership for a change. But the good results of the day were certainly not a surprise to me.

Democrats have this perpetual problem, they have this ridiculous belief that if nobody witnesses a tree falling in the woods that it didn’t fall. They believe, and they get this from the philosophy of Immanuel Kant and his predecessors, that humans must witness something in order for it to have happened. They insist on such things while at the same time citing that faith in government must rest on foundations not rooted in reality—that blind trust must be given to the political elite of any culture. And to support these neurotic claims Democrats must have designated villains to play against, such as Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, the Republican Party, the rich—just pick an opposition and you will see that Democrats use those elements to sell their dystopian vision for the world.

The genius of Donald Trump is that he not only understands how to solve some of the most complex issues on planet earth among many different cultures, but he knows how to utterly destroy the Democrats at the same time. Everyone should be happy to have Donald Trump as president of the United States at this very particular time in history. I would say that he is the best of the best and history will remember him that way. For people who understand the game of Poker or Chess, Trump is a master of playing the right cards at the right time and getting the people around him to do what he needs them to do when he needs them to do it. And Trump isn’t doing any of this for malicious ends. It’s doing it all for the name of good—good for everyone.

To assume that Trump is a stumbling idiot is a play from a playbook that has long been irrelevant, it’s not going to work for Democrats this time. We don’t have a Mitt Romney or a George Bush for president who would allow Democrats to build up this false image of Republican leadership. In a lot of ways the Republican policy on playing the high ground against Democrats has been ineffective. In a world that plays games, Republicans always needed to learn to play the games more viciously than everyone else, because they have allowed Democrats to project an image of superiority when reality has been far from it. When a tree falls in the forest, it falls whether anybody hears it or not. Trump is the Republican answer to the long needed public image that Republicans have always been in need of.

Regarding the Democrats, to exist they must have a villain to oppose them otherwise their philosophy of emotion is worthless. Without the world being terrified about a Vladimir Putin that is some master James Bond type of villainous spy, the most timid of our populations won’t be inclined to flock to the safety of the herd which is the Democratic Party. The master strategy of Donald Trump and what he is doing right now is something I have been trying to inspire in Republicans all of my adult life, and it took someone like him to finally do it. Much of what Trump is doing is genius because he knows what I’m saying to you now dear reader, the way to undo liberalism around the world in whatever form it takes, the socialism of Europe, the communists of China, the Democrats of North America, the Marxists of Canada and Central America is to take away the villains of the world and bring them all on the same side of things so that real discussions toward peace can take place. Trump is giving everyone a seat at the table because he is confident in himself not to be taken advantage of, and once that is clear to everyone real trust can be established.

The race of our day is to truly make peace around the entire planet, and the fear that Democrats have is that once that happens, nobody will want to join their ranks, because there will be no villains to flee from. Trump is showing the world that there really are no bullies in the world, and the real challenge that Democrats have is that once people realize it, they will lose all their power. Fear is really all that Democrats have to inspire anybody to join them. They have managed to create the impression that it is they who validate value in the world, that if they don’t accept that the tree fell in the forest, that it didn’t, but reality says otherwise, and Trump is exposing reality moment by moment day by day and his genius is that he knows how to sell reality in a way that people can understand. Without that ability a lot of these miracle foreign policy visits that he has been doing just wouldn’t happen.

Watching that press conference between Trump and Putin was a thing of wonder. Trump did not allow the fake FBI story to continue to use Russia as a bad guy. He robbed them of it. The FBI has been caught trying to make Putin into the ultimate bad guy when in reality just like Kim Jong-un, he’s a small player in the world. When Russia says they did not interfere with the American elections why on earth would we believe Bob Mueller’s prosecution of some Russian agents who will never show up to provide any testimony when we watched Peter Strzok lie to our faces on national television during his testimony last week? Sure, Putin may be lying and as a former KGB agent I’m sure he has at some point lied to people. I’m sure he has even killed many people in his climb and maintenance of power. But the fact remains what we know, the FBI did lie, and they did meddle in an American election, and they did try to build a case to impeach an American president. Those are things we know, and Trump did a great thing in not playing into the story that Democrats were trying to build, that everyone is smarter than Trump and that only Democrats can control a narrative. Wrong. For a change there is a Republican who is truly in charge, and he’s smart, aggressive and a far better messaging master. And that is the worst-case scenario for Democrats. I’m very proud of President Trump for his meeting with Putin. Very classy and very strategic.

Rich Hoffman

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