The Weaponized FBI: Who cares about any tapes Michael Cohen recorded on Trump

It was about midafternoon when I was in an important meeting and my phone started going off in a frenzy of alerts. Immediately I thought something was wrong thinking that someone was trying to text me an emergency. But I was relieved to find that it was just a bunch of notifications from Fox News, CNN and ABC News informing me that Michael Cohen had apparently recorded tapes between he and Donald Trump about paying off a Playboy model during the campaign. I kept reading the stories to see what could have possibly have provoked such a news response, but there was nothing more serious than that. I had to laugh that some editor out there thought this was a big story. As I have said many times, Donald Trump was the very definition of a Playboy. In his Apprentice years on NBC it wouldn’t surprise me if he had Playboy playmates in every town in the country begging to sleep with him. I’m honestly surprised there aren’t more women coming forward than there are. As a 72-year-old man now and a long marriage to Melania who I think has been key to settling down Trump and making his mind ripe for the White House, I think he has other things to think about besides being a playboy, so he is turning out to be a great president. Maybe not so much ten years earlier, but certainly is now.

It’s about as much of a nothing story as you could get yet there it was breaking like the world was coming to an end. Reporters were absolutely salivating at the potential that Trump’s former lawyer might turn on the president and reveal salacious details about some sexual encounter. This baffled me because logic said otherwise. Nobody cared about such things anymore, Bill Clinton saw to that. If anything, it would probably make Trump more popular with men and their wives who might just vote for him to fuel sexual fantasies of their own. These reporters were clearly grasping at straws hoping something might come along and soak up the news away from the other very serious issues happening, especially in regard to the FBI case in becoming weaponized in favor of a political candidate during the 2016 election. They keep saying that it was the Russians who committed all the crimes during the election but as it turned out it was the FBI under the apparent orders of the Obama White House who did all the election meddling, and they were caught. Now Trump was threatening to bring Russian President Putin to Washington D.C. in the fall pushing the media and the Deep State toward near insanity. So they floated this story about Trump being compromised by his former lawyer hoping to do something to derail the popular president from exposing that the Russian stories were giant nothing burgers.

The real problem had nothing to do with whether or not Cohen had secretly recorded tapes of Trump about a Playboy model, it’s that the same FBI that had committed election fraud against the Republican Party with outrageous meddling for which Lisa Page and Peter Strzok as FBI agents on Capitol Hill had just testified, that had broken into Cohen office and confiscated its contents to acquire anything that the Trump lawyer might have had, including compromising tapes. For me it’s not that the tapes might exist, it’s that they were stolen by the criminals who had tampered with the election of 2016 and that they were still weaponized and abusing the law to defend their own reputation by destroying the lives of the people around Trump to force the president to yield to their authority—which ultimately, he controls under the Executive Branch.

Of course, Michael Cohen doesn’t want to become the next General Flynn or Paul Manafort. The reason for the FBI raiding his office was to show Trump that the people around him would be squeezed until they coughed up compromising material on the president. The not so subtle implication was that the FBI had the power to destroy lives if they needed to, and they were going to get Trump one way or another. That was the only way that such tapes would be brought to the surface and leaked to the media to stop the Donald Trump presidency. That was the entire purpose of the Cohen office raid and that should piss off every American. Where was all this toughness from the FBI when Loretta Lynch was meeting Bill Clinton in a plane to cut a deal to have that same FBI not move forward with charges against his wife, Hillary Clinton over the email scandal? Where was that toughness when they picked through the computer of Carlos Danger—I mean Anthony Weiner—which contained classified information from Hillary Clinton herself while she had been Secretary of State under President Obama? Or what about the DNC rigging the election to put Hillary Clinton in the nomination for the Democrats over Bernie Sanders which we only knew about from leaked documents stolen by hackers? Where was the tough FBI in all those situations? Yet they can kick down the door of Michael Cohen and take his stuff looking for evidence against Trump, and they can make plea deals with the Podesta brothers to try to squeeze even further Paul Manafort into revealing something salacious on President Trump. Give me a break! And all they could come up with out of all that is that Trump might have paid some hush money to a Playboy model to keep controversy out of his presidential campaign that he might avoid. That the FBI and the media would think the Playboy story even had legs shows they have no idea what they are doing even with all the power they have to prosecute.

Two can certainly play at that game, imagine the secrets that we are uncovering moment by moment in the Uranium One deal or all the cash payments that were revealed under the Clinton Foundation? Think of all the cover ups involved just in the Benghazi case when the Obama administration tried to cover Hillary Clinton’s screwups in that terrorist attack by blaming everything on a filmmaker. There are enough stories of corruption between the FBI and the Democrats to make our skin crawl for centuries and all these stories will leak out for decades. I remember when I first heard the controversy that Franklin Roosevelt might have known that the Japanese were going to bomb Pearl Harbor and that he wanted the attack to happen so all the ships were parked in such a way at the harbor to make inviting targets. No carriers were in the harbor, they were all out to sea. The controversy goes that Roosevelt wanted to get American buy-in to the war which fulfilled his aims at confiscating American industry under his socialist fantasies, which is precisely what happened the moment that Japan bombed the military base in Hawaii. Compared to all these modern FBI stories, the Pearl Harbor case is small potatoes, yet it has dominated thoughts for most of a century. These FBI foils that centered around the 2016 election are much more severe and people won’t forget them. They will be talked about for many years as speculation drives millions of private investigations into the matter. Nobody will care about a Playboy model and her relationship to Trump. But they will care as to why the FBI broke into Cohen’s office to apply pressure to a president who truly wanted to change things in Washington D.C.

The Cohen office raid has angered me from day one, because it could happen to any of us. It was clearly inspired as a witch hunt to destroy Donald Trump by attacking the people around him in a desperate search for compromising information. If the FBI will do that to the president who is supposed to be in charge of the entire department, they won’t hesitate to do it to any of us. They are a weaponized organization that are paid for by our tax dollars to work against us. They aren’t our friends. It would be nice if we could trust them, but obviously we can’t. And that is the danger always in giving the government too much power in trade for security. When they control the law, not even lawyers are safe, or presidents of the United States, and that is a big problem.

Rich Hoffman

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