Twelve New Moons Discovered Around Jupiter: Why I stick to new media as opposed to working with the old for substantiation–independence has far more value

The news took a back seat this week along with many other big topics, but it should be considered quite interesting that 12 more moons were just discovered around Jupiter. That brings the number of moons around the giant planet in our solar system to 79 which goes to show that we are all in for a lot of news like this for the next two centuries. We’ve been looking at Jupiter for many years now with high-tech equipment and we continue to have discoveries like this happening all the time. It only builds a case that we still have a lot to learn when it comes to space and what we will learn about it. NASA also this past week announced that they planned to return to the moon within the next decade and that once we set foot once again on that moon of our own, that we will stay there, likely forever. We need a space base from which to work, because there are just so many discoveries waiting to be made and leaving from the moon is much more practical than always leaving directly from earth.

I suppose this is a good time to answer many letters I have received recently about the nature of this website and my ambitions for it. Many have asked why I don’t put my efforts into more formal markets, like established magazines and newspapers, or embed myself into more formal television and radio media—as I have in the past. The answer is simple, because the news is moving so fast and the world is so well-connected that many times what I do with information which is to personalize it into an articulate way for people to digest, there isn’t time to submit articles to an editor or even schedule television time. One thing that I learned a long time ago doing talk radio segments and even hosting live radio broadcasts is that information is needed by the public, they are very hungry for it. But the drawback to live broadcasts is that they are often forgotten as quick as people hear them. Printed media is still the best way that people retain information because they can reread what they hear coming back to their source information again and again.

Of course with the internet most broadcasts can be watched and listened to over and over again, but people seem to retain information better when they read it as opposed to having someone read it to them or give it to them in some other way. Many of my articles, even ones from many years ago are still very active. Where modern newspapers clear their stories from their servers within a few years, my articles go back for over a decade. If people want to do research on a topic from 2011 it is very easy for them to retrieve that information and track a trajectory of a story’s development, such as the evolution of space vehicles for personal transportation or regenerative health. I have found that this method of a “blog” has more staying power then regular newspaper and magazine articles in the context of history.

Also, I am not limited to a word count on these articles, which is important. Most news outlets have restrictions on how long a topic can be covered, or how many words an article can cover. This artificial limitation is ridiculous in this modern age. I get feedback all the time that my articles are too long, that people don’t have time to read over 1000 words per article every day. Well, I have found that most topics require at least that much print to cover a topic fully, and for my readers to get into the depths of a problem that is my offering. So the articles are purposely longer than what other contemporaries might think is needed. The goal of my articles is to provide coverage and opinion in detail, not to just hold readers attention to sell a subscription or get click based advertising for the site.

And for that reason, I do all this without money being involved. I have a natural interest in these topics, which many people share. I do lots of things in my life that make money, so I am not concerned about another paycheck, even though many people also think that writing on this site is all I do. In all reality, I am a very hard worker that is interested in many things, and so writing on this site is an overfill of what happens in my regular life that I am willing to share with people for their own benefit. It is not the aim of my days, so I do not have to charge money for its access or content like many newspapers do. I think there is a real honesty in some of these blog sites that have made them very beneficial to modern news sources. I have a great subscription base that has sustained itself over the years. Typically, its only more intelligent people who tend to read all this content where shorter termed thinkers stick to just the highlights of pop culture which is fine with me. I’m not interested in shaping my content to the dumbed down needs of pop culture. I just want smart people out there to know that they aren’t alone, that intelligence and thoughtfulness, along with wit are very much alive and they can always find those elements here.

Ultimately I had a very open fight with several reporters around the Cincinnati and Dayton area where they would cover me from time to time and they got into a habit of thinking that they were doing me some kind of favor. As it turned out they were very jealous of my blog site because it baffled them that I could write so much content about so many different topics and of course being employed the way they were, there was great restrictions on what they could write about. I never worry about what I’m going to write about, I love that freedom. And I’m happy to trade an official publisher that might be able to fine tune the grammatical elements with the freedom to write what is most on my mind in a fast-moving world. That made these reporters very upset leaving us to a war of words which ended with me telling them I could out-write any of them all together every day of the week all weeks of the year. Obviously, I’ve kept up my end of the bet. I think anybody would be hard pressed to find another writer anywhere, in any industry who writes as much as I do and has as much to say about anything at any time that I do—all days of the week, all weeks of the year, year after year after year. I don’t do it for money. As I have said I do many other things for money. I write because it’s a personal passion and I like the independence of doing it the way I do. I’m my own boss and I answer to nobody and that’s the way I like to do everything, But I am not shy to remind those challengers that I am out-writing them every day of the week and I don’t even get paid for it the way they do. I do all this and I still do many other things that take up most of my time all week-long.

My decision for this endeavor is largely out of a personal desire to put context to our fast-moving world in the form of writing and to cover as much as possible as quickly as things happen. Newspapers, cable shows, and local television and radio have so many people involved in their productions that it slows them down and waters their content toward loss of potency. But at my site I have only me to filter through the evidence and articulate a response, and if that is what people are looking for, they can get it. It is hard to know what to think about things as fast as they come in, so that is where I like to lend a hand. And that is the reason sites like this have become the new media that people trust and is having a vast influence over the shape of today’s culture. The traditional methods are failing, but new methods like this are growing and I’m happy to play the part that I do. The value for me is in getting the information out to the people most hungry for it, and I am reminded of that importance every time a story like this Jupiter discovery emerges. It’s easy to lose such observations in the depths of all the other events soaking up the news cycle. But at least we capture here the lightning in the bottle for the right people to see and act on, and to not forget it in the years to come when such information is ultimately most needed.

Rich Hoffman

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