The Yellowstone Caldera is about to Blow: Global warming isn’t the problem, its the earth that wants to kill us

I continue to be amazed that the people living on Hawaii around the Kilauea volcano, which has been erupting since March of 2018 are stunned that the lava fields have destroyed their homes and destroyed infrastructure around the island. I can’t help but think of how many of those people living there tend to be liberals who believe in global warming and insist that manmade events are destroying the planet. Then when they see the rage of earth in all its glory they are surprised how violent the whole process is. I mean did they think that earth had gone thought millions of years of geological history and once the universities were invented by human beings that all history was placed into a vacuum and that was the way things were going to be forever. It only took 15 thousand years for the ocean levels to rise 400 ft from what they were during the last Ice Age to where they are today. When flying over any country and studying the mountain ranges, isn’t it obvious the violence that took place on the earth’s surface to cause them? Why would anybody think that the process of geological violence on earth has stopped? The reaction that people around the world have had in regard to the Kilauea volcano has made me really question our modern society’s ability to deal with major geological tragedies and that is a situation of great concern considering that a 100 ft fissure opened up in Grand Teton National Park closing down parts of the park to tourists.

The news outlets really haven’t covered this troubling situation, troubling because it indicates pressure relief from the massive volcano that resides under the Yellowstone National Park area which covers a massive area. For all the environmentalists who protest human influence on their sacred mother earth the fact remains that when the Yellowstone super volcano does erupt which could happen any time now as its due, the world will feel it. Most of North America will be covered in ash and it will be a major tragedy. Now I’m not saying that America won’t survive, but that it will be something that will take hundreds of years to recover from in North America. The eruption could happen tomorrow, or it could be centuries from now. But geologically speaking, the number is up and the caldera under Yellowstone is active with molten lava and an eruption is being established. It will happen and when it does massive global cooling will take place and crop development will be hampered for a long time making food supply a very difficult achievement.

People shouldn’t become a panicky mess over this inevitability. But they should be prepared. In addition to the unquestionable movement of the Yellowstone caldera as the magma chamber fills with pressure is the Juan de Fuca Plate that is moving under the North American Plate just off the coast of the Pacific Northwest. This is an incredibly liberal area politically and the inhabitants there are obviously not prepared for the tragedy that is mounting. These plates are all connected in ways that most humans don’t envision because human life spans and geological time spans are not conducive. Likely within the next hundred years, if not sooner, the Juan de Fuca plate will force the weaker North American plate upward snapping off the frictional surfaces allowing the continental plate to drop down several feet, pushing the city of Seattle under water, at least partially. It’s even possible for entire mountain ranges to sink beneath the earth when these types of tectonic collisions occur. And without question when that happens the stresses that are already present several hundred miles to the east from there at Yellowstone will react.

If such a massive earthquake were to happen off the Pacific Northwest it would likely help with the super volcano at Yellowstone by causing an early eruption. Left under its own power when the Yellowstone volcano erupts at least 2/3rds of North America will be thrown into darkness with over five feet of ash and blocked out sunlight. By taking the pressure away with a major earthquake, the violent forces might be peeled back a bit, but it must be noted that all these things are happening right now, the stage is being set. Mankind could regulate themselves back into a tent as hunter and gatherers and the world would still be destroyed by a few violent cataclysms which most of us alive today will see in our lifetime. While a giant earthquake might take some pressure off the super volcano, we are looking at events that will kill millions of people. We don’t need Bill Gates and his fellow billionaire manipulators like George Soros to kill off parts of the human population to save earth from overcrowding, mother nature will do it for us. We need as many humans alive as possible to keep from becoming extinct under such an event, which has likely happened to us in the past.

I have no intention on dying under such a tragedy, and neither should you dear reader. But we must be prepared and not let the greenie weenies who aren’t ready to consider the implications of this coming tragedy to keep us from dealing with the matter. I suspect that the reason for the lack of news coverage is that all they can think about is Donald Trump. Just a few years ago news outlets did stories on the Yellowstone situation, but this fissure breaking open in Grand Teton is pretty serious as far as news worthiness goes. I suppose the information is just too unpleasant to deal with, so its being ignored. But it shouldn’t be. Being ready is the best course of action, having a generator, making sure you have a year’s supply of food. Make sure to have guns to protect your personal property while there are extended power outages. It is entirely possible that a super volcano explosion in Yellowstone means that New York City might be covered in ash and have no power for an extended period of time. If you want to survive, you should have a way of making food and drinking water and protecting your means to do so.

It’s not global warming that is the biggest threat to human life, its earth itself. There will be many tragedies in the years to come, but the human spirit to always overcome must not be surrendered to the moments of panic that happen when hurricanes hit major cities and earthquakes eat those cities alive. We all know that New Orleans will have to move inland, that it cannot survive where it is now, and that most of the California coast is in danger of complete destruction. Nowhere in North America will it be safe if the Yellowstone volcano erupts. That is why we must move into space and take mankind away from its very jealous and overly medicated mother earth. It’s an unstable mother. Human life has found a window to grow in and we must leave before earth blows up yet again and kills everyone on its surface. If you want to live, you have to defy mother earth, not praise her. Because the earthquakes and volcanos are coming. There is no amount of capitalist regulation that will stop that from happening, but through invention and human enterprise, we might just survive it as a species.

Rich Hoffman
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2 thoughts on “The Yellowstone Caldera is about to Blow: Global warming isn’t the problem, its the earth that wants to kill us

  1. The general population isn’t even ready for a thunderstorm. You can blame forecasters for that. Demonizing even a little rain to get in the way of Party in the Park or any non essential activity. It blows my mind. So much so, I refuse to watch Cincinnati forecasts. Dayton hasn’t gotten that bad yet….if you must watch. Wasn’t that long ago that the weather used to be centered around agriculture. Cinci forecasters have been wussyfied right out of common sense. They’re uber urban living has left them void of what much of this part of the country does. Grow their food!
    Guns will be paramount in the coming disasters as hunger to starvation will be a nasty driving force for anyone with means. I would do anything to feed my babies, and so will they. I don’t skip thru daily life whistling Dixie or worrying about the commies taking over. I am a “what if”er. So are you. Let’s hope many are in secrecy. Raising awareness to be self-sufficient to any extent is like herding cats. I appreciate the essay.
    The will to live is a powerful thing as anyone who helps sick people and is around it all the time, knows. I hope I don’t have to experience that will full force. It will be hard enough to just do the simplest of tasks without having to bury the dead as well. Fingers crossed.


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