They’ve Done it Before: Remember Benghazi–the anti-Islamic filmmaker–FISA is just the latest

Obviously by now I shouldn’t have to say it again. Now we all know that the FISA warrant obtained to spy on Donald Trump was paid for by the Clinton campaign and created by a foreign intelligence officer to create a storyline which would hopefully divert attention from crimes that American intelligence agencies weaponized toward election tampering. I am again proud to say that I was one of the first in the country to profess that this is what has been going on from the beginning, well before anybody else was willing to make such statements. But how did I know so early on, well, this is a mode of behavior that is not new for them, the Obama administration attempted to do the same thing with the Benghazi terrorist attack during Obama’s second election period and they tried to pin the whole thing on a small-time filmmaker who had supposedly irritated the Islamic community in Libya with an anti-Islam movie, and that was the cause of the attack. Many of the same characters were involved in this fake dossier of the Donald Trump story. They picked an innocent person, Carter Page who had a fascination with Russian culture and lived there for several years, who had a remote connection to the Trump campaign and attempted to plant the seeds of suspicion which would then keep all of Trump’s people on their heels allowing the real crimes committed by the Clinton campaign in conjunction with the FBI to percolate unimpeded. It is not hard to predict the future when people show you what they intend to do. In the case of Benghazi there was enough benefit of the doubt to let the story go. But in this FISA warrant issue in spying on Donald Trump to get dirt on the new president so that he could be removed from office, the FBI was caught red-handed.

I’ve said it over and over again and a few media personalities like Sean Hannity have joined in the drum beats for justice—this is by far the largest political scandal in American history. The only reason it hasn’t manifested into jail time yet is because most of our modern heads of law enforcement are caught in the whole thing. They got caught betting on Hillary Clinton being their next boss and they worked to make it that way in spite of her illegal deeds for which they were covering up to make it happen, so nobody is willing to fall on the sword as of yet. Half the nation is made up of Democrats and as it is quite clear now, the political left is taking a hard turn toward the hard left—out-right socialism and communism so there are lots of denials because liberals know that once they admit to what happened, the Democratic Party is done for as we know it and they still have hopes of gaining seats in congress in 2018. But the writing is on the wall.

Trump has done a good job of baiting his aggressors. While he could make moves to declassify all these documents and fire all the people responsible, he has shown that he would be a good fisherman if he were so inclined. He is letting the hook sink deeper into the mouth of his enemies not letting them wiggle free to rip it out. Trump is dragging the story out and letting everyone wear down so that he can reel them all into his boat for a nice dinner shortly. All these bad guys, Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Rice, and Obama have all been used to getting away with these crimes because nobody ever pressed them. Well now they are being pressed and we have testimony that they have outright lied. It brings my mind back to that moment I had on CNN when I was asked if I thought Comey—the recently fired FBI Director had lied, and I stated that he did which was very scandalous at that moment. Well, I was right even though it was far from clear at the time. Now we know he lied and so did everyone around him. Peter Strzok who worked directly for Comey and headed up the investigations into Clinton and Trump lied—clearly. Paul Manafort isn’t a great guy, but he’s rotting in jail right now just because he was close to Trump. Why are these people free? They have many hard days in front of them and they deserve every bit of what happens to them.

One thing is for sure, we can’t just forget about it. Its one thing to have political rivalries, but when one political party crosses the line and starts putting people in jail or trying to, its time to draw blood. If the Democrats had just left things alone and let the election take place letting the chips fall where they may, we wouldn’t have this crisis. But they did, just as they tried to pin the deaths of innocent Americans in Benghazi on a completely innocent filmmaker to keep the story subverted in the media and protect Obama’s re-election. Obama is just as guilty as James Comey is in all this, because he knew what kind of trouble Hillary Clinton was. He knew about her illegal server, so she could keep information out of any future house oversite committees. He knew she had bungled the Benghazi situation killing Americans on his presidential watch—during an election of all times—yet he told us all that Hillary Clinton was the most qualified person in the United States to run for president. He knew all these things, yet he said it anyway—how can we trust anything he has said about anything, ever?

And that holds true for all the characters wrapped up in the American intelligence debacle in obtaining the FISA warrant against Donald Trump who was doing well in the polls and might just become president of the United States. This obviously wasn’t their first rodeo, they had done this type of thing before. So how many times? The greatest thing that has happened in recent years is that Donald Trump did get elected and that caused these people to be caught—otherwise we’d never know. Many people like me suspected it all along, but we needed hard evidence, and because of Trump’s election, we now have it.

All this goes well beyond partisan politics, this is a case of basic law and order. If we can’t trust our top law enforcement officers—which we obviously can’t, then what are we to do about it? Each day that this Russian meddling story proceeds I get angrier, because just as these political activists tried to blame Benghazi on a filmmaker or the Trump election on a fake political funded dossier that describes disgusting sexual acts in an attempt to embarrass a new president into cuddling up to the FBI for safety, this Russian collusion story is to hide the real crime, that the DNC and FBI worked together to overthrow an American election and that is essentially the basic foundation of our American republic. Without basic law and order we have chaos—which explains many of the problems we are witnessing today. And the bad guys in our world like those mentioned in obtaining this very illegal FISA warrant would rather have death and chaos than justice for all, and that tells you all you need to know about this matter.

Rich Hoffman

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