Trump Wins Re-election on November 4th 2020: An admission from The New York Times

I recently wrote about the EU deal with Trump to move in the direction of a no tariff world—a free trade relationship with Europe. Trump had won his hand and forced the EU to fold making it all happen. But as the print was still drying a remarkable opinion piece showed up in The New York Times of all places announcing a future Trump re-election victory as a post-election day analysis. I thought it was a stunning admission from the perspective of November 4th 2020 from a newspaper that had made itself the number one enemy of President Trump from the very beginning. In the article linked below, Bret Stephens put down a very likely case scenario of how the future election night would transpire and the events that led up to it. All the conditions mentioned within the article were obvious to Trump supporters but to hear it from the editorial scrutiny of The New York Times was something spectacular.

If I were to write that article myself I don’t think I would change anything, except for Elizabeth Warren’s running mate of Sherrod Brown. I think Brown will be defeated by Jim Renacci in the election of 2018 so he likely won’t be up for contention, but every thing else will be. Trump’s victory is nearly as clear at this point in 2018 as it will be then because as the article pointed out, the economy is great and that is credited to Trump—for good reason. And it’s that simple. People aren’t going to change their lifestyle and income for some social justice crusade for which the political left bet everything on. It’s not the way people work. Such things can be made to happen in a society that isn’t free, but if given a choice, people chose their own pocketbooks over everything else.

Trump is winning on every frontier and The New York Times article shows that even on the other side of the political ledger that people understand why. That begs to question why they are still committed to trying every day through every possible scandal to stop the Trump presidency. Ideologically they on the political left are in the minority and they are moving even further to the left—so what could they be thinking when it is well-known that people will vote in favor of the economic conditions we are presently experiencing? The only answer there is that they are hell-bent on self-destruction, which is fine with me. I think that there is only room in America for a right of center political philosophy and that the leftists have to be eradicated. They as people don’t necessarily have to be destroyed, but their minds must be changed toward reality. Reality is not a left of center position politically—reality is well right of center. The political scale for which we speak was invented by human beings. Reality is what it is, the political left can’t ignore reality to fulfil their illusions of social justice.

While most people have compassions, which is what the political left counts on, people will not choose to put their own self-interest ahead of public needs. Trump understands that people are very giving to charities and people of misfortune so long as they have money in their pockets. So the economy is king and people’s personal ability to acquire property is the determining factor as to how “giving” a society is. By securing the economy with growth pushing up against 4.1% GDP Trump essentially secured an election in 2020 and that is good for everyone, even liberals. They want a fairer world, the best way to achieve it is through the powers of capitalism. So everyone wins.

It is this fact that seems to be slowly settling on the leftists. The New York Times really doomed themselves by going to war with Donald Trump, and for them to essentially admit as much by printing that article on Trump’s 2020 re-election they are conceding to a reality they have been working against. As the article mentioned the Mueller investigation and how many Russian sympathizers were to be found in the Trump Organization prior to the 2016 election it should have been obvious that the Trump brand was an international feature in business, and it still is. Of course, they will know Russians and many other people from countries all over the world, that is the nature of international business. It was the Democrats who chose to frame Russia as a conspirator as a way to hopefully create doubt about those relationships to fuel old Cold War fantasies, which only a few years they themselves had dismissed. But they did so because it’s all they could attempt to muster against Trump, who was a global overachiever. Trump ran a beauty pageant in Moscow for a major network. Setting up such events in Russia was supposed to show great international relations and that we had achieved so much since the Cold War. Liberals attempted to redefine that effort in the context of their modern political problems and it just never stuck because people understood the situation.

Of course, there was nothing corrupt about Donald Trump and nothing that the millions of dollars of investigations could find on him. As a real playboy prior to running for office, none of the various scandals that the political left tried to pin on him mattered because it was all well-known prior. The leftists tried to redefine sexual values with Trump which they were guilty of destroying and found themselves at a loss to do anything about it. Melania Trump knew what kind of playboy Donald Trump was and understood the challenge of domesticating him. It looks as if she has done that to some degree, but likely turning 70 had far more to do with it. Trump’s playboy days are behind him finally making him free to throw his efforts fully into being a great president. Unlike Clinton or Kennedy, Trump doesn’t have to waste time chasing girls. He’s an old man now while those other presidents were in their 40s and at the height of their mid-life crises period. Trump was driving around a Lamborghini and was sleeping with hundreds of women in New York—and he was very rich when he was in his mid-life crises period. Voters understand, which is why ten-year-old stories about Trump’s sex life have gone nowhere.

Unlike other articles from The New York Times, this one I think we can all believe. It is a quiet admission that all the efforts to stop Trump were to no avail. The left had forced President Clinton and Barack Obama down our throats and had destroyed civil discourse in the meantime. So it should come as no surprise that conservatives learned from those years and put up our own candidate that would pull everything back into reality—and Trump was our president to do so. With great GDP numbers and a roaring economic forecast, Trump will win 2020 easily with more people than voted for him in 2016. And that should set up the next decade to be a roaring one. The roaring twenties will be back, and hopefully this time we can keep all the communists and socialists out of government so that they don’t cause a depression at the end of it. With Trump’s strong performance it may be possible to have members of his administration in the White House for the next 32 years, and that would go a long way to solving a lot of problems. And out of all sources, it was The New York Times to first admit it.

Rich Hoffman

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